Is It Illegal To Pick California Poppies?

Hello, it’s nice having you here again! Being on this page means you are looking for information about the popular California poppy. Luckily, this article contains everything you should know about the flower.

In this post, we will see what the California poppy is all about, its features and importance, what the law says about picking the California poppy, and other important details. So, let’s get down to business without wasting much time.Is It Illegal To Pick California Poppies?

What Is California Poppies

California poppies are beautiful flowers that grow wild in many US cities and towns. The 12 to 18 inches tall flowers are mostly found in Washington, Baja, while they are sparingly seen in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and the Sonoran Desert.

Many American citizens prefer to call the California poppy the ‘state flower of California’ because it is mostly seen in the highly-rated US city.

Is It Illegal To Pick California Poppies

We were made to believe that the US government prohibits citizens from picking California poppies, but that isn’t true. There is no specific law stopping you from picking the California poppy if you are the rightful owner.

Though citizens will be punished for picking California poppies on state properties, you can pick the flower if they aren’t on government properties and they belong to you.

This means it is illegal to pick California poppies in US schools, Park, a median, or outside a courthouse. You should be ready to pay nothing less than $1000 (as fine) if caught picking California poppies or any other flowers in any of the aforementioned places or locations.

Can You Pick Wild Poppies In California?

Yes, you can pick wild poppies in California if they are not located on government properties. You can also pick them if you are the rightful owner.

Don’t pick someone else’s California poppy without permission as you would be charged for trespassing or petty theft.

What Is The Penalty For Picking A California Poppy?

As mentioned above, you might be asked to pay at least $1K for stepping on government properties or taking what doesn’t belong to you. In other words, you could be fined for a misdemeanor crime that often attracts close to $1,000.

However, the penalty above is only meant for people who pick California poppies on government properties or who invade other people’s vineyards or farms without prior notice.

What Is The Fine For Picking A California Poppy

There is no legal fine for anyone who picks the California poppies on their properties as there is no law forbidding such action.

However, you could be punished for a misdemeanor crime if you are caught stepping on government property to pick the California poppies unlawfully. You would be charged to pay up to $1,000

Is It Illegal To Pick Flowers On The Side

It depends on the law guiding a particular state and the wildflowers in particular. For instance, the Texas Department of Public Safety permits the people to pick flowers in the public but strictly warns against removing plants.

You can’t pick plants on private property in Texas, but you can pick public wildflowers, even if it’s the state’s official flower — Texas Bluebonnet.

Meanwhile, some areas are secluded for only wildflowers. They are often referred to as wildfire areas, meaning people are prohibited from picking flowers from such grounds.

Picking flowers from the designated wildflower areas in California, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Colorado is punishable by law and it could attract not less than a $1k fine.

What Flowers Are Illegal To Pick

Each country has a set of rules guiding the people and determining the flowers they can pick without invoking the government’s wrath and sanction.

You can’t uproot or pick Wild plants from any local park in the United States. Likewise, you can’t pick any flower in council parks or roundabouts or verges.

Flowers cultivated by a particular organization and nature reserves agency are completely out of bounds for anyone.

The Dominic Price of wild Plant Protection Charity Plantlife claims that it’s safe to pick fruit, foliage, fungi, or flowers if are growing wild and intend to use them for personal purposes.

Meanwhile, the wildflowers illegal to pick in the UK include wild gladiolus, specific types of orchids, fen violets, and sea knotgrass because they are scarce.

It’s equally illegal to pick bluebells or tree lungwort in the UK if you intend to sell or advertise them for personal profit. You will be fined or jailed if found guilty of such an offense.

What Are The Importance Of California Poppy

In case you are asking “What is the importance of the California poppy or what is the California poppy good for?” We are glad to let you know that the California poppy is used as a cure for Aches, nervous agitation, and other mild pains.

California poppy also served as medicine for insomnia due to it contains calming and sedative properties. It also serves some ornamental purposes by adding more beauty to landscapes across the country.

Five Fun Facts About California Poppies

The most impressive fun facts about California poppies include the following:

  1. The California poppy is 12 to 18 inches tall, featuring a vivid orange bloom, light blue-green leaves, and small tapered buds.
  2. The poppy flower is often closed in cold weather or at night.
  3. They are short-lived flowers
  4. American rates the flower so much that they dedicate April 6 as California poppy day.
  5. It officially became the state’s flower on March 2nd, 1906.


Though picking wildflowers isn’t prohibited in almost all American cities, it’s important you know the rules and regulations guiding your state and city before cutting or picking any flower.


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