How do cops know when a car is over speeding?

Everyday people do get arrested for several crimes which are mostly related to road crimes . One of these crimes is known as over-speeding. Over speeding is the process of accelerating a particular vehicle to an extreme level of speed.

Most people find Over speeding comfortable, especially during a drag race while forgetting the dangers attached to Over speeding. One certain thing about over speeding is that the cops would always be on your trail until you are caught and fined.Do cop cars have speed cameras

Today, we are going to look into over speeding, how cops can be attracted to you by over speeding as well as provide certain answers to frequently asked questions on over speeding and cops.

The article is enriched with enough information to broaden your knowledge so stay tuned.

How do cops know when a car is over speeding?

So many individuals often wonder how a police officer could detect their speeding vehicles even without coming so close to the police checkpoint which has led to questions relating to such topic.

Surely they know when a car is over speeding because they do have the necessary gadgets to detect one. Cops make use of speed detecting devices to determine speeding vehicles and take action by slowing down the driver of the vehicle.

Cops make use of radar machines which might come in form of portable handheld devices manufactured to detect speeding cars multiple feet away from the operator.

So if you’ve been wondering how a cop could determine the speed of a car you control, you shouldn’t be surprised after reading this.

How do police officers clock the speed of cars on a highway?

How do police officer gauge the accurate speed of a vehicle approaching their checkpoint? amazing isn’t it? This scenario still baffles certain persons. Yes, police officers could get the exact speed of which the vehicle is moving and equally provide evidence upon request.

Now asking how a cop could determine the exact speed is a smart question, why? Cops are equipped with a speed radar and the manufacturers of the device actually included a speedometer which records and displays the actual speed level your vehicle is moving at. With such a handy device, the speed of your vehicle could easily be detected by the operator.

How can the police prove that it was my car that was speeding?

They can actually prove that effortlessly! Since the device used in clocking speed of a car moving too fast features a speedometer, providing the exact speed level of your car won’t be so hectic as you may imagine.

The device could easily record the speed of your vehicle which in turn can be presented upon request for proof. When an over speeding vehicle approaches a police checkpoint, the radar is actually pointed towards the car for easy detection ; radar detects the speed through motion and reports via the speedometer, this way, proof could be easily presented.

What device do you use to measure the speed of a car?

Speed radars are devices which can be used to measure the speed of a moving vehicle. Speed radars mostly come in 2 main types which are the handheld speed radars and the static speed radar.

The speed radars are known to measure speed by sending out radio waves through transmission towards a fixed frequency. The transmitted waves are pointed towards the targeted vehicle which equally returns the wave to the speed radar.

Now this process acquires the speed of the speeding vehicle. The speed radar is mostly used by the police and is equipped with a transmitter and a receiver alongside a speedometer.

Basically, the radar works by utilizing the wave which is gotten from the speeding car and is transmitted to the speed radar through the receiver and the speed is analyzed and displayed on the speedometer.

Speed radars could come in different brands such as the K, Ka, X and Ka while they can be of 2 different types which would later be discussed in this article. Speed radars are mostly used by police officers, however, they are also available at gizmo stores for interested tech enthusiasts. Moreover, they don’t come cheap.

How far can a police radar detect your speed?

The police speed radar could detect a speeding car far away from the radar. Although The speed radar need to be in close proximity with the targeted vehicle in order to detect total full speed accurately.

Police speed radars could detect speeding cars from a 100 feet away. This is considered an impressive feature from a far distance before it could get close to the operator.

What types of radars do police use?

The police make use of 2 different types of speed radars which are the handheld radars and the static radars. The handheld radar is crafted in form of a pistol with an attached speedometer and a plastic trigger. The handheld radar is mostly used in detecting the speed of an approaching car.

The handheld speed radar is used by pointing the radar towards the approaching vehicle to detect the speed of an approaching car. It is quite easy to use and comes in handy.

The fixed radar are mostly placed on a platform, mostly, inside a patrol vehicle. They can detect speed effectively even when the patrol vehicle is moving. It comes in the shape of a mini satellite decoder with an antenna. The fixed radar is considered the most effective radar as it detects speed effortlessly without being operated.

At what speed is the police expected to stop chasing you?

At a very high speed. Chasing an offender on a highway won’t be considered a bad idea as the highway is probably free from individuals or less congested with people.

Chasing an over speeding driver in a congested environment could appear to be dangerous as it could attract several damages, therefore, the maximum speed of chasing an over speeding driver is 140 Km/health. People who drive below 60mph won’t attract police attention so why drive above the normal speed limit?

What is the normal speed limit?

Any driving above 65mph should be totally shunned as it could be dangerous. Speeding on a highway could be fun, however, it can also be dangerous. The normal speed limit is 60mph in order to avoid pisssing off a cop. However, in Washington DC, the speed limit is fixed at 55mph.

Have there been any form of accident related caused by police chase?

Yes! Researches proves that in 2004,during a police chase, a motorcyclist was knocked down to his death. Series of accidents have also occurred during a police chase.

What action would the police take if they catch me over speeding?

You could be slowed down and issued a ticket! However, you might be issued warning on a good day. The case would probably be different if you are asked to slow down and you suddenly overtake the police. You will definitely be chased down and caught and arrested.

Final Words

Over speeding is considered fun by many drivers who engage in drag racing, speed test and other forms of car speeding. So many dangers are attached to Over speeding and it should be highly avoided at all cost as it could attract several forms of punishment from the cops.


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