Breakup With Your Boyfriend: All You Should Know

Breakup is one of the most painful events you wouldn’t want to experience in life. It’s painful, hard to take and it can even make the weak commit suicide if care isn’t taken.

Unfortunately, large percentage of people in the world is prone to experience breakup at some point in life. Hence, its important you know when your boyfriend is about to dump you and how to react when he eventually take action.Breakup With Your Boyfriend: All You Should Know

Signs Your boyfriend Has Left You Stranded

Below are some of the behaviors that suggest your boyfriend has left you stranded. Note that stranded in this context means he is cheating on you or he’s having an affair with another lady.

  • He Suddenly Pay More Attention To you Than Ever

Your partner may be having an affair with another lady if he suddenly increases his love, affection, and attention towards you overnight.

You will realize he now spends more time with you, buys you gifts, does more of the house chores, etc.

The increased affection could be a result of a guilty conscience, hence he’s doing everything possible to make up. Such things always occur when the relationship isn’t too deep or both parties are just getting to know themselves.

  • He Is Hiding Something From You

A man should be committed to revealing everything to his spouse the moment they both agree to embark on the life-long love journey.

Your boyfriend may be set to leave you stranded the moment he begins to hide some things, including your email address, phone number, and family details from you.

However, he might choose not to reveal everything to you in the early stages of the affair for one reason or the other. In this case, he isn’t having an extra affair but taking his time to build his trust in you.

  • He isn’t comfortable having you around him

A cheating boyfriend won’t be comfortable having you around. He won’t want the other girl or mistress to see you with him to avoid problems.

He won’t invite you to his office or workplace, he would be reluctant to attend social events with you, and he hardly picks up your call or takes you out for dinner. All these can only happen if he is cheating or he’s not interested in the relationship.

  • He Becomes Too Defensive

A boyfriend will become too defensive the moment he has an extra affair with another lady. He will always think you are checking on him to discover his wayward lifestyle whenever you ask him sensitive questions.

  • He Often Accuses You Of Cheating

Many cheaters often accuse their partners of engaging in similar things to justify their actions. So, your boyfriend won’t think twice before accusing you of being unfaithful.

Note: Other factors could be responsible for some of the signs above. It is therefore important you follow your intuition and closely monitor his steps to discover the truth behind his actions. Assumptions aren’t acceptable in relationships.

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Leaves You?

We understand it hurts when your boyfriend breaks up with you without giving a genuine reason for his decision. You might be tempted to plead with him to rescind his decision, but that shouldn’t happen because he has already made up his mind.

Don’t beg for his return regardless of your emotion and stress. Instead, try moving on with your life and you will get over it with time.

In most cases, a boyfriend who dumps a girl without the girl’s fault always has someone else in mind. Begging them or waiting for their return will be fruitless.

So, moving on with your life is the best thing to do if your boyfriend leaves you without any genuine reason.

How Do You Know If He’s Moved On?

Your boyfriend has moved on if he encourages you to date other guys; if he doesn’t calls you or pick up your calls.

He isn’t interested in the relationship if he returns your stuff and has collected his stuff from you. He has moved on if he no longer loves seeing you or staying with you.

The fact that he categorically tells you “It’s over” means he is done with you. Lastly, he has get over you if he deleted pictures containing both of you, or he already has a new girlfriend.

How Do You Know If He Has Another Woman?

Below are some attitudes your boyfriend will develop as soon as he has another woman:

He will spend much time on the phone, texting and chatting with a lady he refuses to reveal her identity.

He suddenly stops being affectionate towards you for no reason; he comes up with unnecessary excuses for canceling your dates. He acts weird and insecure whenever you’re alone with him.

He comes late from work; doesn’t pay attention to you like he used to do in the past. Finally, your mind and intuition keep telling you he is having someone else in his life.

How To Deal With A Breakup That Came Out Of Nowhere?

There’s no point denying that a Breakup hurts, it does. However, you’ve got to move on without wallowing in your pain and emotions for too long.

How to deal with an unexpected breakup includes establishing boundaries: Do everything possible to avoid crossing paths with your ex until you’ve finally gotten over the shock and you are willing to have him as a mere friend.

Prioritizing yourself is another way to deal with a breakup: At this point, you should try engaging in things that make you happy like exercise, listening to songs, drawing, sleeping, etc.

Avoiding social media will hasten your healing period: Don’t follow his Instagram, or like his Facebook page or post. Delete all posts featuring him if you will be emotionally derailed seeing such content.

Other ways to deal with an unexpected breakup include sharing your plight with someone you trust and making yourself ready to be loved again.

Reasons Why Guys Break Up All Of A Sudden?

Guys often break up with a lady unexpectedly if they are no longer in love with you. It’s also possible they didn’t care for you as you thought.

They break up if they aren’t ready to be committed to a lady; they are in love with someone else; they don’t see a bright future with you, or they have a lot in their mind that requires much of their attention.

How Long Does It Take For Guys To Regret Breaking Up?

There is no specific answer to the question as it depends on someone’s personality, emotion, and mental strength. It takes some guys 4 weeks to regret breaking up while others take eight weeks to get over their emotions.

What Are The 5 Stages Of A Breakup?

The five stages of a breakup are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Denial: During this breakup phase, your heart does most of the thinking rather than the head. It’s in this stage you try to adjust your life to the fact that you are no longer with your ex. This stage is always painful and emotional.

Anger is the next phase of a breakup as you are very angry with the boyfriend who breaks up without any genuine reason.

It’s in this stage you angrily question his decision to dump you. You keep wondering “How could he do this to me? Why can’t she stop being selfish? Why can’t anything ever work out for me? Why am I cursed?” etc

Bargaining: After asking lots of questions without getting the right answers, you would be forced to start considering your chances of getting back with him.

This stage is known as the bargaining period when you nurture the hopes of pleading with your ex to rescind his decision. At this stage, you are willing to negotiate, beg, and text him to make the relationship work again.

Depression: This phase occurs together with every other phase as you will be emotionally drained and you feel tired all the time. This stage is characterized by loss of appetite, lack of interest in social events, hostility towards everyone, and hopelessness.

Acceptance: After all that has happened including your failed attempt to make things work, you will end up accepting the fact that you aren’t meant to be together. It’s in this stage you will dust yourself and begin to live a normal life again.

You will open up to everyone and hope to find someone who will love and cherish you forever. Though this phase doesn’t come too soon, it will eventually arrive as soon as you are ready to forget the past and focus on the future.

What Should You Not Do After A Breakup?

Don’t share your breakup story with someone you don’t trust; don’t act irrationally, don’t be too quick to close doors on loving again, and don’t ignore your physical health.

Don’t contact your ex, don’t remain friends with his family (at least until you get over it). Don’t ask anyone about his wellbeing after the breakup, and don’t post the breakup on social media.


Breakup isn’t the end of life, you should move on with life. You aren’t responsible for his decisions, so don’t feel guilty.

Have you experienced a breakup in the past? If yes, kindly share your experience and how you successfully get over it. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us if you feel like adding more to what we’ve discussed above.


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