Do Snowboard Jackets actually Keeps You Warm?: 7 Things You Need To Know

Do Snowboard Jackets actually Keeps You Warm?: 7 Things You Need To Know

Imagine setting out to go snowboarding only to return disappointed. You definitely would not like this scenario.

However, some factors can make this happen. Take, for instance, unexpected rain or snow that decides to fall. Even though you want to avoid these things from happening, you do not have the power to do such.

With this in mind, what comes readily as a way to deal with these situations? These kinds of situations prevent the total success of your snowboarding outing. A jacket, right!

Jackets can indeed be your redeeming accessory for a smooth snowboarding event. Therefore, the questions that can come readily to your mind are; Are there things I need to know about jackets? Is there a specific jacket for snowboarding?Snow jacket

You are in the right place, as this article will do justice to things you need to know about snowboard and jackets. Specific emphasis on explaining these concerns will be;

do snowboard jackets keep you warm? Are snowboarding jackets waterproof? Are snowboard jackets supposed to be long? What do you wear under a snowboard jacket? Is there a difference between ski and snowboard jackets?

Let’s get started


Do Snowboard Jackets Keep You Warm?

One of the fundamental reasons you will need a snowboarding jacket is to keep you warm.

With this purpose in mind, it is essential to know that snowboard jackets can keep you warm while you go snowboarding.

Since snowboarding jackets can keep you very warm, you should bear in mind that due diligence is essential while choosing your snowboard jackets.

The reason for your due diligence is precisely due to the various jackets available for use. Some of the brands that produce these jackets make sure there is a guide for customers that displays the endurance level, i.e. the temperature assessments of individual jackets.

With this in mind, you can make selections based on the temperature evaluations of the jackets that suits you according to your needs or wants.

There are ratings for a shivering or frozen-stiff temperature, while there are also ratings for higher degrees in temperature.

Are Snowboarding Jackets Waterproof?

Knowing if snowboard jackets are waterproof is perhaps the most crucial question to ask.

You would not like to be wet while snowboarding! With the current state of things, Snowboard jackets companies have improved the quality of waterproof jackets currently available over the years.

There is a standard for measuring top jackets according to their waterproof. A jacket’s ability to retain continuous drops of water on its top without leaking through immediately shows its superiority.

Consequentially, it means that the more the jackets retaining power to hold water, the better it is.

Moving on, one of the features you can take note of while getting a waterproof jacket is the way the seams are sealed.

A seam is simply the stitching line where they get to stitch two or more materials. You should therefore note that we have two ways in which seams come through:

  • Seams that are fully sealed
  • Seams that are critically taped

The significant difference between them is that the former is sealed and as such, water would not get in while the latter can still have entry points for water because it is not fully sealed.

It then means that your needs and wants as a snowboard rider can affect what kind of jacket to go for or buy.

You can, however, use standard ratings to know how much water the jacket can absorb before it penetrates. These are:

  • 5,000mm: this is a minimum requirement for any waterproof jacket
  • 10,000mm-15,000mm: A waterproof jacket with ratings like this will do an excellent job holding off a fair amount of downpour. However, exposure to a lot of pressure will weaken its defences
  • 20,000mm and above: with this, your jacket can withstand any extreme condition

Are Snowboard Jackets Supposed To Be Long?

In trying to protect yourself while snowboarding, a legitimate question to ask will be to know if a snowboard jacket is supposed to be long.

In answering this question, we need to look at the objective or the main reason snowboard jacket is essential or necessary.

A snowboard jacket is not the regular jacket you wear at home. This jacket is supposed to be an investment you make towards achieving productivity in your snowboarding activities.

Getting a jacket that fits well can help prevent intense conditions and make one comfortable.

These are a priority as a snowboard rider. As a result, snowboards jackets must be at arm’s length or long enough.

What Do You Wear Under A Snowboard Jacket?

You definitely cannot underestimate the need for a snowboard jacket! Have you also pondered on the importance of what to wear underneath the jacket?

You would not just put on a snowboard jacket without having to wear anything underneath. So, what should you wear?

Going out for a snowboard ride needs adequate preparation and precautions. With this in mind, you can put on three layers before wearing your snowboard jacket. The three layers are:

  • Base Layer
  • Mid Layer
  • Fleece Layer

Base Layer

In choosing a base layer to go for, it is good to go long thermal under-layers. A long thermal under-layer aims to protect you from cold and make sure; you put on a breathable base layer.

Mid Layer

Let us move on to the next layer, which is the mid-layer. You can go for turtlenecks if you love them.

Just go for whatever clothes you feel like wearing as much as it provides the necessary warmth for you and its weight is light. The purpose of putting on a mid-layer is because of its heatproof.

Fleece Layer

This layer is not as popular as the base and mid-layer. It could be because it is a wear that is not compulsory.

People wear it because of the warmth it provides. However, you can discard this layer depending on the weather condition.

When the weather is warm, you might not necessarily need it as you can opt-in for the base and mid-layer wears instead.

Is there a difference between ski and snowboard jackets?

It is possible to see ski and snowboard jackets used interchangeably. The reason for this could be the purpose of its use, which is, for winter sport. There are several similarities between a ski jacket and a snowboard jacket.


  • The materials that manufacturers use to make their jackets are the same. They are heatproof and waterproof.
  • The designs of both jackets are specifically to keep you dry and warm.
  • You also get an additional form of protection with the use of the jackets in both sports.
  • When the need to store some of your properties arise, both jackets have provisions for that. The zippers, which are both external and internal, caters for this.

Does this, therefore, mean that there are no differences? On the contrary, there are differences, and there will highlights for you to know these differences.


  • To start with, when you put a snowboard jacket alongside a ski jacket, you will notice something distinctively. You will see that the ski jacket is slim fitted than the snowboard jacket. It, therefore, means that snowboard jackets tend to be looser or slacker than their counterpart; ski.

The reason why ski jackets appear slim fitted over snowboard jackets is that speed is a priority in skiing, and as such, the movement that happens tends to be uniform.

On the other hand, you get to do varied movement while snowboarding. Balancing in snowboarding requires you to use your arms, and the loose or slack jackets accommodates this.

  • Another reason that is also noticeable between snowboard and ski jackets are the lengths of their jackets. You will notice that the length of snowboard jackets are longer when you put them alongside.

This article has consistently pointed out “warmth” as a significant reason for putting on snowboarding wears if you noticed carefully.

With this in mind, you should also know that the extra length that snowboard provides over ski still boils down to the same thing: warmth.

  • The first two difference highlights physical differences. However, Style can also pose to be a significant difference. How?

People tend to repeat designs that are in vogue. Since people are already acquainted with a particular kind of jacket for snowboarding, manufacturers continue in that flow. The same also goes for skiing.


Going prepared for your snowboarding activities is necessary, and you can never go wrong with the use of a snowboard jacket.

The designs of snowboard jackets are specially made for this sport. With this in mind, do not be tempted to use your jacket as a substitute for a snowboard jacket.

Using your jacket will not be sufficient for your snowboarding activities because the producers did not focus on snowboard activities while producing that jacket.

With this article, you now understand all it takes to have a successful snowboard outing using a snowboard jacket. Your snowboarding activities is ready for an upgrade. Go for it.

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