Can you get in trouble for prank calling in California?

In some areas, prank calling is considered unlawful in certain circumstances. While each state is unique, most states frown against prank calls that irritate or pester individual.

No one wants harassment. In the United States, all states make it unlawful to prank-call a number like 911.

Also, in most states (California inclusive), recording a prank call can comprise illicit wiretapping in numerous states.

Often, harassment is the most probable criminal law that applies to this type of call.

Notwithstanding, according to your jurisdiction, different laws like laws wiretapping, prohibition of disorder conduct, and hate crimes, apply.Prank calling in the state

For sure, any prank call that involves harassment of any kind could get one arrested.

In the event that this individual is badgering you as well as threatening you, then they will take even further measures.

The call would be traced and fine is included – depending how genuine the threat is. Upon thorough investigation, the individual may require prison time.

In most states, there is no difference between prank calling individuals and those for businesses – meaning, it is also illegal to prank-call businesses. Also, making tricky orders via telephone can prompt liability.

How about the law of California? What does it says about prank calling? The law here is a typical example of what we have been saying.

California’s law forbids utilizing profanity and conveying threats against people or organizations.

Nonetheless, its denial against repeated calls covers only individuals and not businesses. organizations. Again, the law is not applicable to calls made during the conventional course of business.

Notwithstanding, tricky calls made to organizations may prompt risk for any phony orders that are made.


Can you get in trouble by the police for prank calling?

At one point or the other, a great number of us have endeavored to trick a companion, friend, or relative – just for the fun of it.

It may sound like a clever idea, however at different occasions, it can be very irritating.

But is prank calling really illegal? This is a key question asking for answers, particularly among individuals who have made it a propensity to threaten others with this type of call or message. Let’s investigate further into this.

Anyone who participates in this act may be arrested. Also, there are different ways such a call might be tracked down – legal actions and not often taken. You still have to be careful if you prank-call people. Your activities may be monitored.

According to the California Penal Code 653m, it is not lawful to contact someone else by using any method of electronic correspondence with the intention to pester that individual.

By now you may ask whether prank calling is an illicit or not. To put it plainly, the appropriate response relies upon the number of prank calls one made, and why it was made.

Also, the PC 653m(a) act states that it is unlawful to connect with another person who threatens or uses obscene language. Anyone who does such will charged for misdemeanor.

An infringement of Penal Code 653m PC is a misdeed. A fine of $1,000 and up to a half year in district prison may be given to anyone convicted under this law. Be careful of illegal prank calling.

How much trouble can you get in prank calling?

To be honest, making and receiving prank calls can be something many people can’t do without.

It is also important that one is aware of its limits, according to the law. If care is not taken, it can get one arrested. Not all jokes are pragmatic.

In most cases, harassment is the most common form of prank call that attracts the criminal law

Below are some of the prank calls that can get one arrested.

Hate Crimes

Here, the motive is to attack the national original, race, or religion of the victim. Any underlying qualities of the victim may be attacked.


There’s a dainty line between a disagreeable prank call and an illicit, harassing one. By and large, it could be illegal to call somebody late at evening time and say something inept.

In any case, if this type of call occurs at regular intervals daily, or offer undermining comments, at that point the person doing the prank call might be disregarding the law.

Disorderly Conduct

This prank call is similar to that of harassment. Like harassing, for a prank call to have disorderly conduct, the call will be more serious than a plain moronic joke – think boisterous attack and other belittling behavior.

Can police do anything about prank calls?

If one happened to be accused of a criminal offense that relates to prank calling, it is almost certain that the person would be accused of criminal harassment .

According to the Section 264 of the Criminal Code, all criminal behaviors that relate to criminal harassment will be punished according to the law.

While not all forms of prank call are illegal. Any prank call that involves hate crimes or harassment may land one in jail. Don’t forget, your conversations can be traced.


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