Is it illegal to hit your child with a wooden spoon

Many parents believe punishing their children is the best way to train them and help them develop respectable and admirable traits.

They often hit their children with wooden spoons, slap them, punch them and make them undergo different activities or punishments that would inflict pain on them.Is it illegal to hit your child with a wooden spoon

Most parents and guardians believe beating or hitting their children will play a significant role in changing their behaviors and turning a new life which is far from the truth.

Though it might seem effective at first, such an approach will end up having grievous adverse effects on the children’s well-being in the long run as they will be physically and psychologically affected if they constantly experience such painful treatments.

Apart from the negative aspects of hitting a child with a wooden spoon, many countries sternly warn parents against exploring such unhealthy strategies when disciplining their kids.

Most countries see such treatments as child abuse and molestation which is a punishable offense; meaning you would be punished if caught in the act.

So, in this article, we will see if it’s illegal to hit a child with a wooden spoon. We will discuss the countries that prohibit hitting a child with a wooden spoon, and the charges or punishment you will serve if found guilty.


Is it illegal to hit your child with a wooden spoon

It is illegal to beat your child with a wooden spoon as it falls under corporal punishments which are illegal in most countries of the world.

Corporal punishments are unlawful in many countries, therefore hitting your child with a wooden spoon, a belt, brush, or any hard substance is a punishable offense. CPS (Child Protective Service) will punish you if you are caught hitting your child with a wooden spoon.

Is being hit with a wooden spoon Abuse?

Yes, hitting a minor with a wooden spoon is child abuse in a country where corporal punishment is illegal. Countries like Georgia, the Republic of Kosovo, Nepal, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea, Colombia, Cape Verde, South Africa, South Sudan, Kenya, Paraguay, Tunisia, and the Benin Republic, Peru, Japan, Seychelles, Guinea, Montenegro, Paraguay, SloveniaIreland, Estonia, Nicaragua, Malta, San Marino, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Honduras, North Macedonia, South Sudan, Albania, Congo, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Republic of Moldova, Portugal, Costa Rica, Togo, Spain, and Poland all rule against corporal punishment. Therefore, you can charge your parents for child abuse if they hit you with a wooden spoon.

Is hitting your child with an object other than your hand illegal?

It depends on the substance you hit on the child. It is believed that hitting your children with a belt, stick, wooden spoon, and other materials that could injure them is illegal and punishable by law if your country prohibits corporal punishment.

Beating a child with substances other than hands is illegal if it creates a mark on the child, even if your country supports corporal punishment.

For instance, The US supports corporal punishment but American parents who beat their children with a wooden spoon or other materials will be penalized if there is any mark, bruise, or cut on the child’s body.

In a nutshell, countries supporting corporal punishment don’t mind how you punish your child as long as there is no bruise or obvious mark on the child; while countries prohibiting corporal punishment frown against using any hard and harmful substances on your children.

Is it illegal to hit a child with a wooden Spoon UK?

Yes, it is illegal to hit a child with a wooden spoon for any reason in the United Kingdom. Hitting a child with a wooden spoon is not part of the ‘reasonable punishments’ clause or condition mentioned in the UK Children Act 2004 (section 58).

Hitting a child in a way that will result in injury, physical pain, bruises, or cuts is illegal in the United Kingdom. Guilty parents will be punished accordingly. Scottish children are advised to call 999 or 101 (police) if their parents beat them with a wooden spoon or smack them hardly.

UK Law on Smacking Your Child, What Does It Say

Smacking a child used to be legal in all the UK countries as long as it falls within the ‘reasonable punishment’ category, but that is in the past because Scotland and Wales no longer regard such law.

The UK Children Act 2004 in England supports smacking a child as long as it won’t lead to bruises, pain, cuts, and other severe discomforts. However, England doesn’t support smacking an under-16 child. Anyone found smacking or hitting a child below 16 will be punished in England.

However, things are different in Scotland and Wales. The Scottish government was the first UK country to ban all forms of physical and corporal punishment. Scottish parents are not allowed to spank their children for any reason regardless of the ‘reasonable punishment’ clause.

The Welsh government followed Scotland’s footsteps by stopping parents from smacking their children. The Wales’ anti corporal punishment law was passed into law a few years ago, but it becomes effective in 2022, meaning Welsh children can sue their parents for smacking offenses.

In summary, England allows smacking a child in a ‘reasonable’ manner while Scotland and Wales frown at such practice. Welsh and Scottish parents will be punished if found smacking their children.

Is it illegal to hit a child with a wooden Spoon US?

Though US law supports corporal punishment like sparking and padding, it doesn’t permit parents to use a wooden spoon on their children in a harsh manner. Hitting your child with a substance capable of causing bruises, cuts, and severe pain is illegal in the US.

Us Law on Smacking Your Child, what does it Say?

The US legalizes smacking a child as long as it doesn’t cause severe discomfort. You can smack your child anywhere if they behave abnormally because the country supports corporal punishment.

American parents are legally backed by law to spank their children if they believe it is the best way to help them develop impressive attitudes. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you should smack your children harder than normal. Apply wisdom while punishing your children so you won’t end up treating wounds and injuries.

Why do parents punish their children?

Parents punish their children for doing something wrong and for behaving unruly. They punish their children as part of their desire to help them develop impressive and good attitudes. Parents also punish their children as a way of telling them to desist from bad behavior that might affect their future.

Is corporal punishment legal in the US?

Yes, corporal punishment is legal in all 50 US states. The US law allows parents to smack, spank, or hit their children without leaving bruises, marks, or any obvious cuts on their bodies.

Is corporal punishment legal in the UK?

No, UK law doesn’t permit corporal punishments. It frowns at spanking, smacking, and other forms of pain-inflicting punishments. British parents found spanking or hitting their children will be punished accordingly.


As much as hitting your child with a wooden spoon can produce a good short-term result, it is not the best way to train your child as it may lead to discomfort and psychological stress. Therefore, we advise you to find a better way to help your child develop good behavior.

Advise them, and show them how to develop a good attitude by being a good role model. Don’t just tell your child what to do, lead by example because your children are liable to copy your actions.


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