Do Police Respond To Noise Complaints

General disturbances could appear annoying most times, especially if they are irrelevant. They are something no one enjoys especially when it stands as a great inconvenience.Do Police Respond To Noise Complaints

Noise could be regarded as various sounds generated by fluctuations which are mostly unwanted. A research carried out in the United States depicts that most workers are ditching the 9-5 for freelance careers and I could bet that general disturbances such as noise is the last thing they would want to experience.

At least, 30 – 45 reports of general disturbances are being filed in the police station which are generated from neighbors or industries, hence, there is a great possibility that you’ve probably experienced such situation and you might be having thoughts regarding it.

This article was created to guide you on general disturbances and the procedures to follow on how to tackle them.


Do police respond to noise complaints?

Yes they do! The Police could show up at the offender doorstep when a noise report is being filed at the Police station. Most persons believe that the police don’t really care about reports of general disturbances.

The police has a big role to play in curbing general disturbances . A police man made a comment on quora on how he personally took up a case on general disturbances where the offenders were defiant.

Tickets were issued, warnings were issued and it was reported that there was serenity in the neighborhood once again. Therefore, the police do handle noise complaints perfectly by restoring order.

What is a general disturbance?

A general disturbance can actually be explained as the interruption of a pleasant or calm situation. A calm situation could be a cold evening when you decide to peruse through your favorite book and suddenly, a loud music is being set off from the opposite block.

Such situation is usually termed a general disturbance as other residents are probably unhappy with the situation. Even an insane fellow would prefer a serene environment to a noisy one which is why such acts are termed general disturbances.

General disturbances are mostly noticed in residential areas where people mostly seek comfort which is interrupted by noises and sharp sounds. A lucid example of a general disturbance could be the piercing sound of a chain saw at your backyard.

Now, the sound is unbearable and highly dangerous to the ears, sometimes, you can’t help but endure or report to the police. Loud music and disorganized house parties are also examples of general disturbances.

Can I call the police for noise?

Yes! The police can be contacted if you experience any form of irrelevant noise continuously. Several persons wonder if they can contact the police if such situation continues without knowing that the police handles such issues.

It would be more logical if you contact the cops to address the offenders after addressing them than engaging in domestic violence.

The police would be in a better position to address noise pollution that anyone else which is why it is highly advisable to involve the police in such situations.

However, you can equally have approach the person responsible for such nuisance and make them understand how it poses a great inconvenience to you.

How fast does police respond to noise complaints?

As fast as you could imagine! It is no surprise that the police gets a lot of reports daily, not just reports but emergency reports. The police would definitely act fast when they get any call which involves them.

The police responds to noise complaints especially when several complaints are being lodged serially. They could appear as fast as you could imagine or it might take a little while before they appear since its not an emergency.

Nonetheless, the police is known to respond to all reports filed in their records.

What do police do about noise complaints?

The police do try their possible best to see to noise complaints as they enforce certain measures in controlling such disturbances.

When a report is being filed in the police concerning noise disturbance, the police is expected to arrive the scene and address the issue by ordering the offender to reduce or eliminate the noise totally.

This process is known to be more effective than just asking them to do it yourself. Some people are known to be defiant and might keep generating noise in the neighborhood which would definitely lead to issuance of tickets by the police.

The police can equally make arrests and charge them for constituting nuisance if the offenders keep generating irrelevant noise continuously.

What is classified as an unreasonable noise from Neighbors?

An unreasonable noise is one which is known to pose a nuisance to the general public. Putting on a song on multiple speakers during a house party could generate lots of noise and this could be termed an unreasonable noise because a party could be hosted at an event house rather than a residential area.

Using heavy machines that generate lots of sound could also be an unreasonable noise to people.

What level of noise is considered a nuisance?

Now here’s a good question! Any harsh noise above 25dB (Decibels) to the human ear is considered a nuisance.

Any loud music that could drown human voices is equally nuisance. Music should be enjoyed within a building, not by everyone who don’t wish to listen to it.

What ways can I handle noise disturbance apart from involving the police?

You might not want to offend your neighbor or someone else by reporting them to the police when they generate unreasonable noise.

There are certain ways you can handle such issues which includes mediation. Mediation is a more mature way of handling noise disturbance around your vicinity.

Make the offender understand why the generated noise stands as an inconvenience to you. Another option is to seek residential areas when looking to relocate as sometimes, noise disturbance can’t terminated.

Final Words

General disturbances are experiences no one would love to encounter which is why it is advisable to always look out for serene environment to relocate to.

Incase you find yourself in such mess, the guidelines in the article could be of great help.


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