Can your parents force you to join the military?

Defending your country sounds cool and uniquely brave only if the agreement to fight is consensual. Being enlisted in the military doesn’t feature series of tests and passes, it starts with the individual’s willingness.

To people interested and eager to join the military, it is seen as an exercise of genuine patriotism however, those forced to join the military view it as a disguised death sentence.Can your parents force you to join the military?

Military enrollment is carried out with the consent of the person involved not with coercion as several cases have been reported about individuals who are being coerced into joining the military.

This article features a lot about the military and certain ways to handle such issues.


Can your parents force you to join the military?

No, the military system of recruitment is strictly carried out on expression of interest from the recruit , it has to be a consensual agreement being viewed as a sacrifice on the part of the recruit. Moreover, the parents are not in perfect place to chose a career path for the child or coercing the child into joining the military.

Note: your parents cant force you to join the military but rather you can’t join the military when you are 17 years of age without your parents consent.

Also note that while your parents can’t force you to join the military, the Government can force you to join thr military through conscription.

Are you forced to join the military?

Now this question sounds tricky. Yes or No could be a perfect answer here as military laws differs over the world. We could take a ‘’No ‘’ as an answer to the question if the country involved recruits service men and women into the military based on consent or expression of interest.

Nevertheless, in some countries or during a time of war, individuals could be forced to join the military .

Generally, in time of peace, the military system of recruitment is based on consensual agreement, however, different laws may differ according to several regions across the world.

How do you tell your parents you don’t want to join the military?

If your parents insists you join the military against your will, just be rest assured that no constitution permits that.

But you shouldn’t let that generate into a heated argument ;

Telling your guardians and stating reasons why you wouldn’t want to join the military could be difficult, especially if they have agreed on their decision. However, you may succeed by convincing them on how you wouldn’t do a great job as a military personnel, the risks attached and the zero passion towards it during a heart warming conversation with your parents.

Pointing out series of career options you would love to explore might equally do the trick as your opinion might be considered which might lead to a change of mind on their side.

Furthermore, contacting your relatives can equally help in convincing your parents as relatives might be in the best position to make your parents understand why you wouldn’t want to join the military.

Can you join the military at 16?

Imagine a 16 year old wielding an assault rifle in a full military gear, pathetic isn’t it? The military rejects applicants under 16 years of age during recruitment.

The standard for recruitment of individuals into the military remains 17 with parents consent (might be 18 with out parents consent). People seeking to join the military and are yet to clock 17 would be turned down. Moreover, some countries enlists individuals at 18. People seeking to join the military at 16 won’t be recruited as the fixed age for recruitment remains 17.

What is the youngest you can be to join the military?

The youngest anyone can be to be enlisted in the military remains 17 years of age. However, teenagers willing to joining the military at 16 won’t be recruited as most laws forbid such act. Nonetheless, some countries enlists individuals who lack zero interest which arises due to shortage of military personnel.

At what age can you go to war?

The perfect age to go to war is 17 to 18 all over the world; but first you must be well trained and equipped to face enemy fire power.

When an individual is successfully recruited into the military, after series of training, he or she will be battle ready at war zone Irrespective of his or her age.

What is it called when you are forced into the military?

When a particular person is forced to join the military, it is referred to as ‘’conscription ‘’. The word conscription is coined out from a Latin word “conscriptus” which means ‘’enroll ‘’.

In as much as it is seen an enrollment, it is a forced enrolment rather. Any individual who was forced to join the military can be referred to as conscript.

It can be recalled that conscription was very common. Even in the US, some conscripts are not always sent to war, some conscripts could serve auxiliary purposes while others could be used as medical personnel in the military.

Conscription are not common in some countries of recent as there are willing individuals who are ready to defend their country.

What makes you In -eligible to join the military?

Notwithstanding the fact that some military operations require assistance which leads to the recruitment of several persons, however, certain conditions are attached which individuals are required to meet before they are recruited. Below are the requirements of the military .

  • Lack of education requirements could stand as a great hindrance to certain people as the military won’t be needing such individuals.
  • Individuals with health issues won’t be considered for enlisting into the army.
  • Individuals with criminal records are not accepted into the military.
  • Physical features are equally considered as applicants with deformities won’t be considered.

Requirements may vary according to regions, however, the conditions listed above are the major requirements.

What are the requirements for joining the military?

Below are the requirements for the military

  • Applicants must be above 5 feet
  • Applicants must not have any criminal records
  • Applicants must be a citizen of the country involved .
  • Applicants must possess any form of health issues.

Final Words

Defending your country could mean a lot only if you are fighting willingly. It is highly advisable to join the military without being coerced as willingness plays a great role in the individual’s competence.


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