Is it illegal to make a prank call to Dominos?

Domino’s is doubtless one of the world’s largest suppliers of Pizza, with more than 9700 locations worldwide. Their worldwide popularity among many people can make anyone prank call them.

But first, if you are hearing the word “prank call” for the first time, it is simply a prank done over a telephone call with the caller disguising their voice to make it sound like somebody else with the aim of tricking unsuspecting victims into doing what they desire.Is it illegal to make a prank call to Dominos?

Anyone can do prank calls in Domino in several different ways. Many people are developing new ideas and several different methods each day by which they can be successful in a Domino prank.

However, the fact is that in many countries, like the US, Canada, and several others, a prank is regarded as a severe offense, and it has various consequences and punishments attached to it.

A domino prank call is illegal in many countries and can even get an individual arrested and into many dangers.


Can Dominos track your number?

Making a prank call can be very risky for anyone if proper care is not taken before making the prank call, the company can easily track your number.

You shouldn’t expect anything less in an established company like Domino. They have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that uses callers’ phone numbers to keep track of them to minimize prank calls.

Aside from that, the chances of pranking Domino’s are very slim because specific procedures are put in place to minimize such occurrences.

Most of the orders they quickly attend to are from customers they have repeatedly rendered their services. New customers will have their orders verified, while large orders are verified too.

Through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, they have various means of verifying that those ordering their services are not making a prank call on them. They often go as far as coming to your location to confirm the order.

Can Dominos forward your prank call to the police?

Yes, Domino can forward your prank call to the police, and you can get charged for it. But that’s not always the case, and they rarely do that except for some exceptional cases.

Imagine making a prank about ordering a $10000 worth of Pizza for your company? You know that the company won’t accept such occurrences and that can lead them to involving the police.

However, they have a way of spotting prank calls and fake orders, and if they do, such numbers will be blocklisted.

Do police take prank calls seriously?

If your call is being forwarded to the police, you will likely serve the prank’s due punishment. Police officials usually take prank offenses seriously.

Some of the punishments for making a prank call include imprisonment of over a year, a thousand dollars fine, and many others.

Is a prank called harassment?

One of the criminal laws that are often applied to pranking is harassment. There is a little difference between a prank call and embarrassing prank call that brings harassment to an unsuspecting victim.

For example, as a male, it may not be lawful to ask a lady out or say some dirty words to her in the name of a prank.

Everyone will have different reactions to it. Some may take it seriously, and we never can tell what level of harassment they will feel hearing that it was just a prank.

While some who may not be serious about it may feel polluted on hearing it and may also feel harassed.

In a nutshell, prank calls are illegal and can attract severe punishment for individuals going against the law.

Can a prank call get you arrested?

Yes, pranks can get you arrested for several reasons aside from just harassment.

Here’s a look at a few ways your prank calls could potentially get you arrested.

Disorderly conduct

Everyone has different definitions of different things, the way another sees a thing might be the opposite of the other.

As the famous saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Disorderly conduct for some states includes using abusive words or any words capable of arousing anger or any obnoxious feeling in an individual.

The prank can be regarded as disorderly conduct, and you can be arrested for it. It is synonymous with harassment. Typically the call needs to be more severe than just a regular joke.

Hate crimes

Another form in which prank is exhibited is in hate crimes. Take, for instance, calling someone and all in the name of a prank; you are trying to use an accent that mocks their religion, race, national origin, etc.

So many individuals have been killed just because they tried mimicking a religious figure; it may be a joke for them when doing so but may not be considered as one by others. Such a prank can be regarded as a hate crime and can put one behind bars.

Pranks in the form of hate crimes have severe punishment attached to them, and one of the commonest punishments is being arrested.


Most people are fond of recording phone conversations, chats, or videoing other people without their consent. Doing so in many states is illegal, but still, most people find themselves doing it.

There have been cases where people record voice conversations, chats, or videos to make a joke out of it and share it with their friends and the public without the other party’s consent.

If you are doing so, you need to be aware that what you are doing constitutes a serious crime punishable by imprisonment.

Such pranks are highly prohibited in many states, and the consequences for doing so are also severe.

However, if your prank has resulted in criminal charges, it is advisable to get an experienced criminal defense attorney and explain everything to him.

However, the best way anyone can be free from such charges is to abstain from dumb jokes, especially those that are extreme and can lead to severe consequences.

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