Where is Xavier Basketball Team from?Who are Their Rival & Division

Where is Xavier Basketball Team from?Who are Their Rival & Division

You may have heard of the Xavier basketball team but do you know anything about the highly-rated US-based basketball team?

When were they created and how did they manage to attain their present fame in the well-known game; How many people make up the team, and when last did the team won a trophy?Where is Xavier Basketball from

All of these questions will be answered through this interesting article. Therefore, you are advised to take your seat, feel comfortable while we help you uncover the total truth about the Xavier basketball team.


Xavier Basketball Team History

Also known as The Musketeers, the Xavier basketball team consists of students engaged in college basketball tournaments in the United States. The Xavier University-owned basketball team allows talented students to showcase their talents in the country’s well-celebrated college sports.

Historically, Xavier Basketball was established in 1920, while coach Joe Meyer was the founding members’ head coach. Fews days after its creation, the team was engaged in their first-ever game on the 20th of February, 1920.Xavier Basketball

The encounter which took place at the Fenwick Club in Cincinnati, ended in the opponent’s favor, no thanks to their inexperience. Having spent over 13 years as the club’s manager,

Joe Meyer was replaced by Clem Crowe who played a huge role in ensuring that Xavier basketball maintained their pacy rise to stardom. The team’s other coaches include Pete Gillen, Skip Prosser, Thad Matta, Sean Miller, and the current coach Travis Steele.

101 years after creation, the Musketeers have become one of the best university-owned basketball teams in the country and beyond, and they are presently rated as the best team to have participated in the NCAA Tournament in history.

The landmark achievement and impressive status could be traced to the fact that the Xavier basketball team has consistently featured in the last 15 editions of the program — no one else has such an impressive record since the start of the annual event in 1939.

Where Is Xavier Basketball Team From?

Just as mentioned earlier, the team are owned and funded by Xavier University, situated in Cincinnati, Ohio, United State.

The privately-owned citadel of learning is charged with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the team, including sacking and hiring head coach, determining the tournament the team should honor among other responsibilities.Xavier Basketball court

Xavier team’s stadium, Cintas Center, is located in Cincinnati. It is a 10,224 capacity stadium, meaning over 10000 fans are allowed to watch any game involving the highly-rated rated basketball team.

Who Is Xavier’s Rival

Barcelona is Real Madrid’s greatest rivals in football; Mercedes remains Ferrari’s rival as far as Formula One is concerned, while the University College of Cincinnati’s Bearcats are regarded as Xavier’s greatest rivals in college basketball.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are created in 1981 and they base in Cincinnati, with just 4.8 km separating both teams. The Cincinnati–Xavier rivalry has been inarguably the fiercest rivalry in college’s basketball history, and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Any match involving both sides is specially referred to as Crosstown Shootout, and it’s known for the intensified outpouring of emotions from players; mammoth crowd, impressive and highly entertaining show of class and talents.

The first basketball game between both sides occurred in 1927 and has since become one of the un-missable events every year. Some of the most notable meetings between both sides include the 1947 MAC title-deciding encounter which ended 27–25 in The Bearcats’ favor;

the November 11, 1951 clash in front of over 30,000 spectators which ended 26–0 in the Musketeers’ advantage. Having played met 30 times, the Xavier basketball team have won just 12 matches, losing 18 in the process.

The Butlers are equally Xavier’s Rival. They have met the Cincinnati-based team on quite a high number of occasions.

Though not regarded as fierce rivalry, both teams were the founding members of the Midwestern Collegiate Conference — now known as the Horizon League.

Since their first meeting in 1979, both sides have met on 63 occasions, with Xavier recording 41 victories and 22 defeats.

What Division Is The Xavier Basketball Team

Xavier basketball team belong to the Big East Conference that was founded by Dave Graviton on the 31st of May 1979. The division consists of 11 members, including Villanova, UConn, Marquette, Georgetown, St. John’s, Xavier, DePaul, Creighton, Providence, Butler, and Seton Hall.

The Musketeers have lifted the Division (Big East Conference) Title 18 times, while they have won the Atlantic 10 Tournament on four different occasions, including the 2006 edition.

As for the NCAA Sweet Sixteen Tournament, the Xavier basketball team has won it eight times becoming one of the most successful teams in the competition’s history.

Meanwhile, Xavier is arguably the best in the division, having lost just two of the 11 matches played so far this season.

They currently (at the time of this report) occupy the third position in the NCAA League standing behind Villanova — who have 12 wins and 2 defeats — and Creighton who have 15 victories and just 5 defeats.

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