What was the KGB? Why was it so feared ?

Several inquisitive individuals must have definitely come across the word ‘’KGB’’ which instills the image of an undercover secret organization that participates in assassination of high profile figures and espionage as well as a well funded spy organization.

The KGB has been portrayed as a tough organization interested in knowing about enemies, nevertheless, it is more interested in other activities unknown to several people .What was the KGB? Why was it so feared ?

Certain researches has been carried out by individuals concerning the dreaded organization however, such people don’t seem to be satisfied with the results of their researches.

This article features a lot more on the KGB, their origin and operations.

What was the KGB?

The KGB (Komitet Gourdarstvenoy Benzopasnot) in Russia was a Russian organization known for acting as the main security agent for the soviet union. The organization is said to be formed on the 13th day of March in 1954 until it was dissolved in December 3rd 1991.

KGB lasted for 37 years after it succeeded other similar organizations and was known to have been attached to the council of ministers in Russia. It performed several functions which includes it position as the chief agency of the union republican jurisdiction alongside security functions.

It functions as the state security which was highly regarded during its existence.

What exactly was the KGB?

As discussed earlier, the KGB is the main security agency for the soviet union, it was a state committee of union republican jurisdiction organization.

The KGB can be portrayed as an undercover- spy security organization that executed its actions in a clandestine manner. Most individuals view the KGB as a cult which was used to execute secret crimes, however, the KGB was a security agency.

Why was the KGB so feared?

The KGB was described as an organization which involves in secret operations that were hidden from the general public in association with highly trained agents, with expertise in the field of espionage and assassination.

The KGB is viewed as an extremely secretive organization and feared organization which took part in the cold war. Some rumors reveals that the KGB participated in most activities during the cold war.

During its existence the KGB was feared due to the fact that it carried out operations which involves assassination of public figures, illegal purchase of banks, secret coup ‘d’état and deployment of spies to enemy territories.

What is one very scary operation of the KGB?

In its years of existence, the KGB is believed to have carried out series of successful and unsuccessful operations which involves crime. Most operations were unknown to the general public till the organization was nullified.

A notable operation which could be described as frightening was the ‘’Operation Cascade ‘’. The operation was said to had taken place when the KGB with the assistance of the GRU /FRD carried out series of bombing.

The operation also featured the KGB special forces who stormed the Jajbeg palace and murdered Amin the ruler including 150 personal bodyguards. It was reported that his 11 years old son died from the shrapnel wounds the explosion generated.

Following the attack and death of Amin, the KGB installed Karmal as his successor which followed the confiscation of several government buildings. However, 5 KGB agents were killed in the attack while others sustained injuries.

This particular attack and the infiltration of Trotskyist group and the assassination of Leon Trotsky still appears frightening in the mind of several individuals.

Why was the KGB created?

The KGB was said to be created for several reasons of which acting as a fool-proof weapon to the existing community was the main reason of its creation.

It was created and supervised to be carefully influenced by the senior communist party officials under its division of directories, the most relevant body which is known as the foreign intelligence was set up to oversee international operations alongside the domestic counter-intelligence and technical intelligence.

A body was equally set up to protect political leadership and to secure the country frontier which depicts the reason it was created , a secret security organization.

Was the CIA effective than the KGB?

Most research results shows that the CIA (Central intelligence Agency) was more effective than the KGB while other researches proves otherwise. The CIA is known to be tasked with the gateway processing and analysing of information of several countries in the world.

It can be considered effective as it is the only agency authorized by law to oversee and execute covert action at the command of the president.

The CIA is also considered effective than the KGB due to its social activities, as it participates in supporting several foreign political parties, planning, coordinating and rendering technical support.

Does the KGB still exist?

The KGB was formed in 1954 and operated till 1991. The organization has been dissolved over a decade however, the KGB was succeeded in Russia by the Foreign intelligence Service (SVR) and the federal security service.

Moreover, researches proves that the Republic of South Ossetia established its own form of KGB without disclosing its name to the general public.

Why was the KGB dissolved?

Over the years, most persons have questioned the abolishment of the KGB thereby seeking answers to such questions. It was reported that the soviet union provoked the KGB leader,

Vladimir Kryuchkov to spearhead the August 1991 soviet coupé d’état in an attempt to execute president mikhail Gorbachev from office. The coupé was unsuccessful which followed the breakdown of the USSR which abolished the KGB.

What is the KGB called now?

Formerly known as the KGB but currently known as the SVR. The SVR is also known to execute Russia external intelligence agency affairs, focusing mainly on civilian affairs. The organization is currently responsible to the president of Russia.


In summary, the KGB was known undercover security agency which was established to execute the soviet union commands alongside carrying out International operations on its target.

The article is enriched with enough information to educate any interested reader on the origin of KGB,alongside its operations.




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