How Many Ounces, Quarts And Liters In a Gallon?

How many liters are in a gallon

How many liters are in a gallon? How do I convert ounces to gallons? How many ounces (Oz) make a gallon? How many liters are in a gallon? How can I convert ounces to gallons? These are some of the frequently asked questions about liters, ounces, and gallons.How Many Ounces, Quarts And Liters In a Gallon?

Luckily, this article will provide accurate answers to the above question as part of our desire to help you have a clear understanding of the three units of measurement.

So how many ounces, liters, and quarts in a gallon? To answer this question correctly all depends largely the region you currently reside. Generally In the United States (US) , one fluid gallon equals 128 fluid ounce or 3.79 liters. One dry gallon equals 148.94 oz.

While in places like In the UK, one gallon equals 160 imperial ounce or 4.55 liters. It will interest you to know that the imperial gallons are no longer the official measure for volume, although this unit of measurement is still use by many people today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gallons and Ounces


How many 16 oz make a gallon?

1 gallon of water is equal to eight 16-oz bottles. Since 1 US gallon contains 128 ounces, you will divide 128 by 16 to get an accurate answer. Therefore, eight 16oz are in 1 gallon.

How many 32 Oz cups make a gallon?

1 US gallon contains 128 ounces. To answer this question, you will divide 128 by 32 which will give you four. Hence, four 32-ozs make 1 US fluid gallon.

Is 64 oz half a gallon?

Yes, 64 Oz is half a gallon. The calculation is simple. 128 Oz are in a gallon, so divide 128 by 64. It will give you 2 which translates to half a gallon.

What is Gallon

A gallon is a unit used in knowing or measuring liquid capacity in many countries. It is known as “gal” in the United States.

Type Of Gallons

There are three major types of Gallons. They are the US Liquid gallon, The UK or imperial gallon, and the Dry Gallon

Imperial Gallon

Also known as the Imperial or UK gallon, this gallon is a unit of measurement containing exactly 4.54609 liters or 277.42 cubic inches.

The imperial gallon is mostly used in the Commonwealth countries like Canada, the UK, and some Caribbean States like Bahamas, Barbados and Cuba.

The imperial gallon was formerly based on 10 pounds which is equivalent to 4.54 kg of water at 17° Celsius. However, Imperial fluid ounces weigh 1/160 of the imperial gallon.

The Imperial gallon has 4 quarts containing two pints each. Each pint boasts 20 imperial fluid ounces. We will discuss more on quarts later in the article. It will interest you to know that an imperial gallon is approximately 1.2 US gallons meaning an American gallon has a smaller size when compared to the UK or Imperial gallon.

US Liquid Gallon

The US liquid gallon is smaller than the imperial gallon as it contains only 3.7854 or 231 cubic inches. The US liquid gallon of water is equivalent to 3.78 kg or 8.34 pounds at 62°F or 17° Celsius.

It is 16.6% lighter than the imperial gallon and it has 4 quarts which are divided into two pints. Each pint has 16 fluid ounces. The US liquid gallon contains four quarts and eight pints, and you will require 128 fluid ounces to fill it to the brim. However, the US liquid gallon is often seen in Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, etc.

US Dry Gallon

The US dry gallon contains 4.4048838 (4.4.5) liters and it is equivalent to the weight of a Winchester bushel. Featuring 268.8025 cubic inches, the US dry gallon is largely seen and used in many US states.

How to convert gallons to ounces

It is one thing to know how to convert gallons to Oz, but it is another thing to know the type of gallon to be converted. So, we advise you have full knowledge of the gallon you want to convert so you can get accurate results.

Having said that, multiply the number gallons by 128 to know the amount of ounces in a US Fluid gallon. Multiply the numbers of gallons by 148.94 to know the amount of ounces in US dry gallons. Then, multiply the number of gallons by 160 to accurately determine the amount of ounces in an imperial (UK) gallons.

Do you understand that? Okay, let’s see one example for more understanding.

For instance, you are to convert 6 gallons to ounces. You are to:

  • Multiply 6 by 128 to convert six fluid gallons to ounces
  • Multiply 6 by 148.94 to convert six US dry gallons to ounces
  • Multiply 6 by 160 to convert six imperial gallons to Ounces. We believe you now get the whole conversion idea.

Ounces To Gallon Conversion Table

Below is a detailed and comprehensive Oz to gallon conversion table:

Gallons (US)Gallons (UK)Ounces (US)Ounces (UK)

Difference between ounces and fluid ounces

Many people take ounces and fluid ounces to be the same because of the similarity in the name which is the wrong thing to do. Though they have similar names, there are few differences between both units.

Ounces are used to determine or measure the weight of a dry ingredient like rice, salt, sugar, and flour. They are usually used in measuring the weight of dry ingredients on a scale for perfect and accurate results.

Fluid ounces, on the other hand, are used in measuring the volume of Space consumed by something. They help in determining the volume of a liquid substance like water, oil, liquid milk, etc.

Difference Between Weight and Volume

There are distinct differences between weight and volume. Volume is a measure of the total amount of space occupied by an object while weight is the measurement of an object’s heaviness.

For instance, one cup of salt and a cup of milk both have the same volume but different weights. A cup of salt is heavier than a cup of milk.

Quart To Gallon Conversion

What is a quart

A quart is a unit of liquid capacity that is equivalent to a quarter of a gallon or 32 fluid ounces. It is mostly used in the US and Australia; a container of berries is a good example of a quart.

Interestingly, you need four 8-ounce bottles of water to fill one-quart container. The US quart is made up of 0.946 liters.

Like gallons, there are different three types of quarts, including the imperial quiet (UK version), US dry quart, and US liquid quart. Both the US dry and liquid quarts are deployed in the US customary measurement system.

The British imperial measurement system doesn’t rely only on gallons and quarts; it also deployed other standard measurement units like cups, pints, inches, and feet.

Quart To Gallon Conversion Chart

Below is comprehensive quart to gallon conversion table chart:


Importance of Quarts and Gallons

Quarts and gallons are important as they are widely accepted as measurements for selling diverse fluids in many countries. Petrol is dispensed in Gallons while milk is sold in either gallons or quartz containers.

Pints are used when someone desires to purchase a small amount of liquid content such as a pint of juice. Likewise, you can use these measuring units for your cooking ingredients for more accuracy.

We advise you to measure liquid in Pints, Fluid ounces, cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons for convenience and accuracy. Meanwhile, check the table below to know how to convert a measuring rate to another:

Liters And Gallons

A liter is another unit of measurement often used to determine the volume of liquid in the US, UK, and other parts of the world. A liter contains at least four cups (250ml) of water, and a liter of water is equal to 1 kg when measured on a scale.

Liter to Gallon Conversion Table

Below is a conclusive and comprehensive liter to gallons conversion chart

LitersUS Gallon

US Gallons To Liters Conversion Chart

US GallonLiters


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