How Many Hours Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

How Many Hours Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

Congratulation on your new waist trainer! Thank goodness you’ve finally gotten one of the kits you have been longing to have for a long time.

We can imagine the joy and excitement and we are sure you can’t wait to wear your precious item.How Many Hours Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

But before you start using the waist trainer, you must know how long you should wear it and what you should do to enhance its effectiveness. Hence, we advise you read this article from start to finish as it contains the time length you should wear the waist trainer and how to care for it.


How long should I wear a waist trainer

You are advised to wear a waist trainer for at least eight hours a day, and most 12 hours regardless of what you intend to achieve. You MUST NOT wear it beyond 12 hours in a day to maintain a healthy body condition

How Many Hours Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

Most people want overnight success, hence they wear the waist trainer for 16 hours overlooking the possible adverse effects. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. There is no shortcut to sustainable development and laudable results, it takes consistency and dedication.

That said, you should wear the waist trainer for 2-4 hours per day during the first week of usage. Ensure you only wear it for 5 days during the first week. Meanwhile, you might decide to increase the hours to 8-10 hours per day if you’ve been using it for a month or six weeks.

The bottom line is being sensitive to your body language. Don’t force it if your body isn’t comfortable in the waist trainer. Loose or remove it when necessary to enhance your comfort and convenience.

What is a Waist Trainer

A waist trainer is an undergarment featuring a thick fabric and strong metal boning. It is worn around the midsection to help you develop a sleek, slim, and fit waist.

Though a waist trainer will make your waist look slimmer, it doesn’t guarantee permanent changes or weight loss. A waist trainer tends to squeeze your midsection and reshape your thigh into an hourglass shape.

Benefits of a waist trainer

The supposed benefits of a waist trainer include an hourglass figure, loss of appetite, losing weight, and more attractive posture.

However, these supposed benefits are temporary which means they will disappear if you don’t wear the waist trainer for weeks.

Is waist trainer safe

Yes, a waist trainer is safe as long as you know how to wear it. Don’t pull it too tight, loose the waist trainer, or remove it as soon as breathing becomes a bit difficult. It is also important you know how long you should wear the waist trainer to prevent any adverse effects on your skin and overall health.

Getting Started: The Important Checklist

Using a waist trainer for the first time can be overwhelming as you will feel uncomfortable for the first few days. Hence, it is okay if you feel a little discomfort during the first and second day of using the waist trainer.

Notwithstanding, ensure you don’t compromise your breath for anything throughout this period.

You should start seeing changes within a month of constant or regular usage. A quality waist trainer should show encouraging signs by giving you an hourglass-looking shape within four to six weeks if you use it regularly.

Here are some of the things you must do to enhance your chances of getting the best possible results from your waist trainer:

1. Select The Type Of Waist Trainers Suitable For You

So, let’s discuss some of the types of waist trainers that would help you feel comfortable as a newbie.

• Everyday Waist Trainers: This type of waist trainer features a latex core and light clothing. You can put on a waist trainer daily due to its silky materials and interesting textures that will make you feel easy and relaxed.

Combining this type of waist trainer with a healthy diet and regular exercise will surely produce a great result in no time. However, you must know that everyday waist trainers are not suitable for vigorous movements because they mostly possess hook-and-eye closure at the front.

• Workout Waist Trainers: Just as the name implies this type of waist trainer is suitable for exercise or workout sessions because they enhance easy movement and mobility. They are largely designed for workouts and exercise purposes, which means you can’t wear them all day.

Workout waist trainers are known for their sturdy material and latex compression. Ensure you include the hours you spend in the gym when calculating how long you wear a waist trainer if you put on the workout waist trainer during your workout routine.

• Steel-boned Corsets: Here is arguably the most effective and traditional waist trainer in the market at the moment.

Talk of durability and convenience, the steel-boned corsets waist trainers guarantee better user comfort than the other ones discussed above.

In the same vein, they tend to help you achieve an attractive hourglass shape easier and faster than the other products. Unfortunately, the corsets waist trainers contain fabric that is usually more expensive than the latex ones.

2. Go For One That Fits and sizes You

After checking the quality, attractiveness, and price, size should come next to mind. Knowing your size before buying a waist trainer isn’t non-negotiable as it will help you choose the best and most conducive one.

Know your size and check for the most compatible waist trainer. Luckily, below are some tips to help you choose the waist trainer with the right size.

  • A waist trainer isn’t your size if it rolls up at your waist; it’s too small for you.
  • A Waist trainer is too big if you put it on the last setting comfortably.
  • A waist trainer shouldn’t lead to any discomfort or breathing difficulties.

We recommend you go for a waist trainer that is 4 to 7 inches smaller than your natural waist size. For instance, a woman with a 38″ waist length should go for a waist trainer between 34″ and 31″ size.

3. Allow Break-in Time

As stated earlier, you can’t get an overnight result from waist trainers. You can’t get an hourglass shape in a week regardless of how long you wear it. So, learn to take a break. We already advised that you MUSTN’T put on your waist trainer for more than 12 hours to maintain a good healthy body condition.

Endeavor to take 1-3 days break from wearing the waist trainer weekly. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of hours you use the waist trainer in a day if you can’t completely leave it for two or three days.

How to Break in a Cincher-Styl Waist Trainer

Trying something for the first time can be challenging and overwhelming because you lack the experience and you are afraid of how things will turn out.

