What Is Joe Bidens IQ?

Joe Biden’s IQ Level

Joe Biden is the current president of the United States of America; he officially became the 46th US president on January 20, 2021 after defeating his immediate predecessor Donald Trump.

Being the world’s greatest president, everyone expects him to have a high IQ to run the country’s affair in ways that will facilitate massive growth and development. What Is Joe Bidens IQ?

However, his decision-making skills and the results achieved so far haven’t been too impressive; thereby making many Americans doubt his ability to deliver. Some question his IQ level, while others search “Joe Biden’s intellectual capacity” on Google to have a glimpse of his intellectual prowess.

As much as we might be unable to specifically rate Biden’s IQ, this article will provide everything we know about Biden’s IQ, intellectual capacity, and his ability to lead the country to a better height and value.

But before we dive into Joe Biden’s IQ score, it’s important you know a few things about IQ and how to know someone’s IQ.


What Is IQ

IQ simply means Intellectual Quotient, which means someone’s reasoning or intelligence capacity. In other words, IQ is the system deployed to measure someone’s intellectual prowess or reasoning capacity. It is expressed in numerical terms.

How To Know Someone’s IQ

The most effective and common way to determine someone’s IQ involves IQ tests, also known as intelligence tests. Many IQ tests can help you determine someone’s IQ, depending on their mental and chronological age.

These include the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, Mensa IQ Test, puzzle games, etc. The tests will test your numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, spatial and verbal intelligence, etc.

All modern-day IQ tests feature 100 as the average score and 15 as the standard deviation score. This means you must score at least 100 to be in the group of people with a high IQ or high intelligence level.

You are profoundly gifted and highly intelligent if you score over 145. People with 130 – 140 IQ scores are moderately gifted, while those who score between 111 and 120 are slightly above average.

People in the 1-24 score range have a profound mental disability. This set of people needs intensive mental health care and activities to boost their mental strength. Having known a few things about an IQ, let’s see what Joe Biden IQ looks like.

What Is Joe Bidens IQ?

You must know that Joe Biden’s IQ doesn’t have a specific IQ score or grade because he hasn’t participated in any IQ test. Though some media outlets and sources claimed the president had a very high IQ score, their suggestions appeared to be false as there are no documents or verifiable evidence to back up their claim.

Nonetheless, we opined the president should have nothing less than a 90 IQ score considering his comments during the intense covid-19 period.

Is Joe Biden  IQ Low?

As mentioned earlier, most people believe Joe Biden has a very low IQ due to his poor academic performance during his school days.

He plagiarized five pages of an essay in school as he was reportedly not smart enough to create captivating content. He is not an intelligent individual.

One can equally question his decision-making ability as he lied about his grades and position in college. He claimed to be one of the top three students which turned out to be false as he was actually among the last six students in the class.

As a public figure vying for such a renowned and highly-reputable position, Biden should have known that his credentials and academic history would be opposition and media’s prime target. Hence, the decision to make such a false declaration about his academic qualifications shows how goofy he could be.

Nonetheless, we can’t completely say president Joe Biden has a low IQ because academic performance doesn’t always justify or determine one’s reasoning capacity.

His position as president requires a high intelligence level and top reasoning capacity; therefore, it is safe to say that Joe Biden doesn’t have a too low IQ.

Final Verdict: His academic record speaks volumes of the fact that Biden isn’t the most intelligent person in the world. However, he is not suffering from a low IQ or dementia as he is still active and smart enough to run the affairs of the country.

Let’s just say Biden’s IQ belongs to the 80-90 category, meaning he is averagely intelligent.

Does Joe Biden Have The Highest IQ?

Though Joe Biden claimed to be one of the best three students in the law school at the University of Delaware, it turned out to be the exact opposite of the truth.

He was one of the worst students in the class occupying the 76th position out of 86 students, which suggested that the president isn’t the brightest or most intelligent you would ever come across.

Joe Biden is far from being the US president with the highest IQ, although he doesn’t have a specific IQ score. Meanwhile, talking about US presidents and their IQ level John Quincy Adams, who governed the country between 1825 and 1829, is the US president with the highest IQ level scoring 168.75.

Thomas Jefferson comes second with a 153.75 IQ score. The highly-rated lawyer was the US third president between 1801 and 1809. John F Kennedy is the next US president with the highest IQ score. He is the third-smartest president in the United States with a 150.65 IQ score.

Bill Clinton (148.80), Woodrow Wilson (145.10), Jimmy Carter (145.10), John Adams (142.50), Theodore Roosevelt (142.2 8), Chester Arthur (141.50), James Garfield (141.50), Barack Obama ( Undisclosed) and Donald Trump (Undisclosed) all occupy a spot in the top 10 US President with highest IQ level.

Has Joe Biden Ever Taken An IQ Test

No. Joe Biden has never taken an IQ test. In an interview with Errol Barnett (a CBS news correspondent) in 2019, he denied taking any cognitive test. According to him, such tests are unnecessary, and he sees no reason participating in any of them.

How Intelligent Is Joe Biden?

According to Gallup’s stats, Joe Biden is 59% intelligent, which isn’t too bad. They praised the president for his smart approach to curb the covid-19 and its adverse effects on the economy throughout his first year in office.

Meanwhile, in a survey disclosed by the same outlet, only 37% of the American population believes in Biden’s leadership qualities; 43% trust his judgment during crises; while 48% of the population sees him as a caring and passionate leader.

Is It True That Joe Biden Finished At The Bottom Of His Law School Class?

As mentioned already, Joe Biden’s claim of being one of the outstanding law students at the University Of Delaware was false and incorrect. Many highly regarded and trusted media outlets nationwide, including WashingtonPost, reported that the president’s academic claim wasn’t accurate.

They further disclosed that the president “graduated 76th out of a law school class of 85.” Biden eventually cleared the air when he told reporters:

“… I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection on this was inaccurate.”

What US President Had The Highest IQ

Based on the moneywise rankings, John Quincy Adams remains the US president with the highest IQ, scoring 168.75 on a cognitive IQ test. The highly diplomatic president became the US sixth president in 1825, spending four years in office.

He is remembered for the relentless role he played in solving the Treaty of Ghent; ending the 1812 war; solve the rising Border issues between the US and Canada.

Who Has The Highest IQ In The United States?

Christopher Michael Langan was regarded as the smartest man in America and the world following his high IQ test score. It is believed that Christopher Michael Langan’s IQ score falls between the 195-210 category, becoming the first American to achieve such an impressive grade.

Born on the 25th of March 1952 in San Francisco, California, Langan attended Reed College in Oregon on a full scholarship program which he won after recording a perfect SAT score in 1995.

He enrolled in the Montana State University–Bozeman but had to drop out due to financial problems. Click here to read more about the Smart 70-year-old who is now a successful Horse rancher.






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