Snowboard And Waxing: 4 Things You Should Know

Snowboard And Wax: 4 Things You Should Know

What thrill that comes with snowboarding and skateboarding! Beyond the thrill, you get other benefits from snowboarding and skateboarding such as staying in shape, improving your balancing, and helps enhance your freestyling skills.

Getting to wax your board is highly important to you and you would not want to mess up your board.Waxing snowboard

Acquainting yourself with wax is something you will need as long as you want to keep snowboarding.

You then begin to wonder if snowboard wax is the same as skateboard wax. Another question you could probably ask is “What kind of wax best fits my snowboard?”

Reading through this article will give you the needed detail about waxing and snowboarding.


What Kind of Wax Can I Use On My Snowboard?

Your snowboard can make use of various kinds of wax you will get to see the different kinds of wax available for use.

  • Cold Temperature Wax

You can use cold temperature wax for the base structure of your snowboard as it helps become firm. The ideal location to use cold temperature wax are places that are colder and drier. With cold temperature wax, your snowboard has a guarantee of sliding better.

  • Warm Temperature Wax

For locations that the snows are wetter, it is good to use warm temperature wax as it limits you from getting to junctions where you are stuck. It limits this stuck by making the base of the snowboard unaffected by pull or force.

  • All Temperature Wax

You are probably wondering what the need for an all-temperature Wax is when we have both the cold and warm temperature wax already. The beauty of this all-temperature wax is that you can use it any time.

It is ideal for anyone to use especially if you use your skateboard for entertainment. However, those who ride competitively can avoid using it because of the need for them to push beyond their speed limits.

Does Waxing Your Snowboard Make A Difference?

People might tend to think and question the need for waxing in snowboards. They feel like their snowboards are still working without seeming glitches and spending resources on getting wax is a waste.Snowboard wax

Well, you must know that it makes all the difference for you to wax your snowboard. You can decide against waxing your snowboard if:

  • You are not bothered about the damage your snowboard will eventually have.
  • Performance is not a priority to you.
  • You want to buy a snowboard every season.

Some of the benefits of waxing your snowboard are:

  • Waxing helps prevents rusting or damage to your board
  • Your snowboard speed does not decrease.
  • The bottom of your board does not lack protection and makes sure you ward off water.

How Often Should I Wax My Snowboard?

Getting to know how often, you wax your snowboard hinges on several reasons, which includes:

  • How the base of your snowboard is constructed.
  • The frequency with which you use your board.
  • Circumstances that occur when you ride.
  • The need to increase the speed of your snowboard.

How the base of your snowboard is constructed

There are two main types of bases, which are Sintered bases and Extruded bases.

Sintered bases need more waxing than Extruded bases. However, to make sure that you get the best out of the, it is good that you wax the bases every two to three days that riding was intense. Waxing extruded bases every 2-3 days also make the most of its potentials.

The Frequency with Which You Use Your Board

Riders that ride aggressively and need to be at the highest performance consistently can wax their board every 2-3 days.

If you use your snowboard normally, waxing your board once a month will work effectively.

For the amateurs who are still learning and not using their snowboards, waxing it once every season is okay.

Circumstances That Occurs When You Ride

If you are riding on soft spots, your wax will last longer but if you are riding on hard spots where you are exposed to stuff like rocks, it means you need to wax more. Consequentially, it means the harder the condition in which you ride, the more you should wax your snowboard.

The Need to Increase the Speed of Your Snowboard

It is a very simple analogy. If you are in for more speed, you should wax as often as possible. However, if you are not particular about speed, then you do not need to bother waxing that often.

Does a brand new snowboard need to be waxed?

This particular question can be a little bit tricky. It is both a yes and a no. to start with, it is imperative to know that your snowboard has factory wax before they put it up for sales.

However, the factory wax might not meet your taste or hopes. The length of time from the date of manufacturing until the day you buy and use the board can also affect the wax.

Racers typically might want to wax their snowboard before using them and an average rider might feel the waxing is enough.


You can now see the potentials of wax in snowboard. Snowboarding is a unique kind of sport and waxing the boards is not a waste.

We can conclude that snowboarding wax is different from skateboarding wax. It then means that you should use recommended wax meant for snowboarding.

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