Can My Husband Use My Costco Membership Card Without Me?

Anyone who regularly goes on vacations, rents cars and does several online shoppings, should be considering having a Costco corporation membership card.

In all the top global retail corporations in the world, Costco corporation ranks among the top companies that engage in retail services.

Costco Membership Card

Costco corporation is the largest retailer of organic foods, wine drinks, rotisserie chickens, prime choice and beef. The American based company has over 105 million members according to 2020 data.

The reasons why you need to purchase a Costco corporation membership card are numerous. If you like to get things in bulk, prepare your meals ahead or you love shopping consistently, then the Costco membership card is one you should consider obtaining.

The membership card has everything it takes to ensure that your shopping is easier and convenient for you.

In this post you will get to discover all about the Costco membership card.


Can My Husband Use My Costco Membership Card Without My Absence?

Although the Costco membership card is a non-transferable card (Not everyone can use your Costco membership card except you have assigned them to your free household card).

However, there are different ways you can allow your husband to use your card (even in your absence) and make him share in all the beautiful experience of shopping with a Costco membership card.

The only way you can allow your husband to use your Costco membership card is to assign him to your household card. By doing so he is given the access to use your card even without your presence.

Although the Costco membership card is solely for its members, if you are one of its members, you can assign no more than two guest individuals to your household card. Assigning them to your household card will give them access to all the benefits you enjoy as an owner of the Costco membership card.

Can you use someone else’s Costco card at a self-checkout?

No. Nobody can use your Costco card for a self check out. Costco is stringent when using their membership card. Going by the right way, it is not possible to use someone else’s Costco membership card because there must be a match in the names on the card, and the payment method must also match.

If you are using a Costco card that does not match your name and the payment method, it won’t be possible to use it.

A few months back, an excellent colleague and I were very hungry, so we decided to get some food items at Costco. My card was already coming out, but I quickly had to use the convenience.

And when my colleague held up my card so that the cashier could scan it, words couldn’t describe how mean the attendant was when she knew it wasn’t his card. When I arrived back at the check out to meet the cashier, I was told that not any person was allowed to make use of my card.

What are the steps to add my husband to my Costco card?

If you want your family member to be added to your Costco membership card, you have to follow these simple steps to be added.

  • Go tomrge Costco website, Costco.con and sign in to your Costco account.
  • Go to your account details in your account.
  • You can then add your husband or any individual to your household in the account details section.
  • Their membership card can be collected from any Costco membership counter closest to them.

How Many Members Can be on a Costco Business Membership

The Costco Business membership can accommodate two membership cards for you and any individual in the household.

Here are some other benefits you get when you obtain the Costco membership card.

Business executive

The business membership comes with a 2% yearly benefit and about $1,000 Costco Travel purchases.

Also, you will get Discounts on many Costco services like the Costco Connection Magazine, Online shopping and in Warehouses, purchase for Resale amongst other numerous benefits.

You will also get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your membership but if you are at any point not satisfied with it, you can get your membership cancelled and request for a refund.

$120 is the annual cost for this membership.

Personal membership card

It comes with a massive discount when you shop Online at and in Warehouses, you can also Purchase for Resale but note that resale of liquor is prohibited except for some state where it is allowed.

In addition to that, you also get access to 2 membership Cards in case you want to assign any member of your household.

You will also get a 100% Satisfaction and we will cancel and refund your membership if you are not satisfied.

The cost for this membership is $60 per year with an applicable paid tax.

What’s The Costco Family Membership Cost

Costco membership is in different phases; below is the cost for each membership.

Executive Membership

The cost and other features of the executive members are; $120.00 Annual membership fee, a free Household card valid at all Costco locations worldwide.

An annual 2% Reward on qualified Costco purchases, an additional benefits and more significant savings on Costco Services

You will also get an extra benefits to select Costco Travel products.

Business Membership

The business Membership fee is $60.00 per year. It include free Household card and you can also Purchase for resale but business members must provide Costco with the appropriate resale information

Gold Star Membership

The cost and other benefits of the gold star membership includes; a $60.00 yearly membership fee and a free Household Card that is valid at all Costco locations worldwide.

Costco membership rules family

There are some sets of rules for all members of the Costco community. Some of them include:

  • Costco membership is only available to all qualified individuals that are 18 years of age and over.
  • Also, Costco has the right to disapprove the membership of any applicant, and also cancel membership of any individual at Costco’s discretion and without cause.
  • Furthermore, membership is subject to all rules adopted by Costco, including the privacy policies and practices, and they may be amended from time to time without any notice.
  • In addition to that, all members must present a valid photo identification issued by the United States, Canadian Federal, Puerto Rico, State, or Provincial governments or any other valid passport to sign up for membership.
  • There shouldn’t be any doubt about choosing the Costco membership card if you frequently go out shopping. The discount for its members will help you save cost and give you extra cash for some other necessary things you may want to do.
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