Do You Need Sneakers For Go Karting: 5 Things You Yeed For Go karting

If you are beginning to take go-kart racing more seriously , it’s best you appear with a more professional equipment that will help guarantee your safety.

and getting the right pair of shoes is one of the core equipment that remains critical while you are racing, because it helps you to maintain that focus needed at every point as you race.

The perfect Go karting shoes don’t come cheaply most times, this makes us look for alternatives and we keep wondering if sneakers could be use as a replacement for racing shoes but unfortunately sneakers won’t fit in.

Instead of going for sneakers you should consider wrestling shoes; which is considered a best alternative to trainers ; because it foot makes will doubly make you feel comfortable and ventilated and also helps get a good pedal control.

interesting most America make use of wrestling shoes instead of racing shoes

Go karting


5 things you need for go-karting

  1. Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing that you can conveniently sit and stretch. You shouldn’t wear anything too loose or that you’d be worried about getting dirty. Something simple like jeans and a T-shirt.
  2. Shoes (Trainers): It is advisable to put on simple wrestling shoes especially as a novice. You will not be allowed to race if you wear anything with an open toe or heels.
  3. Helmet: Helmets are mandatory as a go-kart racer. These are used to protect the head during a collision. Choose a perfectly fitting helmet and free to move the neck.
  4. Overall and gloves: Gloves and overall are needed for racing in a go-kart.
  5. Expensive items: It’s not advisable to wear precious or big jewelry. It’s more reasonable to leave it at home because you might lose it during the race.

What do I need to know before go-karting

Driving a kart is very different from driving your car, and some common mistakes will hinder your speed. Here are some common mistakes;

  • Moving your hands on the wheel

The karts have very soft steering, so maintain your hands at the ‘quarter to three’ position. This will give you more accurate control over the kart, and you‘ll be prepared to react to slides even faster.

  • Braking too softly

Kart brakes react on the rear wheels, meaning braking like in a road car won’t work. You should step hard on the brakes initially so they nearly lock, then as you get nearer to the top of the corner, slowly and steadily release them.

  • Turning in too early

Turning a corner too early is a common mistake often seen from both amateurs and professional drivers. If you happen to be sliding off on a corner, gradually slow the kart down a bit more before you turn and aim for the corner.

  • Not using all the track

The track is distinguished by the white lines and curbs. You are permitted to use as much of the track as you like, so utilize every centimeter so you can go faster. The wider you can make this corner, the effortless it becomes in attaining more speed.

Is go-karting dangerous?

Being in a go-karter, it won’t be hard to imagine the possibility for most of these injuries. Spinning your kart can result in a hard impact with the safety barriers, which will lead to whiplash, neck strain, and fractures.

Burns can be gotten by mistakenly coming in contact with the engine or fuel leaks during a collision.

What to wear for go-karting

You need to be comfortable during the race, so it’s important to know what to wear when go-karting. Below are important items for go-karters safety while racing.


The first piece of safety gear to safeguard you during go-karting is the helmet; they are practically a standard piece of safety equipment mandated at all racing channels.

Helmets can be particularly helpful if you are racing with open-top karts. The helmet is to give you a little protection to your head and neck area if a kart accidentally goes airborne and/or flipside. With a helmet, a motorist has a protector to lessen or avoid traumas to the head.

2. Shoes

For an armature go-kart racer, wearing regular tennis or athletic shoes would be a favorable option. But if you are a more professional go-kart driver, there are a few specialized shoes that you can explore for you to feel safer.

When exploring your options look for shoes with good ankle support so you can conveniently move your foot when driving. Another thing is getting a thick sole shoe to lessen wear and tear during pushing of pedals.

3. Gloves

Gloves are an important piece of go-kart safety equipment, they can serve multiple purposes. Putting on gloves can prevent sweaty hands when racing. Gloves are great for maintaining grip on the steering wheel, they also reduce the possibilities of your hands slipping from the wheel. Confirm the gloves you select have grips on the fingers or fingertips to enable your hands to grip onto the steering wheel.

4. Chest Protector

The chest protectors are an important piece of racing equipment that you need. The chest protector is constructed to reduce the effect between you and the kart in case of an accident. Also, chest protectors protect your sides/rib areas against any side impact.

The chest protector should be comfortable for you to wear and extend to mobility while suiting correctly. The chest protectors on the market presently are all adjustable for use.

5. Elbow and Knee Pads

The last part of the safety detail for go-kart racers is the pads. Most drivers choose to go with elbow pads to secure their arms, but some drivers prefer knee pads.

The pads are mainly used to help a driver feel safe when a crash occurs, they help prevent any road rash or scrapes during an accident. Make sure the pads, both for elbows and knees, do not interfere when you navigate or press the pedals. Adjustable pads are more advisable.

How fast are racing go-kart

Go-kart varies widely in speed and some (known as super karts) can speed surpassing 161 kilometers per hour (100 mph), while recreational go-karts may have a limited lower speed.

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