Do you need a membership for Costco food court 2023

Costco isn’t new, especially for food lovers. This is a warehouse chain with lots of items for the public. Do you want to grab a pizza without compromising its quality? Costco is just right for you.

Usually open to everyone, Costco made a policy change that favors customers only at their food court. Its membership card is key to purchasing anything you want at a lower price. Does that mean only Costco members can eat at their food court? Dig deep to find out.Do you need a membership for Costco food court


Is the Costco food court open to the public?

Costco is a public warehouse chain that started making burgers and hotdogs in 1984 and gained popularity. Almost everyone has tasted its unique recipe. However, things changed in 2020, and core fans of the food club had to follow due procedures to continue enjoying the food deals available.

While Costco publicizes its membership card in the US, all Canadian centers have always required a membership card to eat, and that’s just the way it is. Gone are the days when anyone could walk into the store to grab a quick meal and walk out with a big belly and a smile.

Nobody will prevent you from entering Costco without a membership card, don’t get me wrong. You’ll always meet greeters at the entrance who’d encourage you to show your card. But if you know someone with a card or come with a Costco group, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you need a Costco membership to eat at their food court?

Yes! You need to get their membership card to have fun in the food court. This policy is applicable and beneficial for everyone, especially loyal fans who want rock bottom prices on every item they purchase.

Costco card comes in handy with a Standard Gold Star level and the Gold Star Executive Level, which gives you a 2% cashback rebate annually.

The more food you get, the more benefits you enjoy. Costco membership is a win-win for everyone, both the warehouse and yourself, on the receiving end.

Over 105 million worldwide are Costco fans, and they help generate a 78% net income every year for the company. Members get food with a minimal deduction for every purchase. All benefits are open to those with the membership card. You may need to look for some under-the-radar ways to eat at their food court as a nonmember.

Why did Costco make its food court members only?

Not everyone wants to become a member, but they all want a table at any Costco food court. Known for its famous $1.50 hotdog and soda combo, the food club has decided to let only members enjoy bonuses and rock-bottom prices. The reason is simple. It wasn’t meant for nonmembers.

Every Costco food court has a public sign welcoming visitors and inviting nonmembers to join the club. Customers now share photos with this message on Instagram and all social media platforms.

Looking at how Costco locations worldwide are filled with lots of individuals, the food court is looking for a way to satisfy members efficiently. Non Members have always enjoyed full benefits set up by the company and its loyal customers — not anymore.

The management couldn’t sit and watch nonmembers enjoy food deals specially reserved for Costco members. The food court was created with a price reduction for welcoming members, but it allowed nonmembers to eat at any of its locations.

Things are different now. You either join the Costco club to walk around their stores or opt for a membership plan. It could be that the company is trying to reduce the crowded number of individuals enjoying its huge bonuses with no contribution to its growth.

The food court is endowed with lots of cheap food deals. It is only normal to allow members to enjoy these benefits. To become a member, you’d have to buy the membership card or get help from the greeters hanging by the door.

How can you go into Costco without a membership?

Costco isn’t shutting its doors to nonmembers. It is only adding a form of restrictions to offers strictly made for its loyal fans. If you’d like to go into Costco without a membership, then you must play according to the rules at hand.

The popular way to walk into Costco food court without a membership is to walk in with a member. Of course, the greeters will encourage you to get one, but you can buy your items. Just make sure you have your cash, or the person pays on your behalf. The representatives will pack items in two different carriers.

Getting the Costco cash card is another way to buy from their food court, and offers have zero restrictions. However, only a member can load the card.

Costco Cash card accepts up to $2000 for shopping.

Other ways to go into Costco include:

  • Buy Alcohol (sales for members and nonmembers)
  • Purchase from their pharmacy
  • Shop online with a 5% surcharge on all items, excluding drugs
  • Use Instacart
  • Use a business account
  • Utilize their health services
  • Enjoy outdoor food sales

Is Costco’s food court pizza a good quality pizza?

Everyone thinks of Costco pizzas as cheap and valuable food deals. And for the most part, the taste never disappoints.

You just can’t run out of cheese on those jumbo-sized slices. The pepperoni pizza will excite your taste buds, with each pie having 60 slices of pepperoni.

Costco pizzas combine pepperoni slices with green bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and black olives. The food court serves you a pizza fresh out of the oven, having been there for merely six minutes. And the company ensures to replace pizzas not sold within an hour.

How good is the pizza at Costco’s food court?

Have you ever wondered why Costco food court pizza has a fine look, feels perfect on the tongue, and comes with the same yummy taste? The Costco pizza recipe blends perfectly with tomato sauce, bubbling cheese, and crispy crust. All pizzas have the right amount of flavor.


Costco members can shop with at least two companies. The pizzas and hotdogs taste really good, and the drinks send chills down the spine.

While the company has a policy that stops nonmembers from eating at their food court, everyone is welcome. You can opt for their health and medical screening programs whenever they put out one to the public. But the facts are clear: Costco isn’t a medical center or clinic. The company knows how to serve its members.

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