Why Do Europeans Drink Sparkling Water?

If you have ever spent a lot of time in Europe, then, you must have seen a lot of people taking sparkling water. It appears people in Europe prefer taking sparkling water over tap water and if you do not live in Europe, then, you must be wondering why this is the norm.

Well, culture varies across various parts of the world and it can be said to be a part of the culture for people in Europe to take sparkling water.Why Do Europeans Drink Sparkling Water?

In an average country in Europe, if you order for water, you most likely will be given carbonated water. This is not because of an absence of flat water but because of a generic preference. As a matter of fact, if you ask for flat water, the waiter might not seem too pleased with you.

Well, if you have always wondered why Europeans drink sparkling water and why you might have to ask specifically for tap water before getting it, then, you are on the right page.


How Did Sparkling Water become the Preferred Choice of Europeans?

Today, the average person in Europe is used to taking sparkling water. However, this was not always the case. A couple of centuries ago, the average European would opt for tap water ahead of any other type of water.

However, things began to change when bottled water got introduced into the United Kingdom and with time, the rest of Europe adopted this phenomenon.

Before sparkling water came on the scene, most people took natural water

Why Do People Drink Sparkling Water?

It is general knowledge that sparkling water is an alternative to flat water. However, it is not just an alternative to flat water. It is also taken instead of carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks are very refreshing and lots of people enjoy taking them. Regardless of how refreshing they might be, they are generally considered not so healthy. Due to this, several people tend to avoid taking them.

Well, just like sodas are parked with carbon dioxide, sparkling water also contains carbon dioxide and this gives it the refreshing feel associated with carbonated drinks.

Beyond just being refreshing, sparkling water is similar to carbonated drinks in several ways. However, unlike carbonated drinks, they do not contain so many calories. Due to this, the average person seems a lot more comfortable taking them.

Taking sparkling water can be likened to killing two birds with one stone. You get the refreshing taste associated with carbonated drinks and also deal with dehydration simultaneously.

Does Sparkling Water Taste Good?

Sparkling water is produced just like carbonated drink. It is made through a procedure called carbonation. This process involves the addition of carbon dioxide to water under intense pressure.

During this process, there is a reaction between the carbon dioxide and the water to form carbonic acid. The presence of carbonic acid in sparkling water gives it a taste that is slightly bitter. Amazingly, a lot of people find this slightly bitter taste to be nice.

Can You Turn Sparkling Water Back into Normal Water?

Yes, it is possible to turn sparkling water back into normal water. This is a simple process that could even take place in nature without any catalyst. Sparkling water is different from flat water because it contains carbon dioxide.

So, to convert it to regular water, you simply need to get the carbon dioxide out. This is simple. When sparkling water is allowed to stay untouched for a while, the CO2 finds its way out. If you want to make this process faster, you can shake the water.

Which Countries Drink Most Sparking Water?

Sparkling water originated in Europe and based on research, no other region of the world takes more sparking water than Europe.

In as much as Europe consumes more sparkling water than other regions of the world, Germany, the United Kingdom and France are at the top of the table of countries that contain the most sparkling water.

Do French Drink Sparkling Water

Life in France seems different from life is several other parts of the world. This is as expected as culture various across different region of the world.

People that live in France seem addicted to several things and sparkling water is one of them. As a matter of fact, the love for sparkling water in France is one that the authorities are trying to keep in check.

One way the French government has taken it upon itself to prevent the extreme reliance on tap water is by developing a public water fountain that gives it chilled bubbles.

What is Sparkling Water Called in England?

Sparkling water is called carbonated water in England. It is also known as seltzer.

Why are Germans Obsessed with Sparkling Water?

In Germany, there is an amazing love for sparkling water. As a matter of fact, this love for sparkling water can be said to be more than just love for sparing water; it is an obsession.

The obsession for sparkling water in Germany is so strong, you will need to specifically ask for flat water before getting it as no one really asks for flat water.

The Germans are definitely not the only ones that consume carbonated water. However, it appears no other country consumes more carbonated water than Germany.

In as much as people in other countries in Europe and in North America no longer need to wait till they visit fancy restaurants before they consume carbonated water, no other country consumes sparkling water on a daily basis like Germany.

In Germany, bottled water does not have to be sparkling. Nonetheless, more than 70% of the bottled water in Germany is sparkling. The obsession for sparkling water in Germany is so high; the average German does not know why they prefer sparkling water to regular water.

Some think the taste of sparkling water might be the reason for their love for it. Others are of the opinion that the mineral content of sparkling water is the reason the average German prefers it to flat water.

Due to the obsession that Germans have with sparkling water, several sparkling water brands have risen to prominence in Germany. Some of them are Apollinaris, Gerolsteiner, and Rosbacher.

Why is Water So Expensive in Germany?

It is amazing how water that is natural resources is expensive in Germany. Germany might not be the only place where water is really expensive. However, water in Germany is more expensive than it is in any other country.

Why is this so?

In as much as the average person does not believe that they should pay so much for water, people living in Germany might not have much of a choice.

In Germany, there is a likelihood for agribusiness nitrates to sip into portable water. The prevention of this cost money and plays a role in keeping the price tag attached to water quite high.

As at May, 2018, you would have to pay €173 for tap water. Furthermore, for every 20-ounce of bottled water, you will need to part with $1.50. By itself, it might not seem like this is a lot of money. However, when spent on water, it is actually some money.

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