Do You Need A License For Go-karting?

Do You Need A License For Go-karting? Penalty For Driving A Go-kart On The Road ?

Engaging in a go-karting race is inarguably one of the most fascinating things to do as it provides you with the opportunity to test your driving skills in a fun-filled version. It equally creates an avenue where you can compete with your friend who thinks he’s a better driver.

Go-karting’s intrigue, drifting, horns and amazing change of acceleration makes it one of the sports or race you must try out in 2021.

However, considering the nature of the sport, it is completely important you know everything about it before participating in it. Hence,

we have come up with an article that discussed extensively all you should know about the go-karting race. In this write-up, we shall be discussing go-karting’s meaning, history, features, where, and how to participate.Go-karting

We will also let you know if you require a license to engage in any go-karting racing competition. Having said all of that, let’s hit the ground running without taking more time.


Do you need a license to go Karting?

You don’t require a driving license to engage in go-karting races as long as it doesn’t take place on a public road or neighborhood.

You are not expected to get a special go-karting license before establishing your go-karting company. You only need to get the compulsory paperwork and documents required by business owners or entrepreneurs.Do you need Go karting license

However, go-karting service providers or companies who rent out go-kart are expected to educate first-time customers on how to drive a go-kart without sustaining injuries.

In summary, you don’t require a ‘legal license’ for go-karting. A waiver from an experienced go-karting racer or go-karting service providers is enough to get you started.

What is the penalty for driving a go-kart on the road?

You must know that driving a go-kart on the road or neighborhood sidewalk is completely illegal and unaccepted in most countries of the world.

Most go-karts are classified as recreational and low-speed vehicles (LSV) which lacks all the required features – including horn, side mirrors, license plate, blinkers, and light— to perform as motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

Hence, driving your go-kart on the road will attract series of punishment if caught by the government agency. You will be asked to pay a certain amount of money to the appropriate quarters for going against the country’s rules and regulations.Go-karting  on the go

Your go-kart might also be seized or confiscated for some time before being given back to you. This action is seen as a warning.

Meanwhile, according to a verified lawyer Ben Jones, your punishment could be more intense than the ones above if you are seen wreaking havoc on government properties by the roadside.

You could be charged to court if you had an accident, or injure any pedestrian while driving the go-kart.

What do you need to go Karting?

There are some materials you must possess before being permitted to participate in a go-karting race. They include the following:

  • Helmet: This is an important material as it protects your head from sustaining a cut should there be any unexpected situations.
  • Neck Brace: This is also required to be eligible for a go-karting event or race. It will protect your neck region.
  • Gloves: Gloves are expected to protect your hands.
  • Go-karting kit: There is a need to put on a complete go-karting kit for more comfort during the race. This includes karting shoes, and suitable karting wears. Meanwhile, some professionals often include firesuit in the list.
  • Rib Protector: Though this isn’t compulsory, you should have it before engaging in a go-karting race for more safety.
  • Chest Protector: Chest protector is equally not mandatory; still, it remains an important material to get as a go-karting expert or newbie.
  • Most go-karts possess sit belt, hence you are required to make use of it for more safety.

How Old Can You drive a go-kart?

There are different types of go-karts for different age grades. Some are suitable for over 18 years old, while others are good for lesser age.

Nonetheless, you should be at least 8 years old before entering into the children’s sector of the go-karting industry.

Participating in the youth section of the go-karting race requires you to be at least 12 years old. Apart from the age, you must possess at least 25 inches leg to stand any chance of driving a go-kart.

How long does go-karting take?

A Go-karting race shouldn’t longer than 2 hours and should be divided into sessions. Each session should be at least 15 minutes, while a 10-minute break should be observed at the end of each session.

Normal Go-kart Speed

endeavor not to over-speed. You shouldn’t accelerate beyond 40—50mph to prevent jumping out of track.


Go-karting is no doubt a very interesting and exciting sporting event you should try once in a while. However, you need to observe all safety measures while driving to avoid accidents. Ensure your long hair is well and smartly packed.

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