How Awful Is Life In Scotland?


Scotland, a sovereign state part of the United Kingdom in which is made of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Scotland covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain. Scotland is famous for its cities Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The their unique accents and humor make them stand out as well. With a population of over 5 million, Scotland is home to seven cities. Namely; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling, Aberdeen, Dundee, and Inverness.How Awful Is Life In Scotland

How Awful Is Life In Scotland?

Using the word awful will seem a little bit harsh, extreme and unappreciative when talking about life in Scotland.

How awful is life in Scotland? Not awful at all! Scotland is an awesome place to be and it’s nothing close to the word awful. It is an utterly gorgeous country to live in.

Aside from the severe weather which consists of rain, cold, wind, and dampness and petty larcenies in regions like western hails, Pilton in Edinburgh, and Niddrie, Scotland is a charming place to be either on a short or long-term basis.

Nevertheless, Scotland has characterized both Free health care facilities which are easily accessible in the country.

Also, the safety of lives and properties are available in Scotland so also is access to education as most people travel from far and near to study in the Universities present in the country.

Universities such as the University of Edinburgh have a high degree of influx of students yearly.

Does Scotland Have A Good Quality Of Life?

Yes, Scotland has a good quality of life. And research conducted by European Survey opined that Scotland had the highest quality of life considering factors such as “health care, safety, access to education and personal rights”

Is It Difficult To Live In Scotland?

Scotland is a tremendous country and residency in this state or country doesn’t seem to be any difficult.

The cost of living isn’t too expensive as there is enough money to cover bills, food, and other miscellaneous activities. Health is good as it is free and affordable for all and these free health care services are paid by taxes.

The food produced from Scotland is highly quality, the society is not class-driven unlike other countries. Poverty might be an issue as quite many highly industrialized countries all over the world still battle with the problem of poverty.

Thus, poverty can’t be eradicated, rather it can only be lessened or diminished. All in all Scotland looks like a good place to be and with what the nation provides to its people it doesn’t appear to be a difficult place to live in.

Is Scotland A Depressing Place?

A study conducted by the latest official well-being statistics pointed out that Scotland is the most unhappy country in the United Kingdom.

Glasgow has proved to be the least happy place in Scotland and experts are suggesting that it might be caused by unemployment and lack of access to nature.

Yes, Scotland can be a depressing place to live in depending on your choice of activity and relationship with the people in the country.

People who come on a short basis such as for Tourism and holidays might find Scotland very fascinating.

With this, it is highly advisable one seeks out to socialize so as not to reach a point of boredom which might ultimately lead to depression.

Socialization can come in the form of friends, religious institutions, peer group relations, etc. Engaging in one activity daily can also lead to a level of unhappiness in which eventually steers to depression.

IS Scotland Nicer THAN England?

Both countries are delightful places to visit or live in. And both countries are nice in their distinct way. But going by research, it seems to have been proven that Scotland is nicer than English.

And this factor can be a result of the standard of living in the country, the lower population rate compared to England, and so on. Also, the people in Scotland are said to be very welcoming.

IS Scotland Better Than Ireland?

In terms of cost of living, Scotland happens to be a perfect fit for short or long visit. Things are more costly in Ireland compared to Scotland.

I think this question falls on the preference of the individual because these are two distinct and one of the most developed nations in the world.

Both countries are worth visiting and spending time in and it all depends on the choice of the person or persons that want to have a feeling of either Scotland or Ireland

What Is It Like Living In Scotland ?

A country with a system in which everything is provided and all the citizens are catered for, that country is Scotland.

Living in Scotland is pleasing, peaceful, and easy. Resources are allocated to everyone on the basis of you being a part of the country.

Furthermore, as stated earlier in the above sub topics, Scotland stands out to be a beautiful place to reside. The people in the country are unashamedly friendly and straight to the point.

Also the people poses a good sense of humor and one can’t help but fall in love with it.

The people in Scotland are generally acceptable and do not possess the peculiarities of being racist to foreigners who come to visit or stay on a permanent basis.

Also, football happens to be an outstanding sport amongst the people and there is an unending rivalry between two prestigious clubs in the county that is Celtic and Rangers.

And these two clubs are well known around Europe. Celtic have however been a dominant side over the last couple of years but their dominance came to an end in 2021 under the reign of Steven Gerrard. Therefore, football is a social principle for people in the country.

Is The Water In Scotland Safe TO Drink ?

Affirmative, the water in Scotland is no doubt safe to drink. The tap water is produced to a much higher safety standard than bottled water.

According to a study, the overall pass rate for drinking water in Scotland was 99.91 per cent. This however proves how safe, healthy and conducive drinking water is in Scotland.

What Language Is Spoken In Scotland?

English constitutes 98.6 percent of the language spoken in Scotland. Other languages present in the country include; Scots(30.1percent) and Scottish Gaelic (1.1 percent).

Therefore, English is the official language spoken in Scotland and what makes their style of speaking unique is their accent. Their accent of speaking differs from other countries present in the United Kingdom.

Is It Safe To Live In Scotland?

The safety of lives and properties comes first when considering visiting or moving permanently to a place. Yes, Scotland is significantly a safe place to visit or live in but one must remain cautious in some areas.

Reports have it that crime has been in a lowered fashion for the past 10 years and are at their lowest levels in more than 45 years.

However, places like Glasgow and Edinburgh still depict traits of criminal activities due to gang related activities and pickpocketing. Therefore, it is advisable to be street smart in those kinds of places.


Scotland remains one of the best places to be in the world. The weather has proven to be a frustrating factor when it comes to considering whether to migrate to the country. But with time one can get accustomed to the climate and environment.

Also, Scotland makes it easy for foreigners to find work, no matter what kind of job one seeks. Whether on interim or permanent basis.

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