What Does The Italian Think About The Irish People & Does Italy Get Along With Ireland?

The world ought to be a safe place for everyone irrespective of skin color, religious affiliation, and political beliefs.

It should be an avenue where two or more people join ideas, skills, and finance to make things easier for all.

Unfortunately, racism, xenophobia, and all forms of skin-related issues have been on the increase in recent times,

which has forced many travelers to change their travel plans, while others make a thorough research about their next destination to know if it’s safe or not.

As an Italian tourist planning to visit the Republic of Ireland in the next holiday, you are advised to know what to expect from the Irish people in terms of hospitality and friendliness.

Thankfully, there is no need to go elsewhere for any information because this article will discuss what the Irish people think of the Italians and vice-versa.What Does The Italian Think The Irish People?


What do Irish People Think Of Italians?

As much as there are stereotypical beliefs about people and culture, many Irish people don’t think about the Italians based on what they have heard about them.

On the contrary, they describe the Italians based on what they’ve seen and experienced during their stay in the European country. The Irish love visiting Italy because of the Italians’ lovely gestures towards them.

According to many Irish who participated in an online poll, people living in Ireland are fond of the Italian culture, food, and norms.

They see the Italians as passionate and animated people who are willing to give their all to a well-behaved and disciplined Irishman.

One Irishman also noted that an average Italian loves taking an active role in sport, especially football.

The assertion is accurate judging by Italy’s impressive football and Olympics records.

Academically, they believe the Italians are bright and brilliant people who are good in any field they found themselves in.

Though the Irish people sometimes experience emotion-derailing situations in Italy, the Italians are more than ready to offer the required support to help them get better in no time.

This further increases their love and respect for the Italians. Considering the comments and remarks from the online poll, it’s obvious the Irish people love and cherish the Italians for who they are.

What Do The Italians Think Of The Irish?

The Italians don’t know much about the Irish people because most of them don’t visit the country too often, no thanks to the riot involving both countries in the past.

The Italians, who haven’t visited Ireland, stereotypically believe an average Irishman behaves like a British citizen who love beers, green color, and good music.

They believe the Irish people love eating potatoes, pale and blonde or ginger.

However, Italians who have been in the country share entirely different opinions about their European counterparts.

This set of Italians love the Irish people despite the sour relationship they had in the past.

In another poll, they were quick to praise the Irish people for their love and understanding — claiming they are fun to be with.

Let’s just say that the Italians have divided opinions about the Irish people.

Some Italians, who have lived with the Irish, see them as good and happy people. Meanwhile, the Italians who have had nothing to do with their counterpart have a stereotypical belief about them.

Does Italy Get Along With Ireland?

The Italy-Ireland relationship is one of the best you would ever see between two countries.

Both countries share a cordial relationship as they are engaged in different political, economical, and infrastructural deals that will benefit both countries.

The Embassy ensures that the existing ties between both countries keep growing stronger daily.

The Irish populate in Italy keeps increasing while the Italians in Ireland are equally growing at an alarming rate,

thanks to the conducive environment provided by both governments. Irish music and films are celebrated during the Annual Irish Film Festival in Rome.

Why is there a strong relationship between Italians and Irish people?

The strong relationship between Italians and Irish people could be traced back to the 1880s in the US.

Though the relationship started in a worst-case scenario as both immigrants had to fight for supremacy in the foreign land.

They grew up becoming rivals as they compete for jobs, territory, and survival in the states.

Italians and the Irish were known as the poorest immigrants in the United States during the time and they clash in the streets.

Surprisingly, the tension between them didn’t last long as both countries eventually found their way to the top in the late 90s.

They became fond of themselves, cherish their cooperation, and record series of milestone achievements together.

Did Italians Move to Ireland?

At least, 25000 Italian tourists visit Ireland every year because they consider the country as a second home.

They love exploring the country’s food, weather, and culture. Meanwhile, the Irish government has removed Italians from the list of travelers mandated to stay in hotel quarantine once they landed in Ireland.


As an Italian, visiting the Republic of Ireland is safe and conducive. As an Irish, spending your next vacation in Italy will be nice as the country is peaceful and free from all forms of discrimination.




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