Can My Parents Make Me Quit My Job

Parent-children relationship is one of the affairs we can’t joke about as it goes a long way in determining the progress of a family, community, and country at large.

Parent-children affairs shouldn’t be complicated at any point because children are expected to love and respect their parents, while parents love, guard, and guide their children.Can My Parents Make Me Quit My Job

It’s unfortunate that the relationship between some parents and their children sometimes becomes toxic due to numerous factors including children’s lack of respect for their parents; parents being too bossy and overprotective; and poor decision-making from both parties.

Some parents can be so cruel and bossy that they would force their children to quit their job for no specific reason. Some will even tell their children not to go to find a job.

However, there are uncertainties and confusions about parent’s chances of stopping their children from working. Can parents make their children quit jobs? Do parents have all it takes to stop their children from working?

Well, stay glued to this page to find out as we shall be answering the questions and other related questions.


Can my parents make me quit my Job

No, your parents can’t make you quit your job at 18 because you are legally mature enough to make personal decisions.

At 18, the law sees you as a grown-up adult who possesses all it requires to decide what to do with your life. Your parents are only there to propose an idea or advise you on certain issues but they can’t force their opinions on you.

You have all the legal rights to dispose of their desires or opinions if they don’t go well with you.

Nonetheless, you should consider the reasons why your parents want you out of your job. They raise you to this stage; so they know what’s good for you and won’t tell you otherwise.

Have a heart-to-heart discussion with your parents, and see if their opinions will be in your best interest before exploring your legal rights as an 18-year-old child.

Can your parents make you quit your job at 16

Yes, your parents can make you quit your job at 16 and other ages below 18. A 16-year-old child is a minor who is still under his or her parent’s guidance.

The law believes children in this category are prone to making silly decisions that could affect their future; hence parents are granted the legal right and permission to decide for them.

While your parents can make you quit your job as a minor, you can sue them if they fail to deliver their duties as parents. The law permits you to enforce your right to parental care, maintenance, and protection by suing your parents or guardians in a family court.

Can your parents force you to work?

Your parents can’t force you to work if you are a minor. Many countries prohibit parents from forcing their minor children to work during school hours.

Meanwhile, some countries have special laws which regulate the number of hours under-16 children can work per day.

In the United States, no parent can make their minor children quit school to work full-time. Instead, they can get you per-time workplace where you will work without affecting your school and wellbeing. Earnings from your part-time job will go a long way in providing some of your material needs.

Can your parents make you not work?

Yes, your parents can make you not to work if they feel like you aren’t mentally ready.

The labor market can be very stressful and tedious for a young child, hence your parents might stop you from working if you aren’t mature enough to withstand the aftermath effects of stress.

Another reason why parents seldom stop their children from working could be traced to the child’s physical strength and well-being. However, this isn’t always the case as many parents want their children to work and help out in settling some bills in the house.

Again, having a concrete and heartfelt conversation with your parents will go a long way in convincing them about your desire to work.

Tell your parents your intentions, and the motive behind your decision to find a paying job that will improve the family’s financial status in one way or another.

Can your parents make your employer fire you?

No, your parents can’t make your employer fire you especially if you have been a productive and faithful employee.

As much as your parents can do everything to manipulate your employer’s thoughts towards you, they don’t have the legal right to tell your boss what to do regarding your employment status.

However, the only exception is if you are a minor and your work is affecting your health and academic performance. In this situation, your parents can make your boss fire you if she has evidence backing up her claim.

Can my employer contact my parents

No law supports or prevents your employers from contacting your parents. Your employer can contact your parents when necessary, although it’s not a great idea for employers to contact employers’ parents without a genuine reason.

However, we advise you make research on your country’s constitution and see if it encourages or prohibits such practices.

What should I do if my parents want me to quit my job?

As mentioned earlier, discussing things with your parents should be your first move. Talk to them and hear the reasons for their decisions.

Let them disclose what they would want you to do if you eventually stop working. A true discussion with your parents will surely give you a clue of what to do next.

You might decide to keep working if their reasons aren’t convincing enough. Make them know you appreciate their concerns but you can’t stop your work.

You might need to start saving up for a new apartment if they insist you should quit your work despite your adult.

Get a new, safe and conducive apartment and stop being under their watch so you can continue your work. Nonetheless, try everything possible not to quarrel with them while taking such decisions.

Do I need my parent’s permission to get a job?

You need your parent or guardian’s permission to get a job if you’re below 18 (as a minor).

You will need your parents’ consent to get a paid job if you are still under their roof or care. However, you don’t need their permission to get a job as soon as you clock 18, or you get an apartment of your own.

What are the rights of parents?

The rights of parents as stipulated under parental authority includes making decisions that will benefit and protect their children.

Parents’ rights include supervising, protecting, caring for, and providing food and shelter for their children.

Your right as a parent doesn’t stop at providing material things for your children, it entails earning their trust, respect, and love by being a good role model.


Parenting isn’t about showing who the boss is. It’s not about flaunting your muscles within the nooks and crannies of the building.

It’s about establishing a great relationship with your children. Speak with them about everything, share your thoughts with them, and strike a win-win deal with them.

As a child, show your parents respect and love. Consider their request and decision, discuss with them and you all will produce a happy, healthy, and productive family.


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