Kneeling On Rice:why is it used as punishment & which Religion supports it

Kneeling on rice is fast becoming one of the ways to punish a child for his wrongdoings.

Many parents see this method as the most effective way to inflict pain on their children to make them develop new and acceptable lifestyle.

Apart from serving as punishment, it is equally believed that kneeling on rice is a religious activity that must be observed by little children.

However, the question is which religion supports kneeling on rice? What is the benefit of kneeling on rice, and what does the law say about kneeling on rice?

These and other questions are what we will be discussing in this article as we hope to unearth all the mysteries behind this surprising disciplinary method.Kneeling on rice


Why Is Kneeling On The Rice Used As A Punishment?

Kneeling on rice is deployed as a punishment because it inflicts severe pain on offenders.

Unlike a plain ground, rice grains offer a very sketchy and rough surface that makes a child feel very uncomfortable, especially if he stays long on the grains.

The more they kneel on the rice, the deeper the rice goes into their skin, thereby inflicting more pain and agony on them.

However, this system is often seen with older generations (like grannies) because they believe the painful experience will prevent the children from repeating the same errors or disobedience.

However, kneeling on rice punishment isn’t common among growing teenagers because most parents believe they require more heart-to-heart discussions and advice than punishment.

Can making a child kneel on rice for religious reasons be considered child abuse?

There are differences between freedom of religion and subjecting little kids to such a painful activity all in the name of religious activity.

As much as you have the legal right to practice any religious events, you aren’t permitted to exercise any right at the expense of your kid’s welfare.

Therefore, subjecting your children to this unhealthy and obsolete practice for any reason is seen as child abuse, which is punishable by law.

You would be sanctioned by the appropriate agencies for the intentional decision to inflict severe pain on your children.

You could also be charged for non-sexual child abuse which always attracts up to a 10-year jail term if found guilty.

Which Religion support kneeling on Rice as Punishment

It is believed that some catholic religious activities include kneeling on rice.

Some religious scholars opined that young people are subjected to such treatment so they can experience little of the pain and agony Jesus Christ suffered while dying on the cross of Calvary.

However, that is just an unverified opinion that can’t be trusted. We promise to update this post once we eventually find out the actual religious facts and events attached to kneeling on rice.

Why Do Parents Make Kids Kneel On Rice?

Parents make their kids kneel on rice because they believe that will create a long-lasting effect on them.

They think that seeing the scarce that resulted from the punishment will help the kids develop good manners as they will do everything possible not to encounter such painful treatment in the future.

How Can You Legally Discipline Your Children?

Gone are the days when parents treat their children without thinking of the aftermath effects of their actions.

In this time and age, you’ve got to be careful with the way you discipline your children unless you are willing to face legal consequences.

Having said that, below are highlighted ways you can discipline your children without incurring the wrath of the law:

  • Lead by example because your children learn from your actions and behaviors.
  • Spend quality time with your children.
  • Avoid kicking, cutting, burning, or threatening your children with deadly objects.
  • If you must go physical, spanking on the butt or a slap on the wrist should be enough. Ensure you don’t leave them with open wounds, bruises, red marks, etc.


As much as making a child kneel on rice might produce a short-lived result, it is an unethical disciplinary approach.

There are other effective ways to correct or rebuke your kids without going hard on them.

On no condition must you subject your kids to kneeling on rice. It’s not just painful but also shows how inhuman you are.

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