Is it Okay to Burn a Mattress? All Explained

To put it straight, it’s not alright to burn a mattress. Aside from the emotions, we attach to our beds, burning a mattress also endangers the environment. Everyone requires a good night’s sleep to function efficiently during the day. A comfortable mattress will give you one.

Mattresses provide us with the comfort we yearn for after our daily activities when tiredness has crept unto us. Because of the soothing relief mattress offers, it becomes a part of us.

You probably need to change your old mattress for a new one. Aging either on your part, or that of the mattress may require you to change them. Even health-related issues or anything else could be your reason.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to change your old mattress, it’s your duty to find safe and recommended ways to dispose of your old beddings.

If you read through, I’ll show you appropriate ways to do away with your old mattress.


How Do You Destroy A Mattress

Even before buying your mattress, consider the possibility of having to change them in the future. And when you’ve thought about having to change at some point, you’ll start to think of how you can get rid of them.

But your alternatives for getting rid of a bed shouldn’t include flipping them by the roadside, in the bottom of a lake, or even burning them. Before you go ahead to destroy your mattress, it is crucial to consider more acceptable options. Consider either of these:

  • Donating them: Charities, shelters, and churches can take your unwanted mattress off your hands. Donating them will make a mattress available for those in need, and help you safely dispose of your old stuff.
  • Selling off your old mattress: You probably aren’t changing them because they’re no longer usable. Selling them on online marketplaces, or even at a local store would be a better alternative.
  • Retailers: Most retailers offer to take the old mattress off your hands for a small fee or for nothing, provided you purchase the new one from them.
  • Take them to your local council: Drive up to your local council or local amenity center and drop them off there for others who may need them.
  • Use of a specialized waste collection: It’s the most convenient, as well as the fastest way of getting rid of your mattress.
  • Use recyclers: These are facilities that can break mattresses into recyclable components.

Now you know some options available to you if you want to change your mattress. But what you choose depends on you.

What Is the Best Way To Get Rid of An Old Mattress

The best way of mattress disposal should be an environmentally responsible and eco-friendly method.

And even if you’re uncomfortable with any of the options I’ve listed above, you can try your friends and family. Take pictures of the mattress you intend to change and send them to people you care about. You may be surprised one of them may need it.

Alternatively, use the services of a professional mattress removal company. Such establishments can save you the headache of looking for how to dispose of your beddings, and they often come cheap or for free.

These companies are easy to use and fast. They often offer to pick the mattress from your home. And you’ll be sure they’re using eco-friendly disposal methods such as recycling or donation.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Rid Of A Mattress

One of the cheapest ways to get rid of a mattress is by checking with the local trash collection service. In some areas, trash collection service removes beds weekly or on specified pick-up days.

You need to reach out to your town’s recycling and trash service to arrange how they can help dispose of your old mattress. For some of them, they’ll come to take the mattress at no cost to you.

Can I Throw Away My Mattress?

Can you simply dump your old mattress with the rest of your waste in front of your home? The answer is” you can’t.” If you leave it there, you’re directly harming the environment. And not just that, some unwanted pests could hide there, and then get into your home.

If you need to throw away your mattress, try to throw it into the hands of people who need it.

Provided the Mattress is still in good condition, donating it to non-profit organizations will ensure that it lands in possession of people who need it. Even when you feel no one could use it, ensure you get rid of it appropriately.

Those bad mattresses could be used to produce animal beddings or even other useful home cleaning materials. If you randomly dump them somewhere, no one would make use of them again.

Where Can I Dispose Of My Mattress?

When a mattress is shipped from the store, they often have arrangements to pick up the old mattress on delivery. You can as well choose to take it yourself to a local landfill. Although hiring a company saves time and energy.

Before deciding on a pick-up service, you must check your city’s mattress regulations to ensure the process is done correctly. It’s essential to have a pick-up appointment at least two days in advance, so you can ensure you have sufficient time to get things ready.

Always fix a time that’s convenient for you with the company coming to take your old mattress. And even though each pick-up service will have a team that can handle the size and weight of your mattress, make it easy for them. Clear the path to your old beddings even before their arrival.

Getting rid of an old mattress may seem like a lot, but working with experts makes the entire process seamless. Let the experts come to handle it, while you do the supervision.

Can You Take A Mattress To The Dump?

Yes, you can discard your old mattress. But before getting rid of them, here are three things you should consider:

A mattress removal company at work

Check the Warranty of the Mattress

Does a warranty still cover the mattress? Many manufacturers allow anywhere between five to ten years. If your old mattress is still covered by warranty, the manufacturer may still be able to take it back.

Who knows, maybe the manufacturer even has an option of evacuating the mattress when it’s old and no longer covered by warranty. You can only find out the options available to you when you check.

What’s Your State’s Policy?

California, for instance, has mattress recycling laws. The state mandates manufacturers and distributors to provide you with a reliable option on how to get rid of old mattresses.

Do you reside in Los Gatos? You could be fined for irresponsible trash disposal if you drop off your old mattress with the rest of your trash at the dump stand.

If you don’t want to get yourself into trouble, check the laws in the state where you reside before deciding on how to get rid of your old mattress.

Consider the Condition of the Mattress

Is your Mattress worn out? Can it still be used by anyone? Maybe you can give it to someone who needs it. But if you think the beddings can no longer be used, recycling becomes the next viable option. Simply dumping them off at the dump stand shouldn’t be in your mind.

Disposing Mattress in the dump is not eco-friendly. Even where there are no prevailing laws, throwing mattresses into dumbs can cause a lot of harm to the environment and other members of society.

Who Will Take Old Mattress?

Most non-governmental organizations and individuals will be more than happy to take your old mattress away from you. Organizations like The Salvation Army and Goodwill carry used mattresses from individuals and put them into good use.

Homeless shelters and churches are other good places that will take your old mattresses. And even if you’re having difficulties finding the right

Also, some states or countries may operate a mattress recycling program. Recycling companies and establishments will take your old mattress from you.

And with collection companies, you have nothing to worry about how the mattress is negatively impacting the environment.

Some rescue centers also welcome them as beds for their rescue animals. Even with some visible staining, local rescue centers can still take used mattresses for free or sometimes, with small transportation costs.

A shelter for the homeless can take your old mattress

Your Take Away

So you have an old mattress, and probably thinking about how best to discard them? You have numerous options available. But burning your old mattress isn’t a healthy alternative. Burning them is harmful to the environment.

You may be surprised to know there’re people desperately searching for that mattress you want to burn. If you’ll be kind enough to hand them over to such people, you’ll be doing them, and the environment a great favor.

Even if you have a hard time finding who to hand your old mattress to, then search. Your state laws or even the company you bought the mattress from may have a recycling policy.

If you find such policies, then take advantage. You may even have the old mattress taken away from you at no cost to you.


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