Can You Leave Your Car Parked At The Airport

Can I leave my car parked at the airport? This has been a long-time question on the lips of those who may be thinking of traveling for a while and need a safe place for their car to be or those who lack enough space to park in their garage? The answer is a resounding yes! You can park your car at the airport with an assurance of safety for it.

Most airports offer a service called long-term car parking for their clients and travelers who will be going away for a long time. Either traveling to study in another country or going on vacations. Also, airports offer private parking lots where you can also access several other mouth-watering services like a car wash, car inflation, and detailing

Without stressing further, let’s quickly dive further into all you need to know about parking your car at the airport, for how long you can do this as well as how much does it cost?


Can You Leave Your Car At The Airport Overnight

Yes, you can leave your car parked at the airport overnight. The increasing rate at which people travel within the shores of a country by air in recent times has made the parking of cars at the airport overnight possible.

While traveling within the shores of a country or even a quick trip to another country for quick business, you will need to drive yourself to the airport if there’s no one to do so. Then park the car safely at the airport car part pending when you return. It’s also possible you don’t want to book a flight but to park your car. All this attracts a service fee.

Can I Leave My Car At The Airport For a Week

Yes! Of course, you can park your car at the airport for a week. But ensure you choose the airport’s long-term parking service. You may even prioritize an offsite airport parking lot. If not so, you may end up spending more money on parking your car other than on flight tickets.

Short Term Airport Parking Explained!

Short-term airport parking is when you park your car at the airport for a short duration when traveling for less than a week. Picking up a person or dropping them off at the airport Is also known as short-term parking.

This form of airport parking is quite expensive when you check its daily cost. Most airports offer this service to their customers although when you compare it with long-term parking, it’s on the high side.

Long Term Airport Parking Explained!

Long-term parking lots, also known as satellite lots, are always far away from the airport. It involves taking a shuttle ride to the airfield. Long-term airport parking offers more affordable rates when compared to short-term parking.

Also, considering long-term parking is ideal for anybody who has the intention of leaving town for a long time. It could either be for a month, two weeks, a week, or even months.

The Cost Of Parking Your Car In an Airport

Since it’s possible to leave your car parked at the airport for either long-term or short-term, the next thing we should be looking at is, how much this will cost you. However, this has a lot to do with the duration you would be needing the airport services.

Leaving your car there for a few days is known as short-term and if it’s for weeks, months, or even years is known as long-term as we discussed above and this is the cost Determinant.

Although most airports do provide long-term parking, it might not be the most cost-effective choice. Check for off-airport or satellite parking lots instead, which are often half as expensive as airport parking.

It should be noted that parking your car at the airport when traveling for pleasure, business, or even relocating is the safest option even though it will cost you a lot of money.

How Long Can You Leave A Car Parked In An Airport?

You can leave your car parked in an airport for as long as you choose to. Most airports offer long-term car parking services or offsite parking lots. It is quite affordable to park your car at the airport for the long term.

Is It Safe To Park At An Airport?

Airport parking in some cases is not 100% safe. There are times that the security in charge gets so carried away that a thief might sneak in and break into someone’s car. It’s safe to a certain extent.

How To Keep Your Car Safe When Parked at The Airport

To avoid losing your valuables inside your parked car in the airport while on vacation or business trip, here are a few things to do:

Ensure You Park Close To Where People Can See Your Car:

If you can, make sure to park near a spotlight, an elevator, an entrance, or a gate with employees so that when customers are there, they can see your car more easily.

Remove all important Things From The Car:

Avoid leaving anything at all in your car that might tempt a potential burglar to attempt to break in to take it. This includes items like a toll transponder, spare coin, a phone charger, sporting goods, cartons or bags whose contents are concealed, etc.

Hide Anything You Must Leave Behind In The Car:

Before you arrive at the parking spot, hide your belongings. Which car do you imagine a thief will target first if they are on the lookout and notice you loading up valuables right before you leave? Of course, yours!

When You Leave, Ensure To Lock Up All Glasses and Doors:

Although it may seem basic, I can’t even begin to tell you how frequently cars in various neighborhoods are broken into or their contents are taken because owners overlook locking their windows or maybe it escaped their memory. All of these measures, along with others, can assist protect your car at the airport.

Why Is Airport Parking So Expensive?

Airport parking is quite expensive and everyone is aware of this but the reasons behind that is what they do not know. Here we’ll detail the reasons airport parking is so expensive.

Real Estate

Airports need a lot of space simply by the way they are designed. Airports need to be close to major cities to be functional, effective, handy, and profitable, and this proximity greatly increases the price of real estate and the taxes they pay.


Though more and more frequent travelers are using budget transportation services like Uber from the airport, these can still be pricey, and there is also the challenge of pick-up wait times. It makes sense why driving yours is still much more alluring.

Airport Parking Monopolies

Most airport parking lots are managed by local sole suppliers, which means they don’t face any competition and can charge whatever they want.


Parking rates are still heavily influenced by the demand for a limited number of spots in the context of rising passenger volume. Additionally, it explains why several airport parking lots continue to charge different yearly peak and off-peak parking fees.

Staffing And Upkeep

Airport parking fees at the very least, cover the expense of running parking lots with personnel like security officers and traffic controllers. The price of speed limits, security cameras, payment terminals, entrance and exit counters, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems is another expense.

How Much Does It Cost To Leave My Car At The Airport For A Week?

There’s no specific answer to this question because different airports have different methods of management. Don’t expect to get the price for parking your car in airport A to be the same for airports B and C.

Also, the economy and country influence prices as well. However, you can get a fair price when you pay in advance through the airport’s website.

Final Thought

Finally, leaving your car parked at the airport either for short-term or long-term when you’re vacationing or on a business trip is not a bad idea.

It saves you the stress of having to wait for a taxi which you don’t know how safe it is. If you’re neighborhood is not safe, while travelling you can park your car for a service fee

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