Why Are YouTube ads unskippable Now 2023

Marketers and business owners advertise their products on YouTube because everyone loves watching videos on the famous platform. Talking of advertisements, have you noticed some YouTube ads are unskippable recently? Ads won’t skip until they reach the 33rd second.

Many YouTube users couldn’t help but ask some questions regarding the recent unskippable ads as they hope to find alternative ways to skip the ads. We found answers to their questions after a series of research, and we will share them with you in this article.

So, pay attention as we will also tell you how you can escape the sometimes annoying unskippable ads when next they pop up on your screen.


Why Are YouTube ads unskippable Now

YouTube introduces unskippable due to the following reasons:

1. YouTube wants Ads to reach a larger targeted audience:

It is believed that the companies who paid for the advertisements weren’t making high revenue from their ads because most people skipped them.

Therefore, YouTube launches unskippable ads so viewers won’t have options but watch them for at least six seconds.

This move will undoubtedly increase the ads’ efficiency and productivity because more people will now see the video and take the required action.

2. YouTube wants to motivatecontent Creators:

Here is another reason why the YouTube platform introduced unskippable ads. Content creators spend lots of time creating the content thereby it is unfair for people to fast-forward to the videos without watching the ads for a second.

Likewise, content creators won’t make much profit if people skip their ads without watching them. Hence, YouTube introduced the unskippable ad as part of its desire to motivate content creators and improve their productivity.

The decision will equally enhance the creator’s visibility because more people will get to know them and their work.

3. Faulty or outdated browser:

As much as many ads are unskippable, YouTube gives you the chance to skip some ads. Your browser is probably faulty or outdated if all ads appear to be unskippable on your phone or device. You are advised to turn off the browser’s extensions and see if the skip button will show on your screen.

4. To improve brand awareness and revenue:

YouTube, marketers and advertisers unanimously opted for unskippable ads because they will benefit all parties. Brands and marketers’ fame will increase tremendously because more people will watch their adverts.

Their revenues will equally increase depending on the number of people who watch their advertisements. The more people see ads, the higher their chances of making more money.

5. To promote creators’ YouTube channels:

Some unskippable ad creators have YouTube channels they want to increase their viewership or subscribers in the long run.

The unskippable ads will possibly force Youtube users into seeing their channels and eventually becoming their longtime subscribers.

Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?

Unskippable ads are strategies deployed by the platform to increase advertisers’ revenue and promote their brand’s awareness and publicity.

You can’t skip ads on YouTube because most of them are unskippable. You have to wait till the ads finish before watching your video.

However, you can explore all methods we will discuss later and see if any provides the perfect solution to the unskippable ads.

Why are YouTube ads 6 seconds now?

YouTube’s six-second unskippable advertisements are called bumper ads. Launched in 2016, the YouTube bumper ads are to enhance brand awareness and improve the number of audiences reached.

It was revealed that bumper ads campaign increase brand awareness by 70% in 2017. This explains why there are lots of bumper ads on the YouTube platform.

Does YouTube control the ads?

Yes, YouTube controls the ads displayed on your screen based on your activities on the platform and your ad settings on Google. YouTube desires to show you ads related to the previous activity on the platform.

For instance, football Ads or other sports ads will appear on your screen if you always watch football highlights on YouTube, or search for football results on Google.

However, Ads Settings provides the template to select or personalize the type of ads you would love to see.

With the Ads setting, you can select the type of ads you want to see whether it’s sport, travel, tourist, kitchen, love, etc.

Click here to see your current YouTube ad preferences or settings. Ensure you edit it to one that suits your preferences.

How do I get rid of Unskippable ads on YouTube?

Though there is no specific way (apart from premium accounts) to fix YouTube unskippable ads, below are some steps to take if they come up on your screen before watching the video.

1. Press The Back Button and click the Video again

One of the hacks to get rid of unstoppable ads when they appear on your screen involves clicking the back button on your device.

Go back to the previous page and click on the video again. The Ads won’t display this time if you are lucky.

Meanwhile, a skippable ad might appear instead of the unskippable ones. In that case, you only need to watch for 6 or 10 seconds before skipping to the main video. Unfortunately, this is not a sure fix. It could be effective today and ineffective the next day.

2. Check Your browser Extension

As mentioned earlier, your browser plug-in could be responsible for the unskippable ads if you are using an outdated device or app.

Update your browser and see if the latest version will show the skip button whenever you play your video.

Again, this is not a guaranteed way to stop unskippable ads from showing on your screen before the videos.

3. Download and install an ad blocker on your device

One way to reduce the number of times unskippable ads appears on the screen includes downloading and enabling an ad blocker on your browser.

As much as it won’t stop them completely, the software will reduce the rate at which the ads appear before your videos.

4. Wait for YouTube to enable the skip option

As stated earlier, some advertisements appear unskippable until 6 or 20 seconds when the skip option will show on the screen.

In this case, you are advised to wait patiently for the skip option to pop up on your device’s screen

5. Switch To YouTube Premium

Upgrading to a YouTube premium account is the best and most effective way to prevent unskippable ads from displaying on your screen.

With the YouTube premium version, you are guaranteed to enjoy top-notch quality and free videos.

However, the YouTube premium isn’t free. You need to subscribe to either individual, student, or family plans.

The student YouTube premium plan cost $6.99/month, the family premium plan is $17.99/month, and the individual plan is $11.99/month.

The family YouTube premium plan ensures you can add up to five (13+ ages) family members to your account.

How can I block all the ads on YouTube?

You can block all YouTube ads if you have a premium account. An Ads-blocking tool will also have laudable effects on YouTube ads but it can’t block them all. You must ensure the following steps to block YouTube ads with an ad blocker:

  • 1. Download and install the suitable and compatible ad blocker.
  • 2. Create an account with the software service providers before choosing to best subscription plans.
  • 3. Activate the ad blocker on your mobile device or browser.
  • 4. Go to the app’s settings; click on “General,” followed by “Content blocker.”
  • 5. Turn on the ad blocker and you won’t see many unskippable ads again.


YouTube statistics 2022 reveals that over 2.6 billion people use YouTube globally, while India has the largest YouTube users with over 467 million viewers.

The same state disclosed that t-series is the world’s most popular YouTube channel with over 203 million subscribers, while the platform is the second-largest search engine in the world, closely behind Google.





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