Does Javelin Have To Stick To The Ground

The Javelin spear doesn’t need to stick to the ground before it is countered by the officials. You only need to ensure it makes a visible mark on the ground so the officials can easily see the landing position while recording your throw.

What If The Javelin Does Not Stick To The Ground?

The officials won’t penalize you if the spear doesn’t stick to the ground as long as it makes a visible mark on the landing section. They will record your throw accurately and see if you emerge the winner at the end of the whole competition.

However, ensure none of your body crosses the foul line and you don’t turn your back to the section to avoid disqualification.

Similarly, make sure you throw the Javelin above shoulder level. Use only one hand to pick and throw the Javelin.

Don’t step out of the throwing section until the Javelin reaches the required section of the ground. Your javelin must land with the head to be counted.

You can be sure that the officials will make record your throw if you observed all the rules, even if the Javelin doesn’t stick to the ground.

What Should Be The Position Of Javelin For A Valid Throw?

Throwing a javelin that sticks to the ground or makes an obvious mark isn’t the only requirement for a valid throw.

The Javelin must land within the specified position on the ground to be valid. There is a 33-yard runway between the foul line and the arc (landing field).

Athletes are expected to throw the javelin into the 29-degree angle arc without crossing the foul line.

So, your throw is invalid if it doesn’t cross the runway, even if it sticks to the ground or lands with the pointed head.

What Is Not Permitted In Javelin?

Glove, tape and other materials that can enhance your performance are not allowed in javelin throw. The organizers will automatically disqualify you if you are found using any of the materials for no genuine reason.

However, your eligibility status remains intact if you use the materials to protect an open wound or injury.

Can A Javelin Land Flat?

No, javelin is not expected to land flat. A javelin that land with any side apart from the head is invalid.

However, your throw is valid if it touches the ground with the sharp pointed head before falling flat to the ground.

What Are Some Rules About Javelin?

The rules about the javelin are discussed above. Other rules include ensuring you are behind the foul line before throwing the Javelin to avoid disqualification.

You must also avoid turning your back to the landing area until your javelin touches the ground and it is recorded. Breaking any of these laws automatically disqualifies your throw as it is invalid.

What you have to know about Javelin

Javelin has come a long way since it was discovered by ancient Greeks a long time ago. It has developed from being a warfare defense practice in late 608 BC into one of the most celebrated Olympic Games.

The sport is currently one of the world’s most famous track and field events in any major athletic competitions.

Despite the massive transformation and development, some people still don’t know how to emerge winners and how to throw the game. Hence, we have chosen to discuss more about javelin in this article. So, pay attention as we hit the ground running.

What Is Javelin

Javelin is a track and field sport which involves throwing a spear as long far possible. Participating athletes make a small run-up to gain momentum before throwing the long Javelin spear. The athlete with the farthest throw wins the competition.

Javelin History

The history of javelin can be traced back to 600 BC when it was first deployed as a defensive skill during wars. It became an Olympic Games in 708 BC when it was added to the five pentathlon competitions in Greece.

However, it wasn’t officially recognized until the 20th century when the first men’s javelin competition took place in 1908 before the women’s version followed up in 1932. Also known as javelin throw, the game is now famous globally with thousands of professionals.

Features Of The Javelin Spear

Javelin as a sport started with a long wood but that changed in 1950 when Bud and his brother Dick, created a hollow, aerodynamic spear to replace the wood.

The creatively-designed javelin is made with metal/steel to enhance flight and movement in the air.

The javelin has three parts, including a pointed head, a cord grip, and the shaft. The pointed head helps the spear to stick to the ground; while the cord grip ensures a firm hold.

A standard javelin for men is between 2.6m and 2.7m long, and at least 800 grams. A women’s javelin weighs 600 grams, and it’s between 2.2m and 2.3 m long.

How To Play Javelin

Javelin is not just about throwing a long spear; you must apply some techniques and obey all rules to emerge the winner. Having said that, below are ways to throw a Javelin with power and precision:

  1. Pick the javelin spear at the core grip.
  2. Take some steps back from the throwing spot.
  3. Keep your feet close together while you hold the spear above your shoulder level.
  4. Ensure your hip and feet face the landing section or area.
  5. Start running until you throw the Javelin this will help you gain momentum and power.
  6. Throw the Javelin spear when you get to the designated spot.

Meanwhile, you must know that there are different throwing styles, including the five-step throw, one-step throw, and the running throw. Each style has a unique step and approach.


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