Legalities Of Paying Board To Your Parents:9 questions explained

Legalities Of Paying Board To Your Parents

Parents share tight and strong bonds with their children, but there are some events that could lead to disagreement in the house. Disagreement over house rent payment, disobedient and other criminal cases can lead to fights in a family.Legalities Of Paying Board To Your Parents

Talking of house rent, is it legal for parents to force their child to pay house rent, what does the law say about parent forcing their child to pay house rent. All these are some of the issues this article will address as we hope to let you know your right when it comes to house rent and other bills.


Can My Parents Make Me Pay Rent?

Yes, your parents can make you pay rent as long as you are 18 and above. 18 is globally and legally accepted as the age you have the right to live as a full-grown adult. As much as the age grants you the freedom to engage in any lawful practice, it also comes with responsibilities such as paying bills and rent.

Unfortunately, living with your parents at 18 does not prevent you from contributing your part in settling some bills except your parents decide to shoulder the responsibility on their own.

Can Parents Make You Pay Bills Like Rent Under 18?

No parent is permitted to make an under-18 child pay bills like rent. At 17, the law still sees you as a child who should be under your parent or guardian’s tutelage and care.

Therefore, it’s unlawful for any right-thinking parent to demand house rents from a child below 18 regardless of his financial status, body stature, or position.

However, you can help your parents pay house rent and other bills if you are financially capable to do so regardless of your age.

Do My Parents Have To Give Me An Eviction Notice If I Don’t Pay My Rent?

Yes, your parents can give you an eviction notice in the United States If you failed to pay house rent at 18 and above.

Meanwhile, they can’t send you out of the house without following the normal process if you have been committed to fulfilling your part of the rental agreement in the past.

This means your parents must first take you to court, file for unlawful detainer, get the court’s permission to evict you, and give you 30 days to search for a new apartment before they kick you out of the house.

The truth is there’s no need to involve the court before resolving a house rent issue with your parents. They are your parent, explain the reasons for your inability to pay the bills and they will understand your plight.

Ask them to pardon you for two or three months to make things get back to normal.

Can My Parents Kick Me Out If I Pay Rent?

Yes, your parents can kick you out of the house if you don’t obey their rules and regulations, even if you are the ones paying the rent. Though this mostly happens if you are 18 or above, some parents won’t think twice before sending you out of the house as a minor.

Another reason that could make your parents send you out of their house is if you stop keeping your side of the rental payment bargain.

In such a case, you are advised to plead with your parents to forgive your debt or reduce the amount you pay for the rent so you won’t have to owe them.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to start saving for a new apartment if they reject your plea. You must have a sufficient amount to get a new apartment before the eviction notice elapses.

Is It Legal For Parents To Charge Their Child Rent

As much as it sounds somewhat funny and inexplicable, it is legal for parents to charge their child rent once he or she becomes 18.

No parent is legally permitted to charge a minor; meaning you are not mandated to pay house rent until you are 18.

How Much Rent Can I Pay My Parents?

Law doesn’t say a specific amount you should give your parents as house rent. It depends on the agreement between you have with them and how much it costs to rent an apartment in the country or state.

What To Do When Your Parents Kick You Out And You Have Nowhere To Go?

The first thing to do when your parents kick you out of the house involves calling a friend or family member for help.

You might need to squat with a friend or family member until you settle scores with your parents or you have saved enough money to get your apartment. This is why you must have a certain amount of money saved for emergencies like this.

Alternatively, you might need to plead with your parents, telling them you have nowhere else to go if they insist on sending you out. A loving and passionate parent will rescind their decision after listening to your sorry story.

Can You Sue Your Parents For Kicking You Out?

Yes, you can sue your parents for kicking you out as a minor. It’s illegal to kick out an under-18 child; therefore, you have all the right to sue your parents for making such a clueless decision.

Unfortunately, you can’t take any legal action against your parent if they kick you out at 18 or above. This is because they are no longer mandated to provide shelter and other necessities of life.

Even if you eventually sue them to court, you have a very slim chance of winning because you are no longer their responsibility.

What is the legal age to kick your child out?

As mentioned earlier, a child below 18 is a minor who should be under his parent’s custody and care. Hence, any parent who kicks such a child out of the house will be sanctioned by the government.

However, the law believes an 18-year-old child is psychologically and mentally matured enough to navigate his way out of any unwanted situation.

In summary, parents are legally fit to kick their children out of the house only when they are 18 or above.


We hope this article helps you know your legal standing concerning house rent and other bills. You aren’t permitted or mandated to pay any fee as a minor unless you are doing it without any coercion or pressure from your parent.

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