Female police and makeup: 9 questions and answers

Like every other professions, the police division has its own set of rules which guides every professional conduct. This is not limited to appearance.

There are policies for how both male and female police should dress. The appearance of a female police is important. They will be on the frontline for other officers, and will be judged by the general public.

When in the field, how a female appears has influence on certain situations and incidents.

Female police and makeupFor instance, while in the field and on uniform, a female officer is expected to pull her hair back, off her shoulder. Hair should be pinned down. It is unprofessional to wear a ponytail while in uniform.

This article answers all the questions concerning the appearance of female police officers, including makeup and other dressing guidelines. Keep reading.


Can female police wear makeup?

A female police can wear makeup. This is a personal decision. However, it must be in moderation.

When it comes to if a female police officer want to wear makeup, rings or earrings, fix nails, or not – it all boils down to individual’s preference.

Generally, not all women fancy these things. Those that love them can rock them. As long as the makeup isn’t in excess, it is allowed.

According to the code of conduct guiding female police officers in uniform, hair must be kept neat. It must be tidy. Also, hair must be above the shirt’s collar.

As for all sort of cosmetics, they are allowed in moderation – but colored nail varnish is not allowed.

Makeups and other cosmetics in moderation is the best fit for any female police officer. It should also be appreciate for any training environment.

Excessive facial makeup are prohibited whenever a female police is in uniform. Why is that? It could have negative effect on the clothing provided for duties.

Before their uniforms are issued, female police are often educated about the appropriate appearance that is expected of them. They are plain and simple.

Can you have colored hair as a police officer?

A police officer can have colored hair – any natural hair color. As a general rule in the United States, police are allowed to wear natural colored hair.

However, some department within the police unit allow officers to wear different hair colors(cherry or purple) for detective or patrol tasks. Again, hair must be neat and tidy regardless of the color.

Can police officers wear cornrows?

Police officers can wear cornrows. Black female cops are often seen wearing different style of cornrows. The most important thing is that this style should be neat and smart when in uniform.

This may look like it breaks the appearance policy of the police. It’s still a natural look. Clean cornrows look presentable to the public.

Dreadlocks, however, aren’t allowed except needed for special duties.

Do girl cops have to wear their hair up?

Girl cops need to also wear a smart looking hair whenever they are on duty. Must their hairs be always wear up?

The code guiding a female police officer in uniform suggests that she should wear her hair pulled back up, off the shoulder. It must then be pinned down.

This gives a sharp look. It is considered unprofessional for a female police officer in uniform to just pull her hair down.

A ponytail style is also considered unprofessional. These rules are effective because it had more to do with the safety of female police officers.

Can female cops wear earrings?

Many aspiring young female who want to join the police force are always concerned if they will be allowed to wear earrings while on duty or not. Here is the answer for you.

While in uniform, a female cop is not allowed to wear any dangling jewelry. However, wearing a pair of stud earrings is allowed.

As long as it’s smart and sharp, a female cop may rock some stud earrings. Two stud earrings may be worn on each ear. Also, a stud and a hoop is permitted.

How about visible necklaces, are they allowed? No. Female cops are not permitted to wear any visible necklace while on duty (in uniform).

No male police officer is permitted to wear earrings. The only exemption is when a male officer is on assignments where that is needed. That’s usually some special duties, it could be for a detective mission.

Also, other piercings visible to the eyes are not allowed for female cops. Jewelry is limited to only a wrist watch and two rings.

Nose studs, unnatural-colored hair, offensive tattoos, and fancy earrings are not permitted – except recommended for special duties.

Men are expected wear clean-shaven hairstyle and keep facial hair shaven or trimmed.

Can police officers wear rings?

Police officers are allowed to wear ring, if they desire to. The fact is, not all police officers opt to always wear wedding rings when they are not in uniform.

Sure, the duty of a cop is very challenging and requires you to always look sharp and flexible. Many police officers are found wearing some black wedding rings.

There are few reasons for this choice. The most common reason is because a black wedding ring looks safer, and smarter.

But why do cop love black rings? This rings come from different materials. Some are from carbon fiber, silicone, and other materials. Cops rock black rings because they cut down unnecessary attention.

A black ring doesn’t signal luxury and therefore, it doesn’t attract thieves. It’s often considered not as valuable as rings with shiny and bright appearances. Black rings don’t often warrant unnecessary attacks.

Can cops wear necklaces?

Just like in most countries, cops who are to perform any form of covert duty can expose body modification or art. They can also wear excessive jewelry or makeup to portrait what’s expected during a police operation.

There are different policy for every department of the police unit, this also apply to jewelry. Cops may wear necklaces when assigned some special duties.

But whenever a cop is in uniform while on duty, visible necklaces are not allowed. They can wear a bracelet, a necklace that’s not visible, and a wristwatch.

A ring is also acceptable in on hand. Female cops can wear stud earrings while male cops are not permitted to wear any earring (except for special duty).

Concerning to policy guiding jewelry, male officers can wear a necklace, but it must be visible to the public whenever they are in uniform.

Appearance should be neat, tidy, and sharp. Also, no visible piercing is allowed. Male cops are to evenly trim their hairs to enhance safety. Their mustaches are to be trimmed.

Are cops allowed to have long hair?

Male cops are often seen wearing short hair, why can’t male officers have long hair? Yes, it is not common to find cops with long hair.

The main reason is to maintain safety whenever they are working. This is part of the uniform standards – to keep hair neat, smart, and tidy.

However, there are some departments that permit male officers to rock long hair, especially when on special assignments.

On the other side, female police officers are allowed to wear long hair. Hair should be packed up and pinned down whenever they are in uniform.

Appearance for interviews must be neat and clean. Men are expected to have short hair – which shouldn’t elongate over the sides of each ear.

Also, sideburns should be trimmed, not above the middle of earlobes. The best appearance for women is also short hairstyle. It should be neat, and not longer than shoulder length.

Female police officer hair regulations

Every sworn female member must abide by the regulations guiding appearances. The hair regulations for female cops are plain and simple.

Hair should be short (not longer than shoulder length). Female offers should maintain a neat and smart hairstyle whenever in uniform. The goal is safety and to present a well-groomed appearance.

A female cop can use natural-looking hair colors. Unnatural colors look unprofessional and are prohibited. All natural colors are allowed for bleach, tint, and dye.

Also, the hairstyle must be able to fix smart in the uniform’s headgear. This is very important. Safety is key when choosing a short hairstyle to wear while on duty.

Female police officers are expected to always appear smart whenever they are in uniform. The hair, jewelry, and cosmetics must all be on point, and in moderation.

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