Does Volleyball Make You Thicker

Volleyball is a game of height. It is a game that guarantees a toned body shape and structure. Playing volleyball helps you maintain a smart body, top-notch balance, and impressive eye coordination.

It is obvious volleyball has a tremendous effect on the body, but there are divided opinions over its impact on players’ thighs. Some say it makes thighs thick while others say it makes thighs thin. Some say volleyball makes players tall while others say it makes some players short.Does Volleyball Make You Thicker

Well, you don’t have to be caught in the middle of all these unverified opinions therefore we shall be on discussing all the feels effects of volleyball the Muscle size and other parts of the body so you won’t be deceived by some unverified opinions on the internet

Does Playing Volleyball Make You Thicker?

Yes and no. Some parts of your body will gain more weight and become thicker if you play volleyball regularly for a long time. Calves, Thighs and shoulders will become thicker if you play the game daily for a month or more. This explains why some people admit that playing volleyball will make you thicker.

However, the overall body won’t become thicker regardless of how often you play volleyball. Apart from the highlighted muscles, other parts of the body will remain flexible, fit and smart.

The whole body will be fit and healthy if you play volleyball. Therefore, it won’t be out of place to say that the answer to this question is NO. So, what’s our final answer?

We choose no as our final answer because the question deals with the overall body. In a nutshell, volleyball won’t make all your body parts thick. Instead, it will promote a healthy and active body and top-notch mental health.

Meanwhile, your body doesn’t respond to the game only. The food you eat and the off-court fitness training are also factors determining how your body will appear.

Regular muscular workouts like squatting and constant protein or carbs-rich nutrition will end up giving you a thicker body.

What can volleyball do to your body?

1. Volleyball ensures top-notch physical fitness and gorgeous body structure: You can be sure your upper body, including arms and shoulders, will be strengthened if you play an active role during regular volleyball games and training.

Likewise, thigh and lower leg muscles will be more energetic if you play volleyball regularly.

2. It helps to improve body energy: Volleyball helps to improve blood, oxygen and other nutrients’ circulation in the body thereby ensuring high energy levels in the body.

3. It helps to eliminate unwanted calories from the body: It is believed that you will burn at least 126 calories if you play volleyball for 20 minutes. Now imagine playing the game for 90 minutes?

4. Volleyball boosts the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

5. It improves hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes.

6. It helps to improve your communication skills

What muscles does volleyball build?

Volleyball is a game that requires almost all your body muscles to be active and sharp if you must defeat your opponents.

However, some muscles, like calves, thighs, and shoulders, are more involved in the game than others. You must know that the Calves, thighs, and shoulder muscles are mostly affected by volleyball.

Nonetheless, other muscles benefit from your decision to become an active volleyball player. They include the gluteal group of muscles which help your footwork becomes faster and more efficient.

These muscles enhance jumping which is why volleyball players don’t ignore workouts that focus on improving their gluteal muscles.

Anterior tibia is another muscle that gets better and fitter if you play volleyball regularly. It covers the outside surface of the tibia and it gets thicker and stronger depending on how often you play football volleyball

Oblique & spinal erectors are the other muscles volleyball tends to build if you play the game very often. These back muscles will become thicker if you change direction too often during games.

Does volleyball give you thick thighs?

Yes, volleyball can give you thick thighs due to the moves, skills and runs. Having said that, let’s briefly discuss some of the Volleyball moves that make thighs bigger. They include:

Stance: Stance is a posture whereby volleyball players separate their feet wide apart, bend their knees a little bit, and curve their backs straight.

This body position will build your thighs because it shouldered the responsibility of carrying the upper body until they change their position.

Footwork: Footwork in volleyball includes changing your position with agility and blistering pace to defend the ball from reaching the court floor or set the ball for a teammate to strike.

Your thighs play a magnificent role in this part of the game; therefore it becomes thicker in the long run.

Setting: Setting appears as a volleyball move that doesn’t require much skill and stress but that but isn’t the case because you need to master the techniques needed to serve without fault.

Talking of techniques, your thumbs and forefingers need to form a triangle-like shape so you can effectively hit the ball.

Likewise, you need power from the legs (including thighs) while setting so the ball will cross the net and your opponents to score points.

This is why your body, especially the thumbs, forefingers and thighs often end up becoming strong and thick after playing the game for a specific period of time.

Jumping: We all know that jumping requires much energy from the thigh and other lower part of the body. Therefore, the thigh will become strong and thicker as time goes.

Does Volleyball Grow Muscle?

Yes, volleyball has a huge impact on all parts of the body, especially the muscles. Thighs, knees, forefingers, the oblique & spinal erectors, and anterior tibia all enjoy positive effects of active volleyball engagement as they will keep growing thicker and fitter.

However, you must ensure good and quality diet because it will go a long way in regulating or balancing the muscle growth so the overall body appearance will be attractive and good.

What Does A Volleyball Body Looks Like

A volleyball player’s body is strong, toned, tall, fit, slender and healthy. It features an impressive vertical leap due to its athleticism.

Luckily, you can have this kind of body structure if you are determined and disciplined enough. First, you must reduce your body fat to get lean before building your shoulder and other parts of the body in the gym.

Meanwhile, the top 10 fitness training focus in volleyball include Good morning, side-to-side twist with overhead press, single leg RDL to overhead press, lunge with a twist, lateral lunge with a press, dumbbell snatch, dumbbell pullover, dumbbell squat to press, 10-and-2 drops, and biceps with overhead press. You can read more about the fitness workouts here.

Do these trainings regularly to develop the best volleyball body structure.

What Is Volleyball?

Volleyball is a game played between two teams of six players per side. It involves spiking the ball over a net to hit the opponent’s court and score points.

First played in 1895, volleyball has become one of the most famous sports in the world as it is played across many countries and in global competitions like the Olympics games.

A Team will earn a point when the ball lands on the opponent’s court without breaking the volleyball rules.

Apart from hitting the ball on the opponent’s court, a team will also earn more points if the opponents commit service errors, pass the ball more than three times, play the ball out of bounds, or a player consecutively hit the ball twice before passing it to teammates.


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