Can You Take a Skateboard on a Plane in The UK (Updated)

Can You Take a Skateboard on a Plane in The UK

“Is skateboard permitted by European airlines?”, “Can I place a skateboard on a plane in the UK?” These are some regular questions often asked by people who plan to travel in and out of the UK.

This article will answer all of the skateboard-related questions, as we have decided to discuss everything you should know about the recreational equipment. Meanwhile, let’s briefly discuss the meaning of a skateboard for the sake of those who don’t know it.Skateboard in British Airline

Can You Take a Skateboard on a Plane in The UK

Many airlines see skateboard as a sporting material that can cause little or no harm to passengers if handled properly. Therefore, travelers are allowed to take it a plane in the UK as long as they know how and where to place it.

Tips When Traveling With Skateboard On a Plane

As much as a skateboard is allowed on a plane in the UK and some part of the world, it is important you know some of the tips and the rules guiding traveling with the sporting material listed below:

1. Get Familiar With The Airline Policy

Though the Transportation Security Administration(TSA) allows skateboards, it is important you know the rules and regulations guiding the airline you intend to travel boarding.

Every airline has its unique rules as far as sports equipment is concerned. Therefore, you should know the airline’s policy as it will guide you on how to place your skateboard in a way it won’t pose any threat to the airport security.

Endeavor to know if the airline sees skateboard as carry-on luggage— that can be placed on your hand— or an item that should be in your checked luggage. It is also important you know the rules and regulations as early as possible to avoid being embarrassed at the check-in counter.

2. You Might Need To Disassemble Your Board

You don’t need to engage in this process if your airline allows you to place the skateboard in the plane as carry-on luggage. But if that’s not the case, you are expected to disassemble your skateboard and put in your checked luggage.

First, remove the trucks before placing them in a backpack. As for the deck, it can be stowed in the overhead bin under the sit in your front as it doesn’t consume much space due to its small size.

Skateboarding on plane

The deck or board can equally be placed in your luggage, knowing it doesn’t take too much space. Alternatively, you can decide to place the deck by the side of the plane if you stay near the window. Unfortunately, disassembling your skateboard might be a bit tough ; hence, we suggest you…

3. Get a small-sized skateboard

Considering the stress and difficulty attached to disassembling your skateboard, it won’t be out of place to suggest you get a new mini skateboard while preparing for your long trip. You can get a mini-board that will fit into any airline’s carry-on size restrictions.

Additionally, a small-sized skateboard will be easy and convenient to enter into the backpack without disassembling it into fractions. Talking of price, there are various types of mini skateboards in the market and each of them has unique price tags. You can get as low as $10, or as high as $50 skateboard for children or adults. It all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.


What Is Skateboard?

Skateboard is a sporting material made up of a narrow flat-faced board and two wheels at both ends (front and back). The two wheels ensure the board can freely move whenever someone stays on it or ride it. It is the major material used in skateboarding.

List Of Items Prohibited On a Plane

Some items are permitted to stay in your checked luggage alone, while others are expected to be in your carry-on luggage. In the same vein, some items shouldn’t be taken to the airport in the first place because of their unhealthy features and ability to wreak havoc. These materials include the following:

  • Explosive and incendiary materials
  • Flammable items
  • Gasses and pressure containers
  • Matches
  • Oxidizers
  • Poisons
  • Infectious materials
  • Corrosive Organics
  • Radioactive materials
  • Magnetic materials
  • Hard drugs or Marijuana.
  • Liquid, gel, and aerosol are also prohibited in some countries of the world. You should endeavor to know if your country goes against taking any of the listed materials while traveling.


Now you have it; a change of location shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love (skateboarding). Many European countries, including France, mostly forbid having skateboard on planes as carry-on item because they believe it might have adverse effects on the plane’s security. You can only put it in your checked luggage.

If you are heading to American countries, especially the US, you might have to place your skateboard among the checked luggages because they opined it doesn’t possess all the features required of a carry-on item.

Two US-based airlines —Southwest Airlines and United-Continental Airlines — are known for these norms and practices.

Asian airlines, especially the Korean Air, largely go against having skateboard on plane. They believe it is a blunt item that shouldn’t be placed on the plane. Although, it is permitted to stay in your checked materials as long as you arrange it adequately.

Meanwhile, you can easily get to a nearby store and get a quality and affordable skateboard, should you decide to leave it behind. You can get a mini skateboard from Amazon or any online store without leaving the comfort of your home.

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