What Is A Person With An IQ Of 174 Like?

The intelligent Quotient (IQ) is the measure of the intellectual capacity of an individual. This system of measuring one’s intellectual capacity was made famous by French psychologist Alfred Binet in the 1990s.What Is A Person With An IQ Of 174 Like?

Psychologists often regard IQ testing as the best measure of an individual’s intellectual abilities. Different people have different IQ levels, but research shows that all newborn children have similar IQ scores.

Also, while some people have undergone the IQ test, some haven’t done the test. Although, some who have done the test did so to develop their IQ.

In this article, we will learn about common traits in people with a very high IQ, how to increase your IQ, and the IQ of some famous people.

What Is A Person With An IQ Of 174 Like?

There are many exciting traits about people with an IQ of 174; some may look positive while others may be negative, but they are all interesting to know about.

A person with an IQ of 174 will be capable of processing different complex information faster and easier than 99.99999% of a given population.

They are most time engaging and highly adaptable. One common trait of a person with an IQ of 174 is that they are willing to let go of their behaviors to adapt to changes around them.

They are also pleasant to be around and are usually sensitive to other people’s experiences which is a good characteristic of an emotionally intelligent person.

Another attractive trait about most people with an IQ of 174 is that they are highly curious, open-minded, skeptical, and always ask good questions when conversing.

However, some people claim that people with an IQ of 174 are ill-mannered and, most of the time, boring.

How Does A Person With An IQ Of 170+ Think?

People with an IQ of 170+ have their brains structured in a way that makes them think differently from an average person. Their brains are organized uniquely, and they tend to think faster and assimilate information quickly.

They can differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information and can understand complex details in a short period. Most philosophers regard people with an IQ of 170+ to be exceptionally gifted with the way they reason.

How Intelligent Is A Person With An IQ of 174?

According to the Wechsler IQ classification, a person with an IQ of 174 is a very superior person. A person with an IQ of 174 is considered a brilliant person. At the same time, Stanford–Binet describes a person as exceptionally gifted or highly advanced.

Does IQ Change With Age?

The question of whether IQ changes with age seems complex if we want to give a direct answer to it because other researchers have given different responses to it.

According to research, everyone’s IQ scores do not generally change with age. IQ tests are adjusted with age to record young and older people and diminishing speed.

As we grow older, our diminishing speed and awareness of our environment are balanced by the more knowledge we have and could draw from to solve our problems.

How Can I Increase My IQ?

Many researchers believe that IQ is not stable and can undergo changes. Most psychologists believe that an individual IQ can change if the individual wants it to.

There are different ways you can boost your IQ level. Taking some intellectual training can help develop your IQ. Let us consider some things you can do to help develop your IQ level.

Memory activities:

Research has shown that memory activities can help improve your IQ level. Memory activities that can help improve your IQ include Sudoku, puzzle games, chess, and several others.

New languages:

Learning a new language can help increase your intellectual abilities and boost your IQ. According to research, there is a connection between learning new languages and IQ. Those who know more languages are said to have better IQ scores than those who know only one language.

Musical instruments:

If you have ever dreamt of learning a musical instrument, you should quickly go into it. Learning a musical instrument is essential because it helps boost your IQ.

According to research, musicians and instrumentalists have better working memory than non-musicians.

Frequent Studying:

It shouldn’t be a new thing to anyone how reading books can help boost one’s cognitive abilities. Those who read a lot have a better memory than those who study less. Frequent Studying will help build the intellectual capacity of an individual and increase their IQ level.

Some activities can help build your IQ levels, such as exercise, games, and several others.

What Is Bill Gates’ IQ?

Bill Gates is one of the most influential people in the twenty-first century. The American businessman is famous for his technological innovations and the establishment of Microsoft. His brilliance has caused so many people to begin asking what the level of his IQ is.

Bill Gates has an IQ of 160, putting him above the likes of Jeff Bezos, who has an IQ of 140, Mark Zuckerberg, who has an IQ of 152, and the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, whose IQ is estimated to be within the range of 155.

What Was Albert Einstein’s IQ Level?

No doubt, Albert Einstein is one of the most outstanding scientists that ever lived. His theory revolutionized science. In fact, for some people, Albert Einstein is regarded as a superhuman with a very high IQ.

Albert Einstein was a genius with an estimated IQ score that ranges from about 205 to 225 when measured differently.

What Is Stephen Hawking’s IQ Level?

Stephen Hawking is an English professor in physics who was majorly known for his various works in science. His theorems include Hawking radiation –

A Brief History of TimePenrose, Black hole information paradox, Micro black hole, Primordial black hole, Chronology protection conjecture, Soft hair (No hair theorem), Bekenstein–Hawking formula, Hawking energy, Hawking–Page phase transition, Gibbons–Hawking ansatz, and several many others. Stephen Hawking has an estimated IQ of 160.

Who Has The Highest IQ Ever?

Marilyn Vos Savant was an American magazine Columnist who still holds the record of the highest IQ. She had lived a quiet life ever since she was a child and judiciously used her fame to bring positive and impactful changes to her generation.

She was tested to have an IQ of 228 by the Stanford-Binet test. The Guinness Book of World records recorded it as the highest known IQ.


You can carry out several activities to increase your IQ level and some myths about increasing one’s IQ. Taking multivitamins can significantly improve your IQ.

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