Is It Legal To Own A Monkey In Texas? 2023

Monkeys are considered fun animals, capable of creating a sense of humor around people . people seeking to own a pet monkey should understand that there are several laws guiding exotic animals and it’s ownership, Therefore, such measure should be considered when purchasing one.

Over the years, monkeys aren’t known to be kept as pets in the US as over 19 States in the US banned its citizens from owning monkeys.Is It Legal To Own A Monkey In Texas?

Many people in Texas wish to own monkeys which led to enquires about monkeys from individuals. The article talks about lawful possession of exotic pets and how to go about acquiring one.


Is it legal to own a monkey in Texas?

Purchasing a monkey in Texas with the intent of keeping it as a pet is considered a legal act in Texas. Texas permits it citizens to have lawful possession of exotic pets which makes it a rare act in the US. However, should an individual seek the possession of monkey as a pet, certain processes needs to be considered.

What do you need to own a pet monkey in Texas?

Now here’s a great question! The commission for international trade in endangered species (CITES) Moderates the trade of some rare pets around the globe which is done to prevent any form of threat to their survival and ecological damage.

Individuals willing to keep pet monkeys in Texas are advised to visit USDA branches around their community to acquire permit for keeping or breeding such pets. However, in some cases, the pet owners may be required to posses or be an average income earner to keep up with the costs of keeping an exotic animal.

Basically, the only thing you will be needing to possess an exotic pet in Texas legally is a license issued by the USDA.

How to get a permit to own a pet in Texas

People seeking to acquire such permits are expected to visit USDA offices around them or simply visit their website online to acquire a permit.

You should sign up for a private ownership of the pet during registration for licensing. Licenses can equally be acquired from the Texas county sheriffs around you after you must have proven to handle the pet with absolute care effortlessly.

Acquiring a non-game license costs $19 for a Texas resident while non-Texas residents are required to pay $63.

How much is an exotic animal pet in Texas?

Since they are referred to as exotic species, they are endangered and rare to find. Exotic animals are being sold at high prices.

An exotic pet could cost over $1000-$15000. Pet monkeys could be priced at $5000(prices may vary with time). A panther could be priced at $2000.

These pets could be termed expensive as they are exotic and rare and are meant to be handed over to capable hands for proper care. Anybody who wishes to purchase an exotic pet is highly advisable to have a friendly budget as well as provision for its care and treatment.

Furthermore, treatment of ill exotic pets can be expensive in some regions.

Are monkeys good pets?

Monkeys can’t be considered good pets, however, this totally depends on why you want them. Monkeys are dangerous to keep of which most persons think otherwise. Monkeys are created to live and survive in wild areas which makes them inappropriate to keep as pets.

Moreover, monkeys are known to litter their environment unlike dogs or cats that are considered rational.

Furthermore, some monkeys are dangerous and once they attack, the victim could sustain infected injuries. Nonetheless, individuals seeking to keep monkey pets overlook such cons, believing they could be handled through application of safety measures.

Do monkeys smell bad?

Yes they do.

Monkeys emits a strong odor from their bodies which is a huge turn-off to most individuals and people willing to endure such could easily keep them around.

Monkeys secrete some kind of chemical which contributes to their bad smell, it is equally believed that most monkeys stain their bodies with their urine and waste which equally contributes to their bad smell.

No offense but monkeys are known to smell bad as it is associated with the environment they cohabit in.

What is the easiest monkey to have as pets?

Callitrichidae is a perfect monkey specie which anyone in Texas can acquire. Callitrichidae are easier to handle, keep and less dangerous to train as pets.

Furthermore, finger monkeys are legal to own as well as capuchins or gibbons. Individuals willing to own such exotic pets should understand the risks attached to them as well as acquiring the necessary license for legal possession.

What pet monkeys are legal in Texas?

Notwithstanding the fact that monkeys are permitted in Texas, there are species which are sold and common among people keeping monkeys in Texas which is known to be the callitrichidae also known as the Hapalidae which are a family of the new world monkeys.

This particular specie was traditionally thought to be primitive from which all longer species evolved. All callitrichidae are arboreal with a notable small body structure.

Callitrichidae are permitted by the government in all regions in Texas as they are approved and not known to be dangerous. However before purchasing a callitrichidae, you have to look up the laws in your areas guiding exotic animal as the law may change from time to time.

Can you own a baby monkey in Texas?

The baby callitrichidae is an admirable monkey and pets lovers would wish to have it in their collection which leaves them to ask questions such as’’ can you own a baby monkey in Texas?

Yes you can, provided your country is not among the states which its citizens are restricted from acquiring monkeys. A baby callitrichidae is legal in Texas provided you go through the required process of acquiring one legally.

However, with time, laws guiding exotic animals could change. Any authorized individual could own a baby monkey in Texas.

Where can I buy a monkey in Texas?

Purchasing a monkey in Texas is not a hectic task as some people do think, it just requires you looking up the locations of legal pet stores in your neighborhood to avoid getting yourself into some kind of unwanted trouble.

It is highly advisable to visit stores such as Exotic tropical Pet-world pet supply store which is located at McAllen, Texas, United States. Janda Exotics animal ranch is another store you could visit when seeking to purchase exotic pets. Janda exotic animal ranch is located at Kingsbury, Texas, United States.

Individuals seeking to purchase exotic pets online could check out the websites listed below.

Note :Study any store you visit to ensure they are certified before proceeding to placing orders.

How much is a pet monkey in Texas?

In as much as pet monkeys are seen as illegal and disgusting, they can be quite expensive to acquire. A monkey could cost between $2500-$6000

What is the most common pet monkey?

Callitrichidae are the most common pet monkeys in Texas due to the laws guiding exotic animals in Texas. These set of monkeys are considered common around the world especially in Texas.

What exactly is a callitrichidae?

A callitrichidae is a family of new world monkeys which includes marmosets and tamarins. It can be classified as mammals under the order of primates.

Callitrichidae typically live in small terrestrial groups of about five or six animals. They are regarded as the only primate group that regularly produce twins which constitute over 80% of births in their species that was studied.

The specie was traditionally thought to be a primate lineage from which all others evolved. Moreover, some reports believe that callitrichidae are actually a dwarfed lineage.

Safety tips for keeping exotic pets

If you insist on keeping an exotic pet to yourself, then you should be aware of some safety tips to apply if you eventually posses one. Below are safety measures pointed out to assist you in keeping an exotic pet.

  • Mammal pets need to be sheltered in a cool and dry regulated temperature. Hence, you should keep your pets in a safe and comfortable cage.
  • Knowing the perfect diet for your pet is another safety measure to consider if you decide to keep a safety pet. A 2005 report claimed that a young monkey died after it was fed some digestive biscuits. Feeding your pets with the recommended food is a great safety measure.
  • Avoid exposing your pets to house plants or lawn grasses as such grasses are treated with toxic chemicals which poses as a great threat to your pets.
  • Keep your pets away from electric wires as they could electrocute them once they come in contact.

The listed measures above are to be adopted if you decide to eventually keep an exotic pet. Besides, consulting a vertinary doctor is another great way to learn more safety tips for your pets.

Final Words

Keeping exotic pets could appear brave and fun, however, keeping them without being authorized could be dangerous. Individuals seeking to purchase exotic pets are advised to adhere to the tips outlined in this article as they are helpful.


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