Can you bring a skateboard on a plane with Air Canada?

Can You Bring a Skateboard on Plane Air Canada? List of item you can’t bring

What a delight as you finally booked your ticket with Air Canada! Preparations begin in earnest. You begin to pack your things and in split seconds, you look curious. You likely paused your trip preparations.

It is probably okay to be curious about a number of things anyways! This curiosity, however, has to do with a skateboard. You have never taken a skateboard traveling on Air Canada before. It then makes you wonder if Air Canada will allow you to bring a skateboard on the plane.Air Canada

You would not like to go through any hindrance or unnecessary delay simply because of a skateboard rather get valuable information concerning skateboards and planes coupled with information on Air Canada.

Let’s get started.


Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane?

Skateboards are not part of prohibited luggage. Generally, there are no hindrances for people that want to bring their skateboards along with them. As a rule, to note, you must bring your skateboard as checked baggage or as a carry-on.

Skateboard On air Canada

  • Carry-On

There are, however, measurements put in place as a check method for carry-on. The first thing is the length of your skateboards. 62 inches is the maximum length requirement for you to bring along on an airplane. The weight however is also important in airplanes. Your skateboards should exceed 50 pounds. To be safe, it is good that you check the information about length and weight with your airline’s customer support to be sure of the figures.

  • Checked Baggage

If you are bringing your skateboard as checked baggage, you can do either of the two things

  1. Use your suitcase to pack it

Since your clothes are likely going to be in the suitcase, the best thing you can do is to wrap the skateboard with a trash bag. You can then pack your clothes around the bag so they do not go dirty.

  1. Pack it with a backpack

If you are one of those that would not like to carry anything called trash along with you, look no further as you have another option. There are custom backpacks that are exactly for carrying skateboards. With this in place, you can rock your backpack with some style.

  • Air Canada

Moving specifically to Air Canada. You can bring your skateboard along as a carry-on. It is important to note that, Air Canada counts a skateboard or a bag containing your skateboard using the same measurement. Either of the two totals one piece of baggage and this counts towards the total number of baggage you can bring along with you on an airplane.

Changes can happen anytime, so it is good to double-check with the airline policy and support.

What Items Are Not Allowed In Checked Baggage Air Canada

You need to know prohibited items in checked baggage Air Canada as you plan to bring your skateboard along. They are:

  • Camping Equipment

There are certain camping pieces of equipment that you should not bring because it is a straight rejection. Fuel tablets are one, camping stove gas cartridges is also another one, which includes butane/propane mix or propane cylinders and liquid fuel. The toxic and flammable insect repellents are also not accepted.

  • Liquids and Gels

Do not bring recreational or flavored oxygen, which is also known as canned oxygen along with you as checked baggage. For alcoholic beverages, Air Canada does not accept beverages that have an alcohol content of 70% and above.

  • Meals, ready-to-eat (MREs)

Food is essential, isn’t it? However, please note that there is no entry for anyone on the plane with Air Canada that has self-heating food or beverages.

  • Corrosive and Oxidizing Materials

For corrosive materials such as rust preventing or removing compounds, alkalis, acids, mercury, chemical kits, and sulphur dioxide solution, Air Canada is going to reject them all.

Oxidizing materials like peroxides, bleach, and bleaching powder also counts as prohibited items.

  • Radioactive Materials

Air Canada does not accept any radioactive materials. There is a cargo called Air Canada cargo that can help with the shipping of radioactive material. Radioactive materials comprise all devices that make use of radioactive materials and medicinal or commercial isotopes.

  • Batteries and Personal Electronic Devices

Every form of electronics that contains lithium metal cells is a big no when you want to board go on the plane with checked baggage.

Does Air Canada Weigh Your Carry On?

For those that prefer to go with luggage that you can easily carry along with you on Air Canada, it is good to know if Air Canada weighs your carry-on.

Currently, Air Canada does not have a weight threshold for its customers. Air Canada even advises you to bring an extra article for the properties of your child.

This extra article rule for your child is applicable if your child is a baby and you need to carry the child on your lap. However, it is imperative to know that they expect you to be light enough. Being light enough enables you to use the overhead bin by yourself.


You have gotten lots of information to ease you of any worries before your journey with Air Canada. You are better equipped to make certain changes, which I know you would.

Now, you have an assurance that once you follow through with the necessary procedures in this article, you are good to go. Enjoy your flight with Air Canada with your skateboard of course.

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