What shoes do detectives wear? Do They Wear Heels or Running shoes ?

The ultimate priority of a police officer is to protect lives and properties. Hence we have various skills in the force such as skilled shooters, drivers, and fighters.

They are calm and collected when on a mission, a detective does not fret when facing danger and they’re protective of their colleagues.

But how about their dress codes since they have no luxury of wearing fancy dresses like ordinary civilians?

How do detectives either real or fictional prepare when on their daily routine ? Starting with the clothes they wear to their shoes.

Just like every profession have their rules and regulations, the police force isn’t left out as they have guidelines to follow either written or unwritten.

This article here will do justice to your doubt by giving an in-depth analysis of what and what not a detective should wear. Let the journey begins:


What shoes do detectives wear?

Police are known with black tactical Boots and this Police Boots Need to provide Solid Support, Extra Ankle Support, Need Rigid Torsion Control, Shock Absorbing Comfort which are essential to get the job done as they spend long hours chasing crime suspect. What shoe do female police officer wear

As the saying goes “Never come along with a knife to a gunfight” yes! This is the exact fit for detective shoes…

A detective is never permitted to wear luxury or expensive shoes to operations as this will hinder his actions.

Aside from that, a shoe like leather-soled perforated Amedeo Testoni Derby obviously gives zero traction while on the battlefield.

Criminals are always on the run so pursuit can’t be avoided. Now imagine a criminal suspect wearing a pair of solid gold OVO× air Jordans sneakers!

Don’t forget, you may need to retreat all of a sudden and you surely want to be the hero of this battle, therefore professional shoe is necessary.

So a detective should always wear a lace-up shoes with no leader soles, not loafers that may easily slip off while on the chase.

Do female detectives wear heels?

The simple answer is NO! The fact is that police women just like their male counterpart  are always on their job, trying to maintain law and order and it’s torture to wear high heels when you have a job that may require you to walk for hours.

Secondly it’s out of their rules so, they wear flat comfortable shoes. Moreover, heels aren’t appropriate for a female detectives due to the nature of their jobs, as such, it is torture to wear heels when you have to walk for hours non-stop.

On the other hand, their TV partner wear heels where possible due to the fallacy of height which boosts their impressive character on-screen along with male ones with tall height.

Are police shoes comfortable?

What’s the essence of wearing a shoe that hinders your comfortability where you’re required to give your best?Are police shoes comfortable

In place of that, police shoes are lightweight and more comfortable, unlike other boots.

Although, it gives no additional protection, support, or insulation above the foot. Thus, a police officer who does more of a patrol is expected to wear shoes.

In recent years, police shoes make use of synthetic material and new technology to lessen shoe weight and give better insulation.

Do cops wear steel toe boots?

There are numerous jobs or professions that require the wearing of steel toe boots like a mechanic, construction workers, soldiers, and of course a police officer.

Interestingly, civilians are not left out as they want something that provides them with extra feet protection. Gone are the days when steel toe boots are just for design, they are meant for foot protection hence the requirements by cops.

So cops do very much wear steel-toe boots.

Can cops wear any shoes?

Well, it depends on your activities or assignment for the day. Take, for instance, if your assignment for the day is just training or other minor activities, you may wear any shoe.

But when on a battlefield like on duty, you are prohibited from wearing any shoe except your operational shoe or boot.

Do cops wear running shoes?

Cops do not wear running shoes because the shoes they wear are very much similar to sneakers.

The only thing that differentiates a police shoe and running shoes is the sturdiness and durability of the cop’s shoes.

Moreover, they look more like boots to match their uniform while enhancing their professional status.

Best safety boots police wear.

As a police officer, a bulletproof vest can save you amidst gunfire exchange but without a comfortable police boot, your legs may not save you.

And as such, you need a light and comfortable boot to save your feet from hours of pain.

So below is a list of the ideal tactical boots for a police officer:

  • Adidas performance men’s GSG-9.2 training shoe
  •   Belleville TR960 tactical research Khyber black side-zip boot
  • Thorogood men’s 8 side-zip jump boot
  • Under armor men’s valets RTS side-zip tactical boots
  • Original S.W.A.T boot.

However, the list is inexhaustible as we have various police boots available in the market.


Regardless of where a cop’s point of duty calls, either on a patrol or an accident axis, there’s a need for a supportive, safe, and comfortable design of boots and shoes.

Every cop is susceptible to unknown dangers in their daily assignment and so there is a need to take caution.

Police officer professional appearance

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