Does Trump Have A Lower Than Average IQ?

Donald trump’s IQ has been a subject of discussion among the US populates in recent years as many people believe the former US President don’t have the cognitive ability required to lead a business organization to a new and better level.

As much as it’s hard to say if the ex-US president is a genius or not, no one will deny that Trump never hides his IQ test score. He always speaks about it in public and on his social media accounts. According to him, his high IQ test score reflects his strong mental and intellectual strength.Donald Trump’s IQ

But what exactly is Donald Trump’s IQ? How educated is he? How many academic degrees does he have? And how many businesses does he own? Read on to find answers to these questions as we shall be revealing everything you should know about Trump’s IQ.

What’s Donald Trump IQ?

Though trump speaks much about his high IQ, no one knows the exact score because he never display the score or official statement of result in any of his social media platforms.

Nonetheless, it is believed that Donald trump has an impressive IQ as he is listed among the top ten most brilliant US Presidents in history. The 45th US president is the reportedly among the top 10 smartest American Presidents.

Meanwhile, according to a Snope’s report, Donald trump’s estimated iq shouldn’t be between 140 and 156 meaning he is brilliant.

How Educated is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is highly educated as he is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1968 before venturing into his father’s real estate business a few years after graduation.

Let’s briefly discuss Donald Trump’s educational background and see if he is the genius he claims to be. Trump began his educational career from the kindergarten stage at the private Kew-Forest School.

He remained there through to the 7th grade. He was admitted into the New York Military Academy at age 13 where he stayed away from his family because it is a private boarding school.

He got admission to Fordham University at age 18 but transferred it to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania after two years.

He graduated with a BSc in economics in 1968; his academic records aren’t accessible to the public.

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen threatened to sue Trump’s previous colleges and high schools if they release his client’s academic records to the public.

How Many Academic Degrees Does Donald Trump Have?

Donald Trump has only one academic degree which is the Bachelor of Science degree in economics obtained at the University of Pennsylvania. It should be said that Trump didn’t obtain any degree during his time at Fordham University before switching to the Wharton School of Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump’s Business Career

Trump began his business career immediately after graduating as he was integrated into his father’s real estate company known as the Trump management at that time.

The hard-working and dedicated Trump was keen on making a name for himself thereby putting-in all effort towards promoting the company’s reputation and growth beyond the United States.

He closed a few numbers of high-profile deals with famous clients in Manhattan, thereby becoming one of the best real estate developers in the country.

He took over the company’s leadership position from his father, Fred Trump, as he officially became the principal owner. He changed the company’s name from Trump Management to Trump Organization. He also diversified the company’s operation by investing in some beauty pageants between 1996 and 2015.

However, his performance as the head of the company was somewhat affected by his ambition to become the US president in 2016.

Surprisingly, he didn’t step down from his position in the company even after he was voted the president in 2017. Instead, some family members and top shareholders in the company would report to him regarding the company’s performance and affairs, while he focused on running the country’s affairs.

Meanwhile, he left the White House after losing to Joe Bidden and has since shifted his attention to the company.

How Many Businesses Does Trump Currently Own?

Trump reportedly has 500 businesses because the Trump Organization is a conglomerate consisting of 500 firms scattered across different industries and sectors, including construction, hospitality, online shopping, investment, and real estate development.

250 of the 500 associate firms are registered with ‘Trump’ while the others don’t answer the name.

Meanwhile, the top three companies currently owned by Donald Trump include the following:

1. Trump National Doral: This Company belongs to the hospitality industry as it is arguably one of the most beautiful hotels in the state. Located in Miami, Florida, the Trump National Doral Miami covers 800 acres and it features a spa, four golf courses, swimming pools, and dining.

2. Trump Plaza Casino: Launched in 1984 in Atlantic City, the Trump Plaza Casino features 39 stories and 612 rooms which provide maximum comfort for visitors.

Unfortunately, the company entered into bankruptcy in 1992 before folding up in September 2014.

Other businesses owned by Trump include Trump Old Post Office Llc, Trump Ruffin Tower Llc, Mar-a-Lago Club Llc, and Trump Turnberry.

Does Trump Have A Lower Than Average IQ?

Trump often takes pride in what he always calls “high IQ score” he also loves throwing a jibe at people with low IQ score on social media.

For instance, he said: “I know some of you may think I’m tough and harsh but I’m a very compassionate person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense” in one of his tweets in 2013.

We can’t say if he has a high IQ score because we don’t have access to the IQ test result. Notwithstanding, judging by some reports and opinions on social media, it is believed that Donald Trump had a slightly above-average IQ score ranging from 110 to 125 while he was younger.

According to Kelly, the former US President has a slightly above-average IQ score in his school days which is seen in his speech and articulation at the time. She went on to suggest that the president isn’t as mentally sound as before considering how he responded to critical issues like the covid-19 and the trade war between us and China.

In summary, we would say that Trump doesn’t have a lower-than-average IQ as he is well above average in the past. Despite the presumed drop in his intellectual prowess, the worst he can have presently is a slightly above average score which ranges from 111 and 120.


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