Was Arnold Schwarzenegger a good governor or a Failure ? All explained

All governments whether present or a past have their records speaking for them. Some are praised for their tremendous work and achievements while others are condemned for not doing enough to improve the overall well-being of the country/state.

What category does the Arnold Schwarzenegger government belongs to? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a good man, how did California fared during Arnold’s regime?

All this and other information is what we shall be unveiling in today’s post. So, sit back and relax while we hit the ground running.Was Arnold Schwarzenegger a good governor


Who Is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Some say Arnold Schwarzenegger was an actor and the world’s greatest bodybuilder; while others would he was a politician.

Well, all the opinions are right because Arnold Schwarzenegger was an actor before diving into politics.

Born on the 30th of July, 1947 into Gustav Schwarzenegger’s family, Arnold began bodybuilding career at 15 when he was completely sold out to weightlifting and other bodybuilding activities.

He went on to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world after winning the Mr. Olympia award in 1970.

In the same year, Schwarzenegger started his acting career when he featured in the Hercules at age 23. Some of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies include Commando, Terminator, True Lies, etc

After some years in the movie industry, the Austrian-American star chose to pursue his political career.

Diving into politics turned out as a good decision as he was elected governor of California on the 7th of October 2003 to replace Governor Gray Davis.

He was sworn into power on the 27th of November the same year. Read on to discover how he fared during his tenure as the Californian governor.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger a good governor?

For a man of his caliber, popularity and fame, Californians expected so much from the world’s most powerful man.

Unfortunately, he didn’t lived up to expectations as he failed to deliver most of his campaign promises, especially in the second term in the office.

His first term was fairly good judging by the standard set by his immediate predecessor. Though he didn’t bring massive turnaround to the economy, he embarked on some eye-catching projects that made life a bit easier and more conducive for the people of California.

However, his second tenure which started in 2006 was one to forget. Arnold didn’t capitalize on the little successes achieved during his first term. Instead, he kept borrowing money from private organizations.

In a nutshell, Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t a good governor; but he wasn’t the worst governor in the history of the state. Let’s just say he left us with a bitter-sweet experience.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger effective as governor?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was effective in his early days as governor. He didn’t only made policies to improve lives and standard of living, but also engaged in projects and activities to enhance quality living.

During this time, young Americans were more than willing to relocate to the California because they stand a very high chance of getting well-paid jobs.

However, his latter days at the helm of affairs were a complete contrast to what we experienced during his first term. The world’s greatest bodybuilder was completely ineffective.

Lots of account deficit, he didn’t complete any landmark achievements while all his proposed reforms were turned down by the parliament. As a result of his poor showing, he left office as one of the most insignificant Governors in the history of the state.

How long was Arnold Schwarzenegger governor?

Arnold was sworn into office as California’s 38th governor after winning a special election with 48% of the vote. His first term lasted till 2007 and he was re-elected in the same year.

55% of the voters trusted his policy and leadership; hence, they wanted him in office for another spell which ended in 2011.

Meanwhile, he wasn’t successful in his quest for third term. So, Arnold was at the helm of affairs as California’s Governor for eight years between 2003 and 2011.

Was Arnold’s governor recalled?

Arnold was voted into power via a recall election organized to select a candidate to replace ex-governor Davis who failed to perform his duties and obligations as governor.

What is a recall election, and what does it mean to recall a governor? A recall election is a special election organized to decide whether to impeach a governor or to let him continue.

To recall a governor means to replace a governor with another candidate due to his inability to fulfill his campaign promises.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t recalled; he completed his second tenure before leaving office.

Was Arnold in any movies while he was governor?

No. Arnold didn’t participate in any movie during his eight-year reign as Californian governor. Understandably, the highly-rated Hollywood celebrity was so busy with official assignments that he had little or no time for movies.


Some citizens of the state believe Governor Arnold’s regime left so much to be desired, while others rate him as one of the best governors the state has seen in its political history.

What do you think of Arnold’s tenure? Kindly drop your comment in the section below as we would love to hear your opinion.

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