Does Snowboard Brand Matter |Check What To Look Out For When Buying snowboard

Does Snowboard Brand Matter |Check What To Look Out For When Buying snowboard

We all know snowboarding as a recreational activity involving sliding from a snow-covered sloppy area, but do you know that there is more to the game than just being a recreational activity?

  1. Snowboarding is more than a recreational game, it is a competitive sport that provides you the best opportunity to attract wealth, fame, and recognition around the world because it is mostly done in annual and periodic sports fiesta including Olympics.Snowboard Brand Matter

Whether you see it as a route to becoming rich and famous, or as the best way to spend your leisure time, you must have a good snowboard. Interestingly, this article will discuss everything about a snowboard including its meaning, importance, where, and how to get a good snowboard.


What Is a Snowboard

As a snowboarder, snowboard shouldn’t be a new thing to you. For the sake of people hearing it for the first time, A snowboard is a short ski-like board used in snowboarding. It is used in sliding downward from a snow-covered hill.

Does Snowboard Size Matter?

As mentioned earlier, snowboard size is one of the things you must get right when buying a snowboard. Size matters a lot because it determines your overall performance. Extremely long snowboard size will lead to slipping while excessively short size snowboard can be uncomfortable.

The Importance of a Quality Snowboard

The role of a quality snowboard in your chances of reaching your snowboarding goals can’t be overlooked as it ensures that you slide pretty quickly and effectively.Snowboard Brand

With a good snowboard, you can be sure of an injury-free session. A good snowboard equally gives an edge over opponents or other competitors without a good product.

Is It Worth Buying A Snowboard?

If snowboarding is what you love, then you shouldn’t think twice before buying a new snowboard. Your passion for the sport should encourage you to get the best snowboard in the market.

Apart from your love for the game, your dream of becoming a well-known and award-winning snowboarder in the world is worth pursuing — even if it means spending a fortune to get a new board.

What To Look Out For When Buying A New Snowboard?

Having shared the importance of a quality snowboard with you, it is equally crucial you know the things to look out for when buying a new snowboard. First, you should know that brand doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

As much as it’s good to have a preferred manufacturer, you should know that snowboard’s quality doesn’t depend solely on the company’s fame and name. Endeavor to check the following very important features while looking for a new snowboard:

1. Size

This is the most important snowboard attribute you shouldn’t joke with whenever you are getting yours. You shouldn’t get it wrong when it comes to snowboard sizes because it largely decides your performance level.

To make things easier for you, each snowboard consists of size specs and the company’s recommendations and guides. The specifications consist of suitable height and weight for different sizes. Ensure you are conversant with your height and weight to know the size that’s best for you.

Knowing your preference between short and long snowboard will equally make shopping a bit easier. Short snowboard is somewhat easy to use, softer than long ones, and great for cruising around. As for long snowboards, it has a high stability level at high speed, they are slightly stiffer than short ones.

2. Width

Here is another feature you must consider before settling for the snowboard of your choice. You can’t go for a board with narrow width when your foot size is 11 or bigger.

Hence, take your time to search for a product suitable for your size. An undersized or oversized snowboard isn’t advisable as you are prone to constant slip.

3. Base

There are three snowboard bases to choose from. They include Traditional Camber, Reverse Camber, and Mixed Camber. A snowboard with a traditional camber base is mostly used by professional riders as it is known for great pop, impressive edge hold, high responsiveness, feedbacks, and good stability.

Also known as Rocker, a reverse camber base is opposite to the traditional camber in terms of shape. Though it’s less catchy, it a better presses and buttering than the traditional camber.

Mixed Camber, on the other hand, consists of both traditional and reverse chambers’ features. Judging by its beginner-friendly attributes, snowboard with this base is recommended to both beginners and intermediate riders.

4. Shape

There are two types of shapes, including twin boards and directional boards. Twin board shape is required by snowboarders whose major interest is in the freestyle version of the sport because it can be used in either front or back directions.

The directional shape board is advisable to anyone who loves riding in one direction and rides a lot of pows. Additionally, you should consider going for a snowboard that suits your gender. For instance, snowboards designed for females are shorter, softer, and thinner than their male counterparts.

Do Snowboard Bindings Matter?

Snowboard binding is very important as it one of the three major components you must possess as a rider. Snowboard bindings are as crucial as boots and boards; hence, having them is non-negotiable.

They help you control the board without much hassle. They play significant roles in transferring your energy to the board; they also increase comfort and precision. You must consider your riding style, type of bindings, price, and compatibility when choosing a snowboard binding.

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