What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

Despite eggs seeming innocence, they can really inflict extensive, costly damage to the paint surfaces of your car. The egg yolk that’s now scattered all over the car has to penetrate somehow, and the action of the egg striking your car forces shell pieces to burst out over the body of the car in successive rings, which results in scratches.What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

These scratches may be buffable or may penetrate the clearcoat, and occasionally they may even dissolve paint to expose the metal frame underneath, depending on how close the person that threw the egg is to the car.

However, the police may not take any action if you try to have the person who egged your car arrested because it may have happened on Halloween night and you may not be able to find the juvenile who did that. But if it’s an adult and they get caught, they should be charged.

If your car gets egged, don’t give up hope. In this article, we’ll discusss what you should do in such situation.


What Do You Do If Your Car Gets Egged?

When your car gets egged, the first thing to do is get something and wipe off the surface immediately before it deteriorates your car and costs you money. You can also involve the cops. Furthermore, apply polish or wax on the car coat to keep the egg yolk from damaging your car.

Does Egg Damage Car Paint?

Yes, due to how far the eggs are flung, they can damage a vehicle. A painting job can be very expensive, and if an egg isn’t completely rinsed off, it can significantly damage the finish. However, I think the egg yolk is by far the worst because it contains acidic components that might destroy the top coat and wolf down through the clear coat of the car.

In addition to the threat from the yolk, the eggshell and white can also damage painted surfaces if left for an extended period. Note that if you do not get rid of them quickly enough, they may potentially eat away at the surface of your car.

Regardless of how effectively this is done, applying a polished or maintained coat will not be adequate to completely remove any shells. The egg shells will shatter once broken, especially when they are flung high in the air or strike the windscreen forcefully, making it relatively difficult to repair if damaged.

How Long Does It Take For Eggs To Ruin Your Car Paint?

Egging a car is not good for your can because it can quickly ruin your car paint. In several cases, the paint on your car can get ruined permanently when the spilled on it dries up and becomes hardened. This takes not less than two hours to become so frozen on your car paint.

Also, the eggshells eat the main layers of the car paint and chisel there. This may even scrape off the paint when removed by a nonprofessional or rough handled.

How Do I Get Dried Eggs Off My Car?

A car egging is no laughing matter. The egg’s contents, rather than the hit after it dried, are particularly responsible for the car paint’s damage.

It doesn’t take long for the acid in the egg to start chemically etching into the paint finish, which causes the paint to fracture and degrade. This is known as acid etching.

Here are steps to clean dried eggs off a car.

Step 1

You need to remove the egg from the car paint as quickly as you can, so don’t waste time. The egg will easily carve its way through to the undercoat and into the underlying color of the paint finishing if left to remain for long especially if the weather is harsh. To return the car surface to its original state at that point, acting fast is essential

Clean up the area quickly to prevent further paint deterioration. Do not make use of clothes or applicators nor wet wipes or Old rags to prevent scuffs Additionally, avoid using a glass cleaner that is intended for cleaning glass.

Step 2

Here, you need to eliminate the ruined oil finish now that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Car polish can be used for this. Which polish or waxes you will utilize will depend on how bad the damage is.

If the paint has significant scratches or appears a little rough, you can remove the damaged paint layers without risk. You’re simply removing the microns, so don’t be scared the clear coat won’t be entirely removed.

Step 3

After scrubbing and drying, apply your preferred wax and polish to the surface. Also, keep in mind that the polish required should be able to improve the sheen and depth of your painting. The surface should appear substantially better after smoothing because the majority of the damage should have been eliminated.

Step 4

You must apply a layer of wax to sheen the surface after smoothing the paint. To guard the paintwork against oxidation, UV rays, bird droppings, ocean acidification, roadside filth, and any upcoming egg attacks, look for a high-quality and long-lasting foam roller pad.

How To Get Back At Someone Who Egged Your Car

You just need to keep in mind that vengeance doesn’t always end well when you get caught. In some cases, the suspected person might not be the one that egged your car and could get you arrested or take you to the cleaners.

Although your rage is understandable, you have no evidence to back up your claim that the suspected individual was the culprit. All you have to do is report to the cops and let them do the investigation themselves.

Should I Report Egging to the Police?

Having your vehicle egged can be a frightening and annoying experience. Especially when you remember the high cost of getting it fixed. It can be done menacingly, or maybe it’s simply a few cheeky youngsters trick-or-treating in your area around Halloween. In either case, what should you do if this were to occur to you?

You should contact the police right at once to make a police report in case the act was carried out by adults. In many states, egging a vehicle is illegal. After that, you should start washing your automobile right away to prevent further damage from the egg drying out.

Is Egging a Car Criminal Damage?

Egging someone’s automobile also entails trespassing, which in certain locations is only a violation unless you have exceptionally strong arms. If the car sustains any damage, such as scratching on the car, it is criminal trespass.

Additionally, since a violation is not a crime, you risk spending 15 days in jail instead of getting a criminal record. While crimes can result in sentences that are more than one year in jail, such as class A and class B misdemeanors only carry sentences of up to one year and 90 days in jail, respectively.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, when you discover your car was egged, put a call across to the police or make use of their website to file your complaint. You can follow the well-detailed steps mentioned above to get your egged car fixed immediately before it results in more damage or you can quickly call any company that carries out this service for a more professional cleaning.

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