But that won’t be the case with the Cincher-Styl waist trainer because below is a brief guideline to get the best results as a first-time user

  • • Begin fastening from the Bottom Hook: Cincher-Styl waist trainer has some hook-and-eye fasteners. You should start with the bottom hook, fastening it around the narrowest part of your waist. Keep fastening the hook one at a time until you get to the last one.
  • • Pull The Waist Trainer down over your abdomen while fastening the hook and eyes
  • • Wear Cincher-Styl waist trainer for about one hour during the first day to reduce muscle pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, you are liable to experience restrictive forces within your waist region throughout the first day.
  • • Try it again the next day: This time, wear it for two hours and see how it goes. Keep increasing the hours you wear it day-by-day by until you get accustomed to it.

How to Break in a Steel-Boned Corset

The process of breaking in a steel-boned corset waist trainer is known as seasoning. It all begins by loosening all the laces; wearing it and fastening the front busk.

You must do the above steps before a standing mirror to enjoy a perfect and seamless fastening session. Alternatively, you can do them before someone who will tell you how it looks on you.

As a first-time steel-boned corset user, don’t wear it beyond two hours. Do not tighten the corset completely during the first 30 minutes to prevent warping the steel boning inside. Slip your hands underneath, and ensure it feels rigid before you slowly tighten it completely after 30 minutes.

4. Be Clear On Your Intention; Set your Goals and Go For It

Waist trainers are not costume you wear for fashion; but a product you use to achieve a specific goal within a set period. Therefore, you must set your target and try to achieve it.

Talking of achieving your set goals, there are different ways to go about it including the following:

• Wearing the waist trainer daily: This is one of the ways to achieve your specific mission of buying a waist trainer in the first place. Wearing it consistently within specified hours will help you reach your target in no time. However, there are different stages to follow to explore this approach

Stage 1:

It involves preparing your mind, setting the target, and how to achieve it. Choose the type of waist trainer compatible with you, and determine whether you are going to wear the waist trainer daily or weekly to reach the set milestone. You can do all this within the first three hours.

Then, let the mission begins by wearing the waist trainer for just 2 hours in the first few days. Increase the time to four hours before the first week of usage come to an end.

Endeavor to remove the waist trainer while swimming or bathing in a sauna or hot steam. Meanwhile, don’t use a waist trainer more than five days a week (maximum of two hours daily ) throughout the stage 1 process.

Stage 2:

You must have been conversant with how the waist trainer works at this stage. Hence, you shouldn’t have any problems or difficulties going forward.

You must know that this stage will last for about 4 to 6 weeks and you are expected to put on the waist trainer for 8-10 hours daily for better effectiveness.

Though some people in this stage loves wearing waist trainer all day, that may not be good for your body shape. So, we advise you follow the specified time frame and the initial plan of reducing 2-4 inches per stage.

In the same vein, we recommend you take a break when necessary. You might decide not to wear the waist trainer for a day to rest your body while the waist trainer regains its shape.

You are expected to latch the first set of clasps, and use the 2nd set of clasps to make the waist trainer tighter in this stage. You are liable to lose another 2-4 inches by the end of this stage if you use it moderately and consistently.

However, below is a brief and comprehensive chart of how you can get the best out of your waist trainer in this stage:

14 hours
24 hours split into 2 sessions
35 hours
45 hours split into 2 sessions
56 hours
65 hours split into 2 sessions
76 hours
87 hours
106 hours split into 2 sessions
117 hours
127 hours split into 2 sessions
138 hours
144 hours split into 2 sessions
158 hours
165 hours split into 2 sessions
184 hours
194 hours split into 2 sessions
206 hours
215 hours split into 2 sessions
227 hours
236 hours split into 2 sessions
247 hours split into 2 sessions
258 hours
268 hours split into 3 sessions
279 hours
2810 hours

Wearing The Waist Trainer During Workout: To achieve the best result, experts suggest using a workout waist trainer for exercise and an everyday waist trainer during the rest of the day. Don’t forget to include the waist trainer wearing time as part of your daily wearing time.

• Wearing The Waist Trainer For Special Occasions: Wondering if you can wear a waist trainer to a special event? Yes, you can wear a waist trainer to special occasions and parties.

Ensure you start wearing the waist trainer at least two weeks before the event. In the same vein, endeavor to put it on 2-3 hours before the event so you will be comfortable before and during the event.

Tighten it gradually every 30 minutes until you obtain a comfortable waist size throughout the D-day. As a bride, we advise you your waist trainer under your wedding gown to boost your figure all through the happy day.

You can rest assured that the corset will prevent your wedding guests from seeing your belly fat too easily. Meanwhile, don’t forget to adjust the size as the day goes on so you won’t be out of shape. It’s equally crucial that you purchase your wedding dress before choosing the right wedding corset.

How Long Do I Have To Wear A Waist Trainer To See Results?

No one has a specific answer because everyone has different body structures, body sizes, and adaptability. Comfortability, genetic traits, and feeding habits are also major factors to consider when determining how long you need to wear a waist trainer.

Wearing your waist trainer regularly means you won’t take longer than normal to achieve your aim. For instance, someone wearing her waist trainer for 8 hours a day and 7 days a week is prone to enjoy better results than someone who wears it for 4 hours a day and 3 days a week.

Comfortability is another factor that determines how long you can wear the waist trainer. You can’t put on a product capable of making life miserable for a lengthy period.

In summary, how long you wear a waist trainer depends on genetics, comfortability, exercise, feeding habit, and your body’s physical and mental response.

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