Is Australia Part Of The UK?

If you’re not familiar with the entire makeup of Europe, you’ll tend to assume that Australia is part of the UK. I mean, you could even assume it’s close to Austria because their names are quite similar. More so, Australia was one of Britain’s colonies.

The relationship history between Australia and the UK, especially Britain, can make anyone start to think that Australia is part of the UK and that’s fine. But the real question is; regardless of the history between these two countries, is Australia part of the UK?Is Australia Part Of The UK?

Whether you’re the proverbial curious cat or someone who just wants to get their facts right so they don’t “step on toes”, we’ve got you covered. We’ll answer all your questions about the relationship (if any) between UK and Australia. Keep reading.


The simple answer to this question is; No, Australia is not part of the UK. The only reason why anyone would get confused as regards Australia is part of the UK or not is because of the history that they share.

We all know that, in the days of old, most of the UK, especially England went on a rampage to colonize most of the world and profited off the natural resources of their colonies. Australia was one of the British colonies.

But it was not part of the UK. In 1931, Australia was declared independent in the year 1931. Fast forward to recent times, Australia is a part of the commonwealth, but voluntarily. They could leave if they wanted to.

And although they ended their relationship with Britain in 1986, the Queen is the head of state in Australia; it is merely a ceremonial position that has no say in how the country runs its governmental affairs.

So, while Australia was one of the British colonies or empires, they were never part of the UK from the onset.

They were just a colony that is not free from the clutches of the Brits as they could decide to cancel the Queen’s position tomorrow via a common vote and put someone of their choice in that position or eliminate the position. Just know that Australia is an independent country.


Although Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of Australia, the country is fully independent. Ever since their independence in 1931, Australia became allies with the United States.

Unlike before where they did everything that Britain did because they were under the British Empire. For example, when Britain went to war in World War 2, Australia and other countries that were part of the British Empire went to war too.

But all that has changed since Australia became independent and cut ties with Britain. Nevertheless, Australia didn’t entirely ditch Britain when they decided to no longer be a British Empire.

They adopted the Westminster Minster Parliamentary government just like Britain. More so, they still retained Queen Elizabeth 2 as the head of state.

However, if they no longer want the queen as head of state, they’ll simply do it with a vote while Britain would have no choice but to succumb to Australia’s wish to strip the Queen of her title in the country, especially since they became a nation in 1901. Fun fact: Australia didn’t have to fight for its independence from Britain.


With Australia still running the Westminster Parliamentary system and Queen Elizabeth as their head of state, it is easy to wonder if Australia is considered as part of the UK, especially constitutionally.

I mean, the path they thread governmentally can make you assume that they are an extension of the UK. However, that’s not the case. For starters, Australia has never been a part of the UK. Don’t get it confused but they were part of the British Empire since they were a colony.

Their only tie to the UK is Britain, through colonization. But after the abolition of colonialism and they became independent, Australia ended their ties with the UK constitutionally in 1986 and the Australia act law of 1986 is proof of their severed ties with their colonial master, Britain.

However, like other British colonies retained some of the cultures, and learning that was passed onto them while they were British colonies, Australia retained some of this learning for obvious reasons- it is what they had come to imbibe and lived by during their existence as British colonies.

Frankly, there’s no way to easily ditch some of the British cultures that they had learned and internalized in the blink of an eye. So, if you see some similarities in the Australian culture and the British culture,

it’s not because Australia is a part of (or is considered as a part of Britain), it is mostly because they retained some of the cultures and learning they picked from Britain while they were still British colonies. For more direct response, Australia is not considered as part of the UK-


No, Australia doesn’t pay taxes to England or the Queen. The reason is, while the Queen is Australia’s sovereign, the country doesn’t reach out to the Queen of England for advice or guidance on how to run the affairs of the country.

In other words, the Queen is not involved in the constitution or crucial decision-making processes that dictate the trajectory of Australia as a country.

As earlier stated, the post the Queen holds is merely a ceremonial position. Hence, Australia doesn’t pay taxes to England. While they pay taxes, their taxes are allocated to the development of the country as a whole, not to the Queen. Besides, the Queen has her streams and sources of income and that doesn’t include receiving taxes from Australia.

However, anytime the Queen or members of the British royal family plans to visit Australia or other commonwealth nations, the country would foot the expenses from transportation to lodging, feeding, security, etc. Of course, the government of Australia would most likely fund these kinds of visits from the Queen or Royal family may or may not be sponsored via taxes.


Yes, Australia is a member of the Commonwealth. In fact, they are one of the founding members of the modern Commonwealth. They joined the commonwealth in 1931 but voluntarily. Ever since then, they’ve been an active member and they are also one of the independent countries in the Commonwealth.


According to the records, Australia left the British Empire 3rd of March, 1986. Since they gained independence, they ceased to be part of the British Empire.


Since you made it here, we believe we’ve answered most of your curiosities about the relationship between Australia and Britain.

The fact that it seems like Australia is part of the UK doesn’t justify that they are a member of the UK. Australia is independent of Britain and is allied with the US. Although they retained the Queen as their head of state, she has no say in the matters or affairs of Australia.


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