Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In The Bathtub

So perhaps you need a refreshing bath and wondered if it’s illegal to bring an orange along. The thought of eating an orange in the bathroom might seem quite hilarious and absurd to some people. But do you know it can be illegal? At least that’s what some people say.

Of course, that’s absurd! And yes, you are not the only one who’s heard of this weird law, which many don’t know if it exists or not. You have nothing to worry about, this article details everything you need to know about the legality of eating oranges in the bathtub.

Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In The Bathtub

For anyone reading this for the first time, it would seem ridiculous, but it’s not. Eating an orange in the bathtub has been termed illegal, well only in the United States. And no, it’s not in all states.

While there’s no real siting to any possible recent law, reference is always made to the 1920 law made in California. And rightly so for now, California seems to be the only state where it’s illegal to eat an orange in the bathtub.

The law was made on the possible explosive nature of citric acid mixing with bath oils. But this was thought to be taken out of proportion. But still, it is reasonable enough to be made a law. If it’s enforceable remains a question we don’t currently have an answer to.

Just to be on the safe side, if you stay in California, you shouldn’t eat an orange in the bathtub as this is considered illegal. For your safety and that of others, you should not attempt the trend. If you stay in other states, you are free to try out the trend and see how great it is yourself.Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In The Bathtub

What happens if you eat an orange in the shower?

Scientifically there’s been no proof of what eating oranges in the shower does to the body. Opinions of scientists have been asked on this trend but there’s still no solid conclusion. It is however believed that the heat from a small space aggravates the sweet smell of an orange on the mouth. The concentration of sweet citric molecules intensifies in the mouth.

However other research confirmed that the water from the shower washed off the delightful citric scent, therefore, reducing its impact on the mouth. For many, eating oranges in the shower or bathtub was life-changing but for others, it was nothing special. The sensation only lasted while in the shower.

But still many have argued about how heavenly the experience was. For most, it was refreshing and exciting. Having to get their body sticky and washed at the same time was all fun. And so it was something worth trying. If you want a wonderful time in the shower you can perform the trend and see how it feels yourself.

Do oranges taste better in the shower?

Most people who have eaten oranges in the shower have confirmed how great the experience was. With many positive reviews on the practice, one can only assume it tastes better in the shower or bathtub.

People revealed that the feeling of scouring into an orange that is cold in hot weather is both refreshing and exciting. You also get to worry less about creating a sticky mess as the teeth get a bite of the orange and water from your shower and wash down the juice all over your body.

Medically, it is said to be of high therapeutics cleansing of the body. So next time you want some refreshing and thrilling shower time, you should go in with orange.

Why do people eat oranges in the shower/bath?

Just like other internet crazes, we have seen over the years, eating oranges in the shower started on Reddit. It so happened that a Reddit user Photon_bandits answered a question asked on the platform – “What’s something unconventional everyone should try out?”

The user answers the question by stating that trying an orange in the shower is the most liberating, carnal, and the best thing one can ever experience. Again just like every other internet trend, this also escalated quickly and the next thing you know, there’s a new movement, and people are loving it.

It had about 8,000 Reddit users actively participating in the trend via the ShowerOrange subreddit. Users started posting pictures of their bare feet with orange peels on their bathroom floors. And so, apparently, the trend is still on and people are still loving it and participating. Pictures are still being uploaded and the movement is still on.

In which US state is it illegal to eat an orange in a bathtub?

California is likely the only US state where it Is illegal to eat an orange in a bathtub. It doesn’t stop there, the state has some of the weirdest laws on the food you’d hear about and wonder how they came up with them in the first place.

Eating orange in the bathtub is one weird law in California that people still find ridiculous. But believe me, after my research, I discovered there’s a reason that law is there, well logically there’s got to be a reason. What’s it then? Back in the day, lawmakers solely believe such types of laws were made for the safety of everyone.

Now, oranges contain citric acids and in the 1920s when the law was enacted, it was believed that citric acids mixed with bath oils mixture could be highly explosive. People saw their reason as being reasonable but surely they were taking things too far.

Citric acids mixed with bath oils can cause a little fizzle, but going as far as causing explosives was dramatic. Now taking it back to now. Do such laws still exist? We can’t say for certain if they exist or not.

Is such law enforced today? Certainly not. There’s been no arrest made on people who eat oranges in bathtubs. And fortunately, such laws only exist in California.


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