Does Volleyball Makes Your Waist Smaller

You must have heard people say that volleyball makes the waist slimmer, or it makes the leg thinner, but how true is that?

Is it true that one will become skinny and unattractive after playing volleyball consistently for two to three months? These some few questions mostly asked by young athletes aspiring to become volleyball players in the nearest future.

So, pay rapt attention to everything discussed on this page to know the right answers as we shall be discussing everything related to volleyball and its effects to the body.Does Volleyball Makes Your Waist Smaller


Does Volleyball Make You Skinny

Playing volleyball can make you skinny due to its calorie-burning capacity. As stated in this post below, volleyball players burn at least 378 calories per hour which means the number of fats in your body will keep reducing if you constantly play the game without eating healthy and balance diets.

Your body weight will reduce, thereby making you look slim and fit. However, you can control the level of weight you lose without stopping volleyball. Improve your diet and lifestyle to make up for the weight and energy loss while playing.

In summary, volleyball can naturally make you skinny because it makes you lose weight

Does volleyball makes your waist smaller

Volleyball ensures you have a well-toned body structure, even if it means reducing your waist and other parts of the body.

Volleyball doesn’t have a specific target; instead, it ensures the whole body is reshaped into a more fitter and sport-ish structure.

Does Volleyball Make Your Leg Thinner?

According to Healthline, volleyball is one of the spots that can make your leg thinner because it aerobically works on your thigh muscles and other muscles in the body. Hence, it won’t be out of place to say that volleyball can make your leg thinner.

Apart from volleyball, swimming, cycling and running are other sports that could have similar effects on your thigh

Meanwhile, you might be wondering what does thigh has to do with the leg? Well, that’s because thighs are part of the human legs which include the foot, and the gluteal region (hip)

How Many Calories Do Volleyball Burns

As mentioned earlier volleyball player is expected to burn 126 calories per 20 minutes of action. However, your performance during the game is a determining factor because you might be on the court and not be as active as your teammates

How Many Calories Do 3 Hours Of Volleyball Burn

If playing a 20-minute volleyball game burns 126 calories, how many calories will three hours burn? Let’s do the calculations.

60 minutes make one hour, meaning we have three 20 minutes in one hour (60/20= 3).

Remember the body will get rid of 126 calories in 20 minutes meaning the body will burn 378 calories (126 x 3) when you play volleyball for 1 hour. Therefore, you are expected to burn 1134 calories (378 x 3) if you play volleyball non-stop for 3 hours.

Hope you get the calculations? Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Which Sport Burns The Most Calories

Considering a report published by Harvard Health, running is the sport that burns the most calories. According to the report, running at a pace of 10 mph will burn 960 calories per hour.

Cycling is the second sport that burns calories the most. The same report reveals that cycling or biking at 20 mph will burn at least 1446 calories per hour depending on your body weight or the fat level in the body.

Swimming comes third on the list as it possesses the potential to help you burn between 660 and 976 calories per hour depending on the style of swimming you do.

Football (480 calories per hour), boxing (540 calories per hour), and handball (420 per hour) complete the list of top six sports that burn calories the most.

What Is Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most famous games in the world, and it’s played between two teams of six players per side. The players hit the ball over a horizontal net in an attempt to make it touch the opponent’s court.

A team is only permitted to touch the ball thrice before playing it over to the opponent’s half.

It will interest you to know that volleyball is the third-best team sport in the world, behind football and basketball.

Benefits of Volleyball

Apart from the fun and excitement attached to the game, playing volleyball has other benefits discussed below:

1. Playing volleyball helps you burn unhealthy calories

According to Livestrong, playing volleyball for 20 minutes automatically helps you burn 126 unhealthy calories, thereby helping your muscles and overall body system remain in good health conditions.

2. Playing volleyball ensures a high physical fitness

The in-court body movements, jumps and stretches collectively ensure your body is in good physical condition.

You are also guaranteed to have a perfectly toned body structure if you play the game regularly because volleyball exercises the muscles in the upper and lower parts of the body concurrently.

3. Volleyball Aids Metabolism

Your body needs to use up energy available to enhance metabolism, which explains why it is important to engage in active sports or activities.

Luckily, playing volleyball and other sports is one of the best and most exciting ways to use up energy in the body. It means your metabolic rates will increase tremendously if you play volleyball regularly.

4. Playing Volleyball Guarantees Rejuvenated Body Organs

Exercise helps you get rid of waste products and other harmful substances that could hamper the performance of the body organs. Therefore, playing volleyball, which is also an exercise, will ensure your organs are in top-notch conditions because it provides a thriving and healthy environment for them.

5. Playing Volleyball Improves Your Social Attributes

Volleyball is a team sport that requires an awesome team spirit, trust, and communication within the team.

With volleyball, you are certainly going to develop good communication skills and the ability to trust others because you need them to succeed as a volleyball player.

Other benefits of playing volleyball include reduced stress and anxiety, improved muscle and nerve coordination, osteoporosis prevention, impressive speed and agility, increased focus and concentration level, etc


Volleyball doesn’t leave you with an irregular or unattractive shape by affecting only the waist. Instead, it helps the whole body maintain good structure and topnotch physical fitness.


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