Tiktok Violations: Everything You Need To Know

Tiktok Violations: Everything You Need To Know!

Were you informed that 18% of all internet users use TikTok? Do you know that TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps with 656 million downloads? I am glad I told you. Tiktok has been helpful in different spheres of life like; education, marketing, and business. Join the moving train by downloading this amazing application.Tiktok Violations


Community Violations On TikTok.

As we all know, a community comprises people with common interests. Tiktok is an app where people create content thereby passing different kinds of beneficial messages to its viewers. TikTok’s priority is to create an ideal community where people can socialize and advertise their goods and services.

Community Violations counters the aims of TikTok to produce a safe platform. As fun and enjoyable as TikTok can be, it is also very strict to users who violate community guidelines.

Due to the diversified nature of TikTok, community guidelines were created to checkmate the activities of the users. Anyone who violates the community guidelines will be either banned or restricted for a particular time. Let’s discuss the violations of TikTok.

Sharing Terroristic Threats:

It is one of the significant violations of the community guidelines and can immediately suspend your account.

TikTok aims to create a safe platform where users create and watch videos, therefore, sharing terrorist threats can either get you permanently or temporarily banned from this amazing platform. Sharing terroristic threats can include; displaying videos with the use of guns or human blood.

sensitive content:

Exposing nakedness and part of the body that triggers sexual feelings in an individual is strictly against TikTok’s guidelines and TikTok protects the community by preventing the spread of it by immediately bringing down and suspending the account in which all this was displayed.


Cyberbullying has been rampant on TikTok and other social media platforms over the years. Tiktok is strongly against any form of bullying. You might not even have time to explain what you meant before you are eventually suspended from the app so let’s be mindful of our words. If you don’t have anything kind to say, stay mute!.

Content That Promotes Self-harm:

suicide hasbeen one of the most prominent causes of death over the years. Among the several causes of suicide, social media is at the top hence, social media platforms make guidelines to constantly improve.

Tiktok is against any form of content that triggers suicidal thoughts and takes down the content immediately. The content creator also gets banned without prior notice

No Violence:

violence is strictly against TikTok guidelines. To avoid it, TikTok’s algorithm keeps a watchful eye on such things and bans the account straight away.

Violence can be promoted in different ways like; natural accidents, fighting, and war scenes. You never can tell which content can hurt or traumatize someone. Be careful of what you post because any form of violence will be taken down by TikTok and the account will be banned.


blackmailing is highly prohibited on TikTok. If your account is being reported for any form of blackmail, TikTok immediately bans the account without you being warned


Spamming is highly prohibited on TikTok. Liking too many videos simultaneously, following too many people continuously, and sending too many chats to different people at the same time is considered spamming on TikTok.

Another common form of spamming is buying fake followers on TikTok. Fallibly, most TikTok users think buying fake followers can help make their videos go viral. If the TikTok algorithm detects any form of spamming, it restricts the account immediately.


TikTok doesn’t take it lightly with hacking. In its last updates, TikTok had implemented additional security to avoid hacking but it has failed to some extent.

Nevertheless, after a close investigation and being found guilty, TikTok takes legal action on the account. Hacking is also a crime punishable by the law in most countries of the world.


impersonation is considered a crime in most countries of the world. Hence, TikTok highly prohibits impersonation. To avoid it, create an account with your legal name and information.

A common form of impersonation is creating an account of a celebrity to gain more followers or supporters. If that account is being reported, TikTok brings the account down without the handler being warned.

Promoting Illegal Activities:

Any activity that isillegal in your country is considered a community violation of TikTok notwithstanding its legality in other countries. It’s advisable to have a perfect knowledge of what is considered illegal and legal in your country to avoid being banned from TikTok.,


TikTok is strictly prohibited for users under the age of 13. Over the years, TikTok has brought down 11.1 million accounts for violating community guidelines and more than 7.26 million of them were banned for age guidelines. Parental permission and guidance are needed to create an account for someone under the age of 13.

Do Your TikTok Violations Expire?

TikTok has confirmed that acquired community violations can expire over time but TikTok didn’t specify the particular amount of time.

After your first violation, you will be temporarily restricted from uploading videos, commenting on videos, and editing your profile for a particular time ranging from 24- 48 hours.

TikTok can also restrict you to watching only content. This particular ban could last for a certain amount of time between 72 – 168 hours.

Why Is My TikTok A Violation Of The Community Guidelines?

The TikTok Algorithms is highly sensitive so it detects any content that goes against its community guidelines.

It has tools and technologies that identify and remove contents that go against the community guidelines hence, enhancing the safety and integrity of the platform.

It’s advisable to read the community guidelines before venturing into TikTok’s activity for an enjoyable experience.

How Many Violations Can You Get On TikTok?

After your first community violation. You will be temporarily banned from using the app. Temporary bans include restrictions from uploading videos, posting comments, or editing your profile.

A temporary ban lasts for a few hours after which your account will be restored. If you persist in the activities you have been warned of, you will be permanently banned from TikTok. TikTok has zero-tolerance for videos that display child sexual abuse and will permanently ban the account involved

Do Account Warnings Go Away?

An account warning on TikTok means your account is at high risk of being deleted or restricted. If multiple violations occur after the warning, you will be permanently banned from TikTok.

An account warning can go away if you don’t violate any of the community guidelines or post someone else’s content because you might get reported. It takes a few months before an account warning can disappear, within that period make sure you don’t violate any of the community guidelines.

How To Fix TikTok Violations?

The only way to fix a community violation is by submitting an appeal. Let’s discuss how to submit an appeal.

  1. Go to the video that violated the community guidelines
  2. Tap to Community Guidelines violations, see details.
  3. Tap to submit an appeal.
  4. Follow the instructions provided.

After following the above processes, A review will be conducted. The review normally lasts for 24- 72 hours


TikTok, is a short video platform where people share their creativity by creating videos. Enhancing positive behavior will lead to a desirable and meaningful experience. It’s my sincerest hope that you’re aware of the TikTok community’s violations and stay clear of them.

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