Are Basketball Shoes Comfortable and Useful for Regular Wear?

Are Basketball Shoes Comfortable and Useful for Regular Wear? Are they good for walking

The basketball shoe industry has been a money spinner since the 1980s; manufacturers pay basketball players huge sums of money to design and market their branded shoes. Since the days of Converse shoes to the Jordans, there has been a huge demand for these shoes.

Rather than just being a fashion accessory, basketball shoes have become a part of everyday life. The question remains though, are basketball shoes practical and comfortable enough for everyday wear or just for the occasional trip.Basketball shoes comfortable for walking

The simple answer is yes. The shoes are designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind; the cushion design that supports your feet and the ankle arch support give comfort to the wearer. Basketball shoes also commonly called Jordans require airing after use to prevent the buildup of bad odor.

Basketball shoes, made from either leather or synthetic materials; both are comfortable but basketball shoes made from leather are more comfortable. They are more expensive than synthetic ones, so if you can afford them go for leather basketball shoes.

There is some sort of dignity and class that comes with wearing clean basketball shoes, so make sure to clean them after use. Basketball shoes can offer a high degree of comfort with everyday use, and envious stares from passers-by who know just how expensive these shoes are.


Is It Okay to Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Yes, it is. You should know though, once you start wearing your basketball shoes casually, then you can’t use them for playing basketball. This is due to the wear and tear concrete sidewalks cause to the shoe grip.

Even when you clean the grips after use, it still will not offer the grip as a basketball shoe should exclusively for the courts. To solve this problem, get separate basketball shoes for casual wearing and for playing basketball.Casual basketball shoes

Another thing to consider is how best to wear basketball shoes casually, there is no definite way to wear them but generally, it is best to show them off. So, if you are going for a casual look, pair them with a pair of shorts or joggers.

If you are aiming for something more serious, then a pair of jeans is not a bad idea. Their design call attention to them, so wearing baggy jeans that cover most of the ankle is doing them a great disservice. They need to be seen don’t cover them up.

Another thing to note is that basketball shoes are usually flashy with various colors, pair that with clothes that aren’t so flashy so they stand out. A solid color top and jeans will go well with your basketball shoes.

Also if you want to use them exclusively for casual wear, get basketball shoes designed for outside wear. These types have a harder outer sole design that more suited for concrete sidewalks. Get a foot deodorizer if you will be wearing them for over three hours at a time.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Walking?

Basketball involves a lot of sprinting, so yes basketball shoes are good for walking and even running. Their excellent ankle support is a plus that normal running shoes do not possess; this feature is most suitable for people who suffer from ankle pains while walking.

You should note though that basketball shoes are heavier than normal running shoes, so it something that you should consider when making a decision on which type of shoe you want for your power walks.

Fitness experts say the added weight can be an advantage as you exert more energy to lift them so you burn more calories. Their cushioned sole also supports your weight, reducing the possibility of having pain from wearing them for a long time.Good basketball shoes for your comfort

So matter your exercise regimen, walking, running, or jumping expect basketball shoes to do the job required while adding a degree of comfort. Though running for a long distance in basketball shoes can cause blisters are they are designed for long-distance running as running shoes are.


Basketball shoes are more than a fashion statement, they are ideal for walking, wearing casually, and add a layer of comfort. If you intend to wear your basketball shoes about 2-3 times a week, their lifespan will be about 6 months.

Their flashy design is eye candy for a lot of people, despite their aesthetics, they are good for various purposes apart from just playing basketball. Clean, air, and deodorize regularly to enjoy wearing them.

Their ankle support is also a bonus for people with ankle pain or who just need the support. To all those who have had doubts about using basketball shoes for casual wear, this no time like the present.

Get your basketball shoes today, and be the envy of all your friends and family.

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