Using mom’s or dad’s costco card: All You Need To Know

Using mom’s or dad’s costco card: All You Need To Know

It is possible you are hearing the term “Costco card” for the first time and you are wondering what it is all about, well don’t worry you, will know everything it entails by the time you are done reading this content.

This is because this article will answer some frequently asked question about Costco card like: “What is a Costco card” “How much is a Costco card?” “Is it worth it to have a Costco card?” “What do you need for a Costco card?” “Can I use my Parent’s Costco card?” and how many Costco card should one household possess?” Kindly pay solid attention while we hit the ground running.Costco Membership Card


What Is A Costco Card?

A Costco card is a membership card that grants you access to any of the 760 Costco shops or locations to purchase your items at either wholesale or retail quantities.

In other words, a Costco card is a card given to anyone who has successfully subscribed to Costco’s membership package. It serves as evidence or proof confirming your membership claim or status.

Why get a Costco Card

The Costco card is so important that you can’t purchase anything from any Costco warehouse (whether online or physical) without having it.

Unfortunately, the Costco card isn’t for free. You have to pay a certain amount to obtain it from a reliable source. Well, Read on to find out how much it costs to get a Costco membership.

Can I use my dad’s Costco card

No, you can’t use your father’s Costco card to access the Costco warehouse or purchase any item from the popular store. According to Robbin Sunter a worker at one of the Costco stores, the Costco card is non-transferable meaning only the card owner can use it.

He went on to disclose that even your spouse or your family members can’t use a card that carries your name, image, and other identity details.

Though some people claimed they use their dad’s Costco card without any issue in the past, that doesn’t mean such an action is allowed. People who are engaged in such behavior are taking a high risk because the card will be destroyed immediately if they are caught.

However, some conditions or factors ensure you can use your dad’s Costco card. This includes the type of membership card your father possesses. Costco Gold star membership allows your father to register himself as the primary owner and one other person as a free household member living at the same address.

Hence, you can use your father’s Costco card if he registers you as the person qualified to explore his gold star membership package. Meanwhile, the Costco business membership plan allows your father (the primary member) to add more than one free household if he can shoulder the extra charges.

Another condition that permits you to use your father’s Costco card is if he decides to get a household card which will be given to a specific member of the family. In this case, your dad may register the household card with your name and identity, thereby allowing you to use the household card that was registered by your father.

In a nutshell, only the Costco card owner is permitted to use it unless one of the two other conditions is met. Your dad’s Costco card and membership will be terminated instantly if the Costco officials or workers caught you using his card illegally.

Can I use my mom’s Costco card

As it is with your dad’s Costco card, so it is with your mum’s Costco card. It means you can’t use your mom’s Costco card to shop at any Costco warehouse or their online store.

The only exception is if one or two of the exceptional conditions we discussed earlier favor you. In that case, you can use your mum’s Costco card if you are registered as your mum’s free household member permitted to use her Costco card.

Does Costco check ID when paid?

Yes, Costco security officers will ask for the Costco card from everyone at the doorstep before accessing the main store. Another security officer is already waiting in the store to check your Costco card before permitting you to start shopping.

You also must provide your Costco card when checking out at the payment register because the cashier will ask for the card at Checkout Lane to be sure you are not using a card that doesn’t belong to you.

However, we must inform you that none of the security officials or cashiers will look at the name on the card against an ID to verify if you are the person on the card or not.

Can someone else in my family use my Costco card?

No. As stated earlier, no one else in your family can use your Costco card except you add them as one of the free household members if you have the Gold business or executive membership card. No one has the right or permission to visit a Costco store with your card without your consent.

How many Costco cards can you have per household?

A household is not restricted to a specific number of Costco cards; it all depends on the number of people eligible to have a Costco card and the family’s financial capacity.

A family of 10 can have 10 Costco cards if they all meet the requirements and they are capable of shouldering the financial burdens.

Notwithstanding, it is more economical to have a Costco gold star business membership that allows you to register many people as free household members while you pay for the extra charges.

Can I add someone to my Costco Executive Membership?

Yes, you can add at least one person (a free household) to your Costco Executive membership. Let’s briefly discuss a few things about the types of Costco membership cards before we continue with the question.

There are three types of Costco memberships, including Normal Gold Star, Gold star executive, and Business. The normal gold star membership is the most affordable plan worth $60 per year. It includes one free household card for your favorite family member living at the address.

Costco Gold Star business membership costs $60, and it allows you to add countless affiliate cardholders. However, you will pay $60 for each person you add to your account.

Can non-members shop at Costco?

Yes, non-members can shop at Costco by exploring alternative shopping methods we shall be discussing later.

How non-members can Shop At Costco

Below are the numerous ways to shop at Costco as a non-member who doesn’t have a Costco card:

  • Use Costco gift Card:

Here is an effective way to shop at Costco without their membership card. Also known as the Costco shop card, you can visit any Costco store and purchase any item with their gift card. Read on to learn how to get Costco gift cards

  • Uses A Costco Member’s Influence:

Any registered Costco member is allowed to bring two guests with them to Costco. Hence, you can shop at Costco without your card if you go with your friends or any other legit member.

  • Shop from Costco’s online store (

Costco’s online store has all the items you will get from the physical store. Interestingly, you can shop online without becoming a member. Visit, sign up for free, and start shopping.

Other ways to shop at Costco as a non-member include Eating at the Costco Food Court; Buying alcohol at the Costco warehouse; Ordering Costco Delivery on Instacart; and Using Costco Optical Services

How much is it to add someone to your Costco membership?

You can add someone to your Costco membership as a cardholder or affiliate if you have the financial strength to cover the cost implications. Talking of charges, you must pay $60 to add someone to your Costco membership.

Once you pay the fee, you can be sure that the affiliate cardholders can visit Costco with your card. The spouse or one person related to the person you added to your membership will also get a Costco card as a freehold cardholder.

Can you split a Costco membership with a friend?

Yes, you can split a Costco membership with a friend if you add them as the freehold cardholder, although they must be living at the same address as you and are 18 and above.

How many cards can you have on a Costco executive membership?

Two people can be on one Costco executive membership card—the primary cardholder whose identity and image appear on the card and their affiliate or free household member who lives at the same address.

How long does it take to get a Costco card

You should get an activated Costco membership card two business days after payment. You will get a membership number via your email address; then visit the membership counter at any Costco location to receive your card.

Ensure you are at least 18, and you have a valid government-issued ID before applying for the Costco membership card to boost your chances.


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