What Happens If You Delete And Redownload TikTok?

Like every social media platform, TikTok as statistics holds the highest social engagement every day. This App was a musical application launched in 2016 and was rebranded as TikTok in August 2018, has skyrocketed to be one of the most frequently visited and the best fun-filled social platforms.What Happens If You Delete And Redownload TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform which allows the services of uploading short-form videos of 10mins maximum. This development wasn’t so but was improved in February 2022.

This social media platform called TikTok allows creating, sharing and discovering short-form videos, not just from one region but from all around the globe and is one of the most popular social media in the world. Isn’t that wonderful!

TikTok has indeed alleviated the issue of depression, boredom, illiteracy and a lot more. It has also influenced positively in the areas of entertainment, communication, marketing, advertisements, relationships and making social experiences lively. The benefits of this great app cannot be overemphasised, it has indeed blessed lives.

Despite the usefulness and the fun-load, this app can render, there are challenges and squabbles encountered while using this Awesome App.

And in this article, we will consider frequently asked questions about those difficulties and answer the questions about them, to make the app usage stress-free and give the maximum satisfaction you desire.

Let’s delve into them!


What Happens If You Delete And Redownload TikTok?

This is one of the frequently asked questions by TikTok die-hard users who wouldn’t want to lose their data on the App.

Some of the users feel that immediately after they delete and download the App, they will lose their information registered in the App, including their followers on the App.

The answer remains No!!

None of these will happen to you, the fact remains, TikTok has your information and data are saved for you on the Application’s database and can’t be erased unless you lose your means of identification probably username and password, Gmail or any other form of identification required by the App in other to link you up back to your account.

So in this situation, you are deleting the App and not your account, followers, or videos as the case may be. If the App is deleted, all you have to do is to re-download the app and sign in with your means of identification registered with the App,

It can be your Username and password or Gmail account as the case may be and you will be launched back to your account with all information untampered. Isn’t that awesome!

Will My Draft Disappear If I Offload TikTok?

This question has also been asked frequently majorly by TikTok content creators and video uploaders. Most of them think it is long gone and cannot be retrieved.

The answer to this question remains No!

You are unloading/offloading your TikTok and not deleting it. So your draft is deleted only when you uninstall the app.

Drafts saved on your TikTok account are saved on your device just like your documents and data is also saved on your mobile device. And the best way to free up space for your mobile device is to offload the application itself.

Offloading your TikTok account helps free up some memory and also your application data is intact and untampered. It is just like deleting the program data and having your documents and settings unthwarted and your drafts are safe whenever you need them.

Can I Get My Drafts Back On TikTok?

This question is indeed an interesting one. Just as I stated in the aforementioned question about offloading your TikTok application, your drafts are not deleted.

Drafts on your TikTok are saved in the folder on your mobile device. And these drafts can be recovered by accessing the setting of your TikTok account.

This particular retrieval link is gotten from the three dash line found at the top of the screen when you click on your profile, there you will find the option “download your data”.

By clicking on it, the app will seek the user’s permission to retrieve your data and when this is met, your drafts or data will be recovered just in a maximum of four days depending on the time the App processes your request completely

How Much Data Does TikTok Use?

This is a funny yet important question asked by users who on constant occasions don’t know what consumes their data rapidly even when the frequently used app on their device is TikTok.

Many have asked, does it mean TikTok consumes data, if it’s TikTok how do I make it consume fewer data.

TikTok is a video uploading social platform, and data consumption on TikTok is based on the resolution of the video being watched or uploaded on the app, and you will not be expecting the data consumption rate to be less when viewing a high-resolution video.

According to tests conducted during test runs to know the rate of data consumption, TikTok uses 70MB in 5mins making it about 840MB in an hour. But these statistics can change remember, like I said all depends on the resolution of the video the person is streaming on the app.

But all these complaints can be dealt with if the person’s device has a data saver option activated on the device settings. This will help reduce the rate of data consumption, reducing to the rate of 30mins in 5mins and 360mins in an hour.

Through this method, your data consumption while using the app is checked for an enjoyable experience while using the app. Isn’t that great news!

Why Does TikTok Use So Much Storage?

Users who don’t have much storage space on their devices lament this always, either they don’t have space on their device to download the app or the app consumes much space on their devices leaving no space for other applications to be downloaded.

The truth remains more storage space is consumed depending on the user activities and constant use of the app because more data is saved and this will end up consuming space and slowing the smartness of the user’s device in operation.

And also this depends on the duration of the videos saved because high videos take up a greater quantity of space on the device.

The file size of this application is not quite massive as some users will exaggerate it, but it all depends on the mobile device the user is using.

Analysing the application size on Google Play Store, it’s only 94MB of space, while on iOs App Store for iPhone users, it’s only 496.6MB. This is not the major factor contributing to storage consumption.

TikTok only consumes space through cache, drafts, or other data saved on the app. The cache is just like a collection of data that enables the application to load faster when accessing it.

And talking about the draft, they are stored on the device’s mobile space, which reason, why it seems your TikTok on the device, is consuming a lot of space.

By deleting your cache and also deleting your draft this storage problem can be dealt with.

How Do I Free Up Space On My TikTok?

Many new TikTok users find it difficult to do the aforementioned question of freeing up space on their TikTok app.

For people who face the problem of storage space and people who want to have a swift experience while using their mobile devices without glitches, TikTok make provision for users to save videos or drafts as many as they want and can also delete them at will when it is taking much space of your device.

All these features are found when you click on the three-dash line found on the top right of your device when you click on “profile”.

There you will see the column written “Cache & Cellular Data”, then click on ” free up space” and the page where you can clear/delete your cache will pop up. You can then clear your device, and your storage space will be freed again.

Last discourse

In conclusion, TikTok is the best application and worth your time when bored, depressed, stressed, advertisement purpose to mention but a few, only when you know how to manage the application.

And that is the main reason for this article, that all your unending and unanswered questions be tended to.

We hope this article was of great use to you and answered your questions .

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