Is it illegal to prank call Pizza Hut ?

Prank calls can be very exciting to put up, especially if the victim plays along. Prank calls are mostly common among kids and less busy teenagers who seek fun at the expense of other people’s time.

In as much as it could be fun, prank calls can equally raise damages to certain people and properties. Researches proves that most perpetrators of prank calls are mostly kids within the ages of 11-15,hence, they stand less chance of knowing the consequences of their actions.Prank pizza hut

This article features several details about prank calls , answers to questions and its consequences. Sit back and educate yourself as you enjoy the article.


Is it illegal to prank call Pizza Hut ?

This depends on the intent of the prank call that was done against Pizza Hut. Pranking pizza hut might not appear illegal if the prank is harmless of which a 14 year old hitting pizza hut hotline just to spill trash could be a perfect example.

Such act can’t be considered illegal but should clearly attract chastisement to the perpetrator. However, some pranksters might order a meal from Pizza Hut and have it delivered to a different person with a ‘’pay on delivery ‘’ condition, Now, such act can be considered illegal as the company would run a loss of the cost of the pizza ordered. Prank calls can be viewed as illegal if they involve damages or loss.

Can you go to jail for prank-calling?

Yes, you could be sued and jailed for illegal prank calls which are threats to humans. In April, BBC reported a story of a fast-food restaurants in America who were smashed up by their own employees(tricked into causing damages by a team of pranksters).

At the beginning of April, it was said that a footage surfaced online showing the employees of a restaurant in Minnesota, smashing the windows of the restaurant.

It was reported that the employees testified that they were instructed to break the windows by someone who posed as an official from the fire department as the caller warned them to do so as a glass leak would cause the building to explode.

Those windows smashed in the incident cost over a thousand dollars which was destroyed in the cause of a prank call and such act could actually send the perpetrator to jail. Prank calls could equally involve loss of lives which would definitely send someone to jail, hence, threatening calls should be avoided at all costs.

Can Pizza Hut track your number?

Yes, if they are interested in getting the perpetrators of such acts, they could easily reach out to the police and gladly hand over your phone number for investigation.

Moreover, companies such as McDonalds possesses a software on their PC which records numbers that contacted them previously and display them when such contact calls again, trust me such software won’t make it hectic to provide information regarding your contact and handing them over the police.

It is advisable to stay away from prank calls to companies as they could land you in trouble.

Can Pizza Hut forward your prank call to the police?

Yes they can, if they wish to. Pizza Hut could suddenly get tired of your mischief and decide to give you away by contacting the police.

In cases of prank calls which could cause damage to the company or its employees, the company won’t hesitate to report such act to the police. It was reported that companies in the US have suffered damages to prank calls which led to the loss of good amount of money.

Is prank call an harassment?

Imagine receiving over 20 missed calls from a hidden number and when you finally decide to answer the call, all you get in return is hurtful words and abuses , isn’t that enough harassment? Prank calls are harassment as they feature verbal abuse to its victims.

Most prank calls don’t appear reasonable to the victim as they are either aimed at harassing the victim verbally or delivering hate speech to the ears of the victim, not to mention damages it might cause in the process.

Most individuals out there are busy with their lives, probably trying to figure out certain solutions to their problems and trust me, prank calls are the last thing they would want to receive. Prank calls are harassment and shouldn’t be carried out.

Can someone be arrested for a prank call?

Yes, an individual could be arrested for making a prank call which can cause a potential damage. Prank calls could lead to the destruction of properties and loss of money, so being involved in such level of mischief could get you arrested, sued and fined or sent to prison which depends on the level of damage made.

Ways by which prank calls can get you arrested

There are several ways by which prank calls could get you arrested as you could attract un-intended consequences. Below are ways which prank calls could get you arrested.

  • Prank calls which could lead to damage of lives and loss of money could get you arrested if you are caught.
  • Pranks calls which involves the victim’s life being threatened without a cause could get the perpetrator arrested.
  • Prank calls which are made to spread fake news and hate speech among individuals could get the perpetrators arrested.

The listed conditions above could get anyone arrested if they are caught in such act. individuals are advised to stay away from prank calls as they could be harmful.

How to stay away from prank calls?

Getting yourself pre-occupied with productive activities is a great way of staying away from prank calls as you won’t be granted the opportunity to pick up a mobile phone with the intent to make a fool out of someone.

Furthermore, understanding the consequences of prank calls on its victims is another way to keep you away from hurting others.

Final Words

Prank calls could be fun to carry out, however, there could be damages and consequences attached to it. It is highly advisable to stay away from harmful prank calls so as to stay out of trouble.


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