Is It worth Starting An OnlyFans in 2022?

OnlyFans is one of the world’s fastest-growing online platforms. Aside from hosting content on the platform, many OnlyFans creators have been able to earn a living from it and make a career for themselves through the platform.OnlyFans

However, the OnlyFans platform has some downsides, but it is left to the user to decide which one to go with.

This post will explore truths about OnlyFans, how to earn from it, and many more.

Is it worth starting an OnlyFans now?

Creating an OnlyFans account will depend on the choice of the user. If you are looking for an opportunity to host your content videos and make earnings from it, then creating an OnlyFans account will be worth it. As a content creator in OnlyFans, you can make lucrative earnings from the platform by selling your content and getting more subscribers.

Creating an OnlyFans account is easy to start with if you intend to look for an online platform that can fetch you extra cash.

Also, the contents produced in OnlyFans are relatively short. They do not necessarily involve long hours (but you must ensure your content is unique and exciting to keep up with your subscribers and fan base).

The platform also allows creators to set the price for their content which allows you to control the amount you make for each content.

However, it is also important to note that as a beginner content creator joining OnlyFans, there may be little chance of becoming very popular on the platform because of the emergence of celebrities trooping into the platform. More so, you can only receive payment once every three weeks, and many fans will want to demand explicit content from you, as that is one of the primary reasons most people use the platform.

In general, it is left for the individual who wants to create an account to decide if it is worth opening. I feel that it is worth opening an OnlyFans account if you are looking to sell your video content online.

Can OnlyFans be a career?

There are different reasons people consider when choosing a career for themselves. Some include interest and passion, skills and talents, salary, etc. However, people choose a career to earn a living and be financially stable. OnlyFans can be a career for you. It is a good platform for creators to earn a substantial income online because OnlyFans gives content creators a whopping 80% of all earned subscriptions.

Also, you can expand your fan base through the platform and influence your followers if your main reason for choosing a career is for societal impact and influence.

In a nutshell, OnlyFans can be a career for you.

How much can you make on OnlyFans?

There is no exact value to how much you can make on OnlyFans. The amount you make on OnlyFans is dependent on some factors. For example, you will likely make more money on the platform if you have more followers.

You are also likely to make more money on OnlyFans if you create posts that post NSFW content and are consistent on the platform. The amount people make on the platform varies. Some make over $2 million yearly, while others make that monthly.

How much do OnlyFans beginners make?

A beginner has no limit to how much he can make on OnlyFans. It depends on the number of followers he can attract .

In some cases, people get more than a hundred thousand followers within a day. However, the price a beginner makes from the platform varies. On average most beginners make less than $145 monthly. A significant reason for this poor turnout is because of lack of fans and subscribers.

How much does an average person make on OnlyFans?

According to a stat, an average person makes about $185 monthly on the OnlyFans platform. It is calculated that the median account should earn about $180 every month, implying that an average person should be making an amount within that range.

How much does OnlyFans take?

OnlyFans provides a space for paywalled content, enabling creators to post relevant content for their followers to view only when they have subscribed to the content creator.

OnlyFans take a 20% cut from every money the creator earns on each content, while the remaining 80% goes to the creator

How can I get noticed on OnlyFans?

For beginners joining OnlyFans as content creators, the major challenge they have had is how to get noticed on the platform and get more followers and subscribers to themselves.

There are different ways you can get noticed on OnlyFans; it depends on how you can promote your OnlyFans account and get more people to become your followers.

You can get more OnlyFans followers from social media accounts. You can promote your OnlyFans account and get noticed on OnlyFans through your social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, among others.

You can also get noticed on the OnlyFans platform by collaborating with other OnlyFans’ content creators to host content. Another way you can get noticed on OnlyFans is through a promotional discount to new and expired subscribers.

What type of content is the most popular on OnlyFans?

As a content creator on OnlyFans, you can host content of different niches such as writing, stunting, singing, dancing, and several others.

OnlyFans has limited restrictions on the content creators can upload for their fans to view. So, online adult workers and adult stars have taken that to their advantage.

Since the pandemic, OnlyFans has been saturated with adult rated content and other NSFW content. The most popular content you can find on the OnlyFans platform is explicit content and other content synonymous to it.


OnlyFans is worth starting if you want a side hustle. Many only fan users have been earning lucratively from the platform, and some have taken up a career. Starting up an OnlyFans account is worth starting .

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