What Is Donald Trump’s IQ? Find Out Here

Some say “Donald trump is gullible while others say “he is a smart” Some say he is “intelligent” while others say is he is “a bully” who loved intimidating people during his time as the world’s leading president.

The truth is we can’t share the same opinion on someone who is as popular as the former US President, but we can all agree that Donald trump was the 45th US president who ruled from 2017 to 2021 and he loves boasting with his IQ test score.Donald Trump’s IQ

Though no one can confidently say if trump is wise or gullible, his IQ test result, his decisions and policies during his tenure as president, and his public speeches will undoubtedly help us know if He is wise or not.

So, sit back relax while we discuss everything we know about Donald trump’s IQ. But before that, let’s briefly say some things IQ.


What Is IQ

IQ is an acronym for Intellectual Quotient, which means someone’s intellectual proficiency, or reasoning capacity. In other words, IQ is the system or strategy globally adopted to measure someone’s mental wellness and intellectual capacity. IQ is expressed in numerical terms.

How To Know Someone’s IQ

It is believed that the best way to know someone’s IQ involves asking them some logical questions that will require them to think out of the box to know the accurate answers.

In other words, the most common way to determine someone’s reasoning capacity includes organizing some intelligence tests for them.

Every IQ test organizer sets a 100 Mark as the score you must reach to show that you are smart and intelligent.

It is believed that you are profoundly Gifted and extremely brilliant if you score 145 or more; you are moderately brilliant if your IQ score is between 130 and 140. You are slightly above average if you end up scoring between 111 and 120.

Scoring between 1 and 24 means you have a significant mental disability that requires urgent attention. Being in this category means you must visit an intensive mental health care service provider to boost your mental strength and capacity.

Having said that, let’s now focus on Donald Trump’s IQ score and other related information about the former US President

What is Donald trump’s IQ

There is no way to know Donald Trump’s specific IQ level, although reports claimed that the former US President has an estimated 156 IQ score. According to snopes.com, a study was conducted in 2006 by the University of California to determine the IQ level of some US Presidents.

Unfortunately, there was no specific score for most of the presidents at the time. So, Davis psychologist Dean Keith Simonton, who was the leader of the research group, deployed a ‘historiometric’ strategy to estimate the result of each president, including Trump.

They consider Donald Trump’s highest level of education, academic honors, scores in college admission exams, occupation, and preferences to know his possible reasoning and intellectual capacity.

After all the findings, Simonton created a chart for all the US presidents and their possible IQ scores. He listed Donald Trump among the top five US presidents with the highest IQ, scoring 156. Others in the top five are John Quincy Adams (168.97), Thomas Jefferson (153.7), John F Kennedy (150.26), Bill Clinton (148.8), and Woodrow Wilson (145.1)

Many websites, like the US NEWS and journals, also published something about Trump’s IQ in 2015, placing him among the cleverest and brightest US presidents with an estimated 156 IQ.

Though many people faulted and criticized Simonton’s final chart and the media outlets, many people —including Trump himself, believe he is a wise man with a well-over 100 IQ score.

In a nutshell, some highly-rated media outlets or journals report that Donald Trump has an IQ score of 156, while others don’t believe he has such a high score.

What is Donald trump’s estimated IQ

As mentioned earlier, Donald trump’s estimated IQ is 156 which means he is profoundly intelligent and highly talented. In the same vein, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania requires a high SAT score from applicants seeking admission into the scholarship.

It is believed that only students with over 130 IQ level can be admitted into the tertiary institution. Guess what? Donald Trump was admitted into the highly-rated school and he graduated with a good grade in 1968. This further shows he is a wise and smart man.

Is Donald Trump’s IQ Low?

Donald Trump’s isn’t low, he is listed among the top 10 most brilliant US Presidents. He always boasts of his high IQ; he talks about his high IQ all the time on social media platforms, especially Twitter.

In one of his tweets in 2013, Trump confirmed he has a high IQ when he said: “I’m a very compassionate person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense.”

He further reiterated his high IQ score a few months later when he tweeted: “… my IQ is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.”

Does Donald Trump Have The Highest IQ?

No, Donald Trump doesn’t have the highest IQ among the United States’ past and present Presidents.

According to the University of California’s estimation, John Quincy Adams, who oversaw the country’s affairs from 1825 to 1829, is the US President with the highest IQ with an estimated 168 IQ score.

Thomas Jefferson and John F Kennedy are both smarter and more intelligent than Donald Trump, judging by the chart released by the research team spearheaded by Simonton.

Bill Clinton (148.80), Woodrow Wilson (145.10), Jimmy Carter (145.10), John Adams (142.50), Theodore Roosevelt (142.2 8), Chester Arthur (141.50), and James Garfield (141.50) complete the list of the 10 US President with highest IQ.

Meanwhile, Christopher Michael Langan remains the smartest man in America and the world at large with an impressive IQ score ranging between 195 and 210. The California-born 70-year-old man won a full scholarship to attend Reed College in Oregon due to his incredible SAT score in 1995.

He later gained admission into the Montana State University–Bozeman, but couldn’t complete his education program as a result of his financial instability. Christopher Michael Langan ends up becoming a Horse rancher, and he is successful in what he does.

Has Donald Trump Ever Taken An IQ

There are two contradictory stories regarding this topic; hence, we can’t specifically say if Trump has ever taken an IQ test or not.

The first rumor claimed that the former US president has taken an IQ test. Snopes published an exclusive report containing a newspaper that revealed an alleged Donald Trump’s IQ score.

According to the newspaper dailies, Trump took an IQ test during his first year at New York Military Academy, where he scored 73, which was far below average. The newspaper went on to say that the result was hidden in a file box in a closet in Brooklyn where no one can easily access it.

Though Snopes questions the authenticity of the newspaper, no one knows whether the publishers are out to tarnish the president’s image, or they are saying the truth.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of California opined that Trump hasn’t participated in any IQ test. They suggest that his IQ shouldn’t be less than 130 based on his academic qualifications and laudable public-speaking skill.

How high is Donald Trump’s IQ

Donald Trump’s estimated IQ score is between 140 and 156. It is believed that one must have at least a 130 IQ score to obtain the SAT score required to get admission into the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania College where Trump graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Likewise, the University of California estimated his IQ level to be 156 after considering all his academic, social and behavioral performance. Considering both cases above, it won’t be out of place to suggest Trump’s IQ shouldn’t be less than 140. It means Trump is exceptionally intelligent and smart.

How smart is Donald Trump

Though Donald Trump isn’t the smartest person you would come across, the former US president is smart in some aspects of life.

According to Dr. Barbara A Perry— director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, Trump is superb when it comes to public communication and political skill, which explains how he eventually swayed the US electorates in his favor.

Nonetheless, Donald Trump still has a lot to change in his attitude if he must earn a spot on the list of America’s smartest presidents.

Dr. Perry believes he should work on his “emotional intelligence, cognitive style, vision, and organizational capacity”





